French Media Reporting That Angelina Jolie Has Welcomed Her Twins!

Angelina Jolie

French media is reporting that Angelina Jolie gave birth to her twins at a hospital in France on Tuesday morning, July 1st.

The French edition of Closer magazine is reporting that Angelina, 33, started going into labor yesterday evening.

Congratulations! (If it’s true!)


  1. irene oladele says

    Brad and Angy has been my favourites film stars, and I love and admire them both, for been through thick and thin together, and what a good reward to have twins .I am a twin and I hope I will get a chance to see the twins. I will love you the more because of them.

  2. Peggy Cooper says

    to all the hater’s: Brad and Angelina, congratulations and best wishes. You two are stand-up parents’ who accepts all children no matter where they originate from. I welcome all your babies !!!!!!!!

  3. Peggy Cooper says

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Many envy, few admire. Good luck to all 7 of you !!!!!! Angelina, GO GIRL !!!!!! BABIES ARE BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!! All of them.

  4. Lauren says

    I’ll believe when they confirm it themselves. There have been many false reports about her delivering.

  5. says

    i agree i will belive it untill i see it how many reports say shes has given birth i will believe it unitll she and brad annouce it

  6. ann says

    Angelina she look very beautiful pregnant woman, We love her very much, she is best actress and mon too.

  7. Anne says

    My, she look old and very tired on this one!!

    Anyway, I agree with #1,3. Even here in Mtl, not a day pass without a new about those twins…

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