Brad Pitt Leaves Hospital As Angelina Jolie Prepares For Birth Of Twins

Angelina Jolie

(In the above pic Brad Pitt was snapped arriving at the Lenval Hospital in Nice, southern France, carrying his children Zahara, 3, and Shiloh, 2, on Wednesday, July 2nd.)


Angelina’s obstetrician, Dr. Michel Sussman, is scheduled to hold a news conference later this afternoon. (11:30 a.m. EST)

“Madame Jolie’s doctor will be updating her condition at the hospital and giving medical details,” said Nadine Bauer. “Madame Jolie is doing very well.”

It is unclear if Angelina, 33, has given birth.

According to local newspaper Nice Matin, Angelina is staying on the hospital’s fifth floor which features an “unobstructed view” over the Bay of Angels. (She reserved four rooms on the maternity ward, with a bodyguard keeping watch, the report claims.)

The paper reports that Angelina arrived, via helicopter, Sunday afternoon on the hospital’s roof.

Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt was spotted leaving the Lenval hospital in Nice today (July 2nd) where Angelina Jolie is awaiting the birth of their twins.

Angelina checked in last night for a pre-booked appointment in the maternity clinic. 

Spokeswoman for the clinic, Nadine Bauer, said: ‘Ms. Jolie came to the hospital last night as part of a preplanned rest period, before she gives birth.

‘The visit has been planned for a long time, there are no complications. She is just resting.’

The 33 year-old’s admittance has been planned for some time, according to the hospital.

Miss Bauer said although Angelina is expected to remain in medical care until she has the children she is not expected to give birth imminently.

Below is a picture of the Lenval hospital in Nice.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina’s long anticipated babies are expected to be delivered by French doctor Michele Sussmann and her U.S. gynecologist Jason Rothbart, who is due to fly to Europe later this week. Dr. Jason Rothbart delivered Shiloh by caesarean in Africa and interestingly, he also delivered Nicole Richie’s daughter Harlow Winter. And Tori Spelling’s son Liam and daughter Stella!

Nonetheless some news outlets prematurely announced the twins’ arrival yesterday.

At midday French website Closer claimed the exclusive that Angelina had given birth.

Last month Entertainment Tonight wrongly claimed that the children had been born.

Best wishes to Angelina and Brad!



  1. Nedra Amys says

    My husband and I have enjoyed both Brat and Jolie’s movies. We wish them nothing but the best. Hopes and prayers go out to them both for a safe delivery and healthy babies. All of their kids are cute and as a grandmother myself would love to knit them sweaters(no stings attached for no money) if I knew for sure it would really go to their kids! As a token of our appreciation for all they have done in their lives! Nedra

  2. ann says

    so happy for brad and angelina jolie. but i do wish she would make up with her dad before it’s to late. life is to short . after all he is the grand father of her children. she is only hurting the kids and god look at what they are missing out on. bet they don’t see brad’s parents also

  3. Comment says

    They are going through all this bs because that’s what they want to do. Get out of the limelight if they don’t like it.

  4. Lauren says

    Little Shiloh is not so little anymore. She’s a beautiful little girl. I agree, leave this family alone long enough to have a healthy delivery!

  5. laila says

    shiloh is looking very beautiful .. so much like her dad!
    Angie probably needs a rest from the active life she has with the kids. Wishing her luck in the next few weeks…

  6. melissa says

    i agree sharrie…just let them be for a minute…i understand they chose this profession but come on enough is enough

  7. sharrie says

    I think its a damn shame that these two people have to go through all this BS just to have their children in peace. I don’t know how they keep their sanity with all their ‘doings’ being made into international news. I wish them both the best…

  8. ann says

    Shiloh is so beautiful I can”t wait to see these twins, best wish to Angelina. I love to see Shiloh she is a angel.

  9. leelu92 says

    Speaking from my own twin mom experience- the more rest you can get, the better it is for the babies. Many doctors encourage twin moms to go on some sort if bedrest -if possble- at some point after 28 weeks. Your body gets tired and needs the rest and relief and it helps the babies put on weight. I doubt it a hoax- a very smart move actually.

  10. Twig says

    Of course she needs rest – She’s having twins and with all of the work that she and Brad have done in New Orleans and other children and all of the projects to help other people in this world-she deserves rest. Let her have some for Goodness Sake—

    She and Brad are wonderful people – Let them have some peace!!

  11. deeds says

    With all the hired help she has why would she need to go into a hospital for rest? Something is not right or the article is a hoax.

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