1. Nic says

    How do you know she didn’t choose her child by race or gender?? Did she pay a surrogate?? Or go to an adoption agency?? My friends went to Russia and got to “choose” their son. We don’t know she didn’t do the same?
    Anyway, Wyatt has a good home and I’m very happy for the both of them, however it came about. It was meant to be.

  2. bj's mom says

    well my point is she has a son and then someone is so quick to say she would be happy with a girl. whether or not she chose wyatt isnt really what matters and its even nicer to know that she didnt specify any race or gender. she just wanted to adopt and that is a wonderful thing, so instead of talking about what “might” make her happy, im just saying she probably is already happy with the beautiful son she has.

  3. Lisa says

    She looks blissfully happy with Wyatt.
    And she’s not the kind of woman who’d go into a roomful of kids, point at one and say “give me that one and please wrap it”.
    You don’t say “she should manifacture and give birth to a girl” either. So why think differently when you talk about adoptive parents.

  4. momof3 says

    She did not “choose” Wyatt. She did not specify race or gender when she applied. Wyatt and she were meant for each other, and she was smart enough to realize that whatever child she’d be blessed with, it was meant to be.
    I don’t get all this child choosing talk.

  5. bj's mom says

    cc….now you say “maybe”, earlier you said she “will be” Im agreeing with Tara…not everyone wants a girl. she adopted and chose a boy. all im saying is she may be perfectly happy with the son she has.

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