Britney Spears Seeks Quiet Home For Her Children

Britney Spears

Britney Spears wants to move from her L.A. house to “a lower density, more quiet and less trafficked neighborhood,” according to a court document filed by her co-conservators, father Jamie and attorney Andrew Wallet.

Britney would like a home “more accessible to parks and recreation areas” for her children, Sean Preston, 2 1/2, and Jayden James, 1 1/2, the document says.

Saturday night was the first time Sean and Jayden spent an overnight visit with Britney, 26, since she was hospitalized at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in January.

The sale of her L.A. home would be in “the best interest of [Britney], her Estate and her minor children,” the document says.

Earlier this month, Britney was granted permission to sell the six-bedroom home. At the time, mom Lynne told the court that her daughter “intends to return to Louisiana,” her home state.

Meanwhile, Britney and ex Kevin Federline are preparing for a custody trial, set to begin on August 25th. Kevin currently has primary custody of their children.



  1. Dunn says

    She will never get full custody of her children, but hopefully shared custody with her ex. She also will never be allowed to move her children out of state permanently. The boys father will never allow it. It really is for the best that the boys see both parents regularly.

  2. dylan says

    Britney Spears has always shown signs of being unstable for example her first wedding, she has been forcibly hospitalised twice recently, and the judge in the custody case called her, not Kevin a habitual drug user and demanded she, not kevin under took drug testing which is why its diffrent to see him partying.The judge who took away her visitation rights did it on the basis of evidance most of which will never be made public not on kevins say so. I hope she gets better and with the right medication she probably will, but its unfair to say kevin “exploited” her when he appears to be there for all of his children. I find it very telling that his ex is never anything but complimentary about him as a person and his parenting skills. To me he looks like a man trying to protect his children not someone trying to exploit the situation.

  3. Lauren says

    I’m glad Britney’s dad is helping her regain more and more rights to see her kids. They all deserve it.

    The difference between Kevin and Britney partying is there are no papparazziw while Kevin goes out but Britney was courting the media through everything. Even exploiting her kids through her “breakdown”

  4. Amanda says

    I hope she gets full custody and moves back to Louisiana with her sister. Family needs to stick together and get away from all the drama. I never liked Kevin but I guess he could be worse. Funny how its ok for him to be everywhere partying. But Anyway I always knew Brit could do it. I am very proud of her and glad she finally came around. They are beautiful children!

  5. says

    ever since her dad has stepped into her life shes been doing better she sees her babies more and more and i bet that jamie lynn was really happy to see her during maddies birth and im so glad that brit got overnight visits with sean and jayden she really derserves it

  6. Hanna says

    I think she needs more with his kids..for mum the best way is to keep her child with love…go britney u can do it!! britney kids was so cute

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