Angelina Jolie's Doctor Says That Birth Of Twins May Be Weeks Away

Angelina Jolie

(In the above pic Brad Pitt was snapped arriving at the Lenval Hospital in Nice, southern France, carrying his children Zahara, 3, and Shiloh, 2, on Wednesday, July 2nd.)

Angelina Jolie’s doctor says that her twins may take a few more weeks to arrive.

Doctor Michel Sussmann said Angelina is doing fine. He spoke at a short news conference Wednesday in Nice, where Angelina is hospitalized. Asked when Angelina is expected to have her twins, he replied “in the weeks to come.”

Michel Sussmann stressed that Angelina checked into the hospital to be kept under surveillance, not because of any medical emergency.

“[Angelina’s] hospitalization at this stage of her pregnancy is strictly normal for someone who underwent a caesarean in her first pregnancy.”

Saying that Angelina’s “very, very nice,” the doctor added, “She will stay in the hospital until the birth. I will stay with her…Brad and Angelina want everyone to know that everything is going well.”

What he was not specific about was the due date. “This is something you can’t program, you never know for sure. I can’t give you a date. Let’s say the birth will happen in the weeks to come.” he said.

“Angelina’s pregnancy has gone very well so far, and she has absolutely no problems at all,” obstetrician Dr. Michel Sussman told E! News.

“But she still has at least two or three weeks to go until she gives birth, and she’ll most certainly be staying in the hospital until after she gives birth.”

Below is a picture of a room at the hospital where Angelina is delivering her twins courtesy of Lenval Hospital.

Angelina Jolie


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  1. Gen says

    PS-Congratulations Brad and Angelina! Best of luck to ALL of you :-)! Is the birthdate the 12th or 13th?

  2. Gen says

    All of God’s children are beautiful,
    it’s the paparazzi/hollywood scene that get’s them noticed. Think about it, how many kids that you’ve seen could you say truly aren’t beautiful. I think that if we like/know the parents they tend to look more beautiful to us. I think Suri is a doll! 🙂 I think that she looks mature for her age and is absolutely adorable!

  3. TJ says

    To much is made out of all of these people and I don’t like hearing the stuff about Shiloh not getting enough attention! If you’re going to have kids there can’t be any FAvorites!!!!! if their adopted or natural they all deserve equal!!

  4. Carol says

    Analisa, why don’t you think Suri does not look normal. I agree with you now that you said it but was wondering what your thoughts are.

  5. Analise says

    Couldn’t disagree more, Carol. To each her own. At least Shiloh and Dannilynn(sp) look normal unlike Suri. 🙁

  6. Fly On The Wall says

    Just imagine the media frenzy when the twins are born. I hope the family goes into hiding so they will be left alone. The paps must be driving them crazy.

  7. Carol says

    Okay, the kid is cute but come on, so are millions of other kids. The best looking one of them all is Anna Nichols baby, now that kid is a beauty.

  8. livinginfrance says

    It’s totally normal in France to be told to stay in bed for the last few weeks of a pregnancy. I have quite a few friends, none of whom were expecting twins or had caesareans, who were told to stay in bed by their docs and one checked into hospital as she hada 2 year old at home. It’s just a precaution and not necessarily a big cover up!

  9. mamabear says

    Shiloh looks so adorable in her pearls and Bonpoint dress!

    It’s Bonpoint’s “Aniki” dress from their 2008 summer collection – my guess it’s one of the items Angelina bought on her recent visit to Bonpoint in France.

    Best of luck to them on their twins!

  10. Comment says

    Yeah, really. I’m interested but not even a little bit excited. Just another celebrity having twins. Not unusal at all these day and times.

  11. Fly On The Wall says

    18. Sonic | July 3rd, 2008 at 8:58 am
    It’s just TOO EXCITING FOR WORDS!!!!!!!!! The entire WORLD is waiting on pins and needles!~

    Oh please, honey, let’s not go overboard. I’m excited about the twins arriving too, but let’s keep it in perspective. This is NOT the Second Coming!

