Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber Expecting Their Second Child

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts, 39, has entered her second trimester with her second baby, Us Weekly reports.

An official confirmation is unlikely. When she was pregnant last year with her first child, her beau, Liev Schreiber, 40, didn’t confirm it until he casually told Conan O’Brien, “Yes, I’m going to be a dad.”

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  1. Leah says

    I am haveing my 2nd baby and my 1st is only 11 months and it’s not a bad thing a all.
    and it doesnt matter if Naomi has a boy or girl and just remember little Alexander will be one when the baby is born he is one in a few weeks.
    and also Tori spelling done the same thing Liam turned one then she had Stella in june.
    congrats to the family i hope all goes well.

  2. Christine says

    They don’t have to get married.

    I’m excited for them – they seem like a great couple and a happy family.

  3. meg says

    Amber,these people are celebrities,we
    can not compare ourselves to them,
    they have lots of money and nannies
    around,my wonder is Angie,how can she
    cope with her life?!

  4. Amber says

    OMFG, she had her baby like the week before mine and he just turned 11 months today. I would ram my head into the wall if I found out I was pregnant again so soon. But, she is already 39, I guess the clock is ticking.

  5. Lauren says

    Yay! I can’t believe she’s already in her 2nd trimester. I wonder if she’ll get as big as she was when she was pregnant with Alexander. Yay!! 😉

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