Jodie Sweetin On How Great Grandmas Are & Losing The Baby Weight!

Jodie Sweetin

It was a full night on the town Thursday for new parents Jodie Sweetin and husband Cody Herpin – whose 2-month-old daughter Zoie was home with a very trusted sitter.

“We’ve actually been out a couple of times, and every time we leave the house, we hate leaving her, but we have grandmas,” the former Full House star, 26, told People magazine at the opening of the new Shizue boutique in Beverly Hills

“They wrestle us for them, anyway!” said Cody about the couple’s mothers.

“His mom won tonight, my mom had her a couple of nights ago,” said Jodie. “It’s really amazing. We have the best babysitters in the world.”

Having revealed, in a People magazine cover story earlier this month, her struggle to beat an addiction to crystal meth and turn her life around and become a responsible mother, the actress (who from age 5 to 13 played middle child Stephanie on Full House) said the reaction to the article has been positive.

“I’ve had so many people come up and really just thank you for sharing my story. They give me the most amazing well wishes for the new baby,” said Jodie. “I was really happy that it came out and that we were able to turn it into something good.”

Best of all is baby Zoie. “Everybody is so excited to meet her,” Jodie said of her former Full House castmates. “They’re like, ‘We can’t wait!’ They’re going to meet the new little addition to the extended Full House family very soon.

As for losing her pregnancy weight – which just doesn’t seem to disappear on its own – Jodie shared, “I’m still working very hard and dressing strategically. I’m doing NutriSystem, and they have been phenomenal. I’m working with them.”

Cody, 31, has also joined the diet program. “He’s lost, like, 35 pounds, I’ve lost 15 so far. I want another 10 pounds, but it’s so hard, especially being in this business – you feel like you have to look like you’ve never had a child, like the next day.”

A trainer is also onboard “twice a week, and then I try to fit in another day, but it’s touch and go. [I say] I’m going to work out now, [but] the baby needs to be feed, [so], okay, I’ll sit and watch TV for a little while [instead].”

You can check out Jodie’s blog here!

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  1. says

    meg-thanks i have always been an steph tanner fan and she should be a role model for others who are addticted to meth and other drugs

  2. says

    ever since full house ended shes been going down hill shes benn addicted to drugs and got a divorce with her first husband but i think that zoie saved her life as well with her second husband and no matter what she’ll always be stephanie judith tanner…..

  3. Michelle says

    I am so glad that she could open up and talk about her addiction so honestly. From one former addict to another admoitting you have or had a problem is the hardest thing anyone can do. I was only 5 months clean when I got pregnant with my daughter. Now I have 3 years clean. So congrats to Jodie and her family. May God bless them all.

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