  12. Amanda says

    I hope everything is ok but I am sure it is. I hope its a boy and a girl just like J-Lo! I love big familes!

  13. Carol says

    Z does not look like Angie, are you all blind and even Shilo dosen’t look like her, she is a good mix of Brad and Angie. She needs a hair cut but is very cute.

  14. Sonic says

    It’s just TOO EXCITING FOR WORDS!!!!!!!!! The entire WORLD is waiting on pins and needles!~

  15. Carol says

    The room is done all in pink, so my guess the twins are girls. I think it is normal to be hospitalized if she is having pre term labor. That is to give the babies more time to grow. You can bet there is a date scheduled for the C-Section but sometimes twins have to be delivered earlier that planned.

  16. interested party says

    eyesofpearl—-I was going to say the *same thing* about Zahara. I’ve noticed that in the last few times I’ve seen her out & about. I think she’s picked up her expressions and is she ever a beauty

  17. Fly On The Wall says

    If there was a serious problem with the pregnancy, Brad and Angelina would want it kept quiet. They wouldn’t be calling a press conference to advertise the fact.

    If I’m not mistaken, Angie had problems with high blood pressure with Shiloh and may have been pre-diabetic. If that was the case then, it would be much more of a concern now that she’s carrying twins, and they may want her someplace where she can be monitored at all times, on the offchance a problem does present itself.

    I don’t think she’s three weeks from delivering. In fact, I’m betting she has a C-section on July 14. Bastille Day.

  18. Memphislis says

    I wonder if she is having Mo Mo twins and must be monitored continuously in case of a cord accident.

  19. Analise says

    I’m sure her doctor(s) know what they are doing. I doubt anything is SERIOUSLY wrong at this point in time. Probably just monitoring for high BP, watching the twins’ positions and IF she had a classic C she absolutely cannot go into labor. I was also going to be hospitalized a few weeks prior (was told this BEFORE I ended up on bedrest yet again for complications) to ensure I did not go into labor as I had a classical C the first time around.

    Shiloh and Zahara are two beautiful girls. Of course Shiloh would be considering her gorgeous parents, but Z is stunning.

  20. violetsky says

    I agree something is wrong, To Much Info is coming out.

    I also agree that Zahara is looking more like Angelina lately, the shape of her face, the shape of her chin. I have heard though that when someone becomes a couple you start to look like your partner, maybe adopted children do too.

  21. Liza says

    Hope, it isn’t necessarily that something is horribly wrong. By all accounts, where they are living is not particularly close to the hospital. Yes, she could have pre-term labor or just slight signs of it, or her blood pressure could be slightly unstable and they just want to watch it closely. If they aren’t living too near the hospital, the best place to monitor the situation is in the hospital.

    Lauren, I’m sure the doctor did it with their permission, and they probably asked him to make a short statement. I believe the laws around patient confidentiality are similar in France as they are in the U.S.

  22. VIOLETSKY says

    I agree something is wrong, To Much Info is coming out.
    I also agree the Z is looking like Angelina a lot lately, the shape of her face, the shape of her chin. I have heard though that when someone becomes a couple you start to look like your partner, maybe adopted children do too.

  23. eyesofpearls says

    I know this may sound crazy, but…Zahara seems to be looking more and more like Angie… I know she is adopted, but her lips and her face is just like her mum’s…in dark version of course, which accentuates her exotic look..

  24. hope says

    Wrong, wrong, wrong this is such a cover to keep the press away. I have twins and was hospitalized because I went into preterm labor….previous c-sections are NOT a big deal what is a big deal if the babies are too early. The press conference was a cover-up things are totally NOT normal if she is in the hospital!

  25. bj's mom says

    Lauren your right, but i think they know that the press will be hounding them now so if they give the press a little update then maybe they will back off a little (probably not tho)

  26. Kelli says

    Me too Lauren.

    And for the first time, I’ll say it – Shiloh is getting pretty. I always found her and her parents to be funny looking. But she may be better looking than the both of them.

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