Christie Brinkley Helps Her Daughter Celebrate Her 10th Birthday!

Christie Brinkley 

(In the above pic Christie and Sailor were photographed together last summer.)

Christie Brinkley, 54, threw a big party for daughter Sailor’s, summertime birthday! (Sailor turns 10 on July 2nd.)

On Tuesday, the Christie spent the morning at her Hamptons home filling more than 35 goody bags for her pint-sized guests and putting the finishing touches on the homemade cake she made for Sailor’s party later that day.

“She’s doing what she’s always done,” says a source close to Christie. “She’s putting her children first.”

On Wednesday, Peter Cook also threw Sailor and her friends a party.

Christie threw what one friend calls “a relaxed backyard birthday party” at her Sag Harbor, N.Y., home.

“The whole event was fun low-key and warm,” said the friend. “Christie was out in the yard, barefoot in her T-shirt and Capris, making sure everybody was having fun. She’s not the type who would hire Hannah Montana to come and perform at the party.”

Sailor and her friends – children from both classes in her grade and other Hamptons pals – spent the day jumping in and out of Christie’s pool, running around the yard in their bathing suits and “taking endless turns on the inflatable slippy slide” Christie placed in the yard for them.

The most memorable part of the day came when Christie and the kids chased each other with whipped cream pies. “She was at the center of the pie throwing contest,” shared the friend. “One boy was chasing her and trying to get her in the face. She was running and laughing. You would never know the cloud she’s under.”



  1. Carol says

    Emma, thank u for your kind words. I just reached a conculion that perhaps I should write about my experience so that parents will understand that handling weight issues with their children is like walking a fine line and if you cross that line it can damage your children for life. I have a story to tell that is not pretty.

    There is so much talk about Children being overweight in the US but no enough information about how to handle it and work with the kids. I don’t want my horror tp happen again and again.

  2. Emma says

    Carol & Rachel i agree with you 100% and Carol you are living proof of what could happen to your kid’s if you label them fat. My heart goes out to you!!!

  3. Carol says

    Not good to nag kids about being FAT it puts a negative spin on their self estem. Most girls thin out but if they don’t they have to diet like the rest of us.

    MY mom nagged me to death about being overweight as a child. She never stopped harping on it. So I became Bullimic for years. And I always had a weight problem. I firmly believe if my mom did not put so much emphisis on weight I would never had the problems with food that I had most of my life. THe best thing to do is try to direct the child towards healthy eating with out hurting them or insisting they diet. My sister and I both had By-Pass surgery and now are in a normal weight range. But that is not a choice that came easy and it was done for health purposes. Mom should have kept her mouth shut.

  4. Rachie UK says

    Well #38, lets hope that someday you are on the receiving end of some of your so called ‘adjectives’ to see how it feels. & my god i’d hate to be your child if my mum called me fat…just what you want to hear from someone who’s supposed to care about your feelings. nice.

  5. Emma says

    Why thank you for all that information , we all come from different backgrounds and raise our children in our own ways. So we all have the rights to air our opinions i just wouldn’t choose to call and innocent child of 10 “Fat” and you choose too that’s your choice. As for being “OVERLY SOCIAL CORRECTED” im not even going to answer that , as it just made me laugh.Enough said on the subject of a beautifull little girl who im sure will grow up a healthy , intelligent young women. Isn’t that what we want for all our kid’s!!!!!

  6. ? says


    Sorry to disappoint you but I do have children and one is near 30. Furthermore, I told him he was fat at 12 and put him on diet because it affected his health. I tell him he’s fat now and urge him to exercise for his health and look. Some people don’t look good fat and he’s one. There’s nothing wrong with telling him so. It is the same as telling him he’s too skinny when he is. He’s a fine young man with a very good head on his shoulder.

    As I said fat is an adjective existed in our vocabulary and there’s nothing wrong with using it. It is always the tone of voice that make an adj convey negativity. Not all skinny people are beautiful. Some looks like witches I wouldn’t want to cross path on their good days.

    Perhaps this child is naturally fat and she isn’t out of breath when walking or having trouble enjoying all the physical activities she wants to do. I have friends like this. And so they are healthy and so could be this little girl. But they are still described as fat by some people. Likewise is this little girl. There’s nothing wrong with the adjective ‘fat’. Quit being overly social corrected.

  7. Carol says

    Jo, you are posting on here to so does that mean you need to get a life. The bottom line is the kid is overweight. What she and her parents do about it is their business. I think she will sprout up and thin out. Perhaps her mother was chubby at this age. We are all just a little surprise that a perfect looking mother has a less than perfect child and that is silly but it is our society. I bet Sailor will grow into a beauty. Wait and see. I don’t think she is gonna be a Chasity Bono.

  8. Jo says

    What hateful remarks about an innocent child. my niece eats very healthy and is very active yet she is just muscular. Everyone is built different. Some of you need to go find a hobby instead of being on here all day and saying such negative things about everyone and everything, get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. Rachie UK says

    i dunno exactly wat ur problem is candace…im sorry i referred to it as a ‘jumper’, but we are from different countries & that is wat we call them over here- wat difference does it make whether its a jumper or a hoodie?!? thats just pathetic. the point everyone is missing is that she’s 10 years old…how would any of u have liked it if u wer called fat at 10? its just inconsiderate.

  10. Candace says

    jumper?? haha…more like a hoodie or sweatshirt my dear. Check out the double chin next time. Anyway, she is Christie’s daughter not our’s let her worry about it (if indeed she is worried about it). Sailor seems to be happy.
    End of story.

  11. Emma says

    Im sorry but i have to disagree i try to eat sensibly and exercise when possible ( being a working mum) but i have never dieted in my life.

  12. Candace says

    Emma FYI eating the right foods and doing a little exercise on a daily basis is what you call dieting!!!!

  13. Emma says

    I take it “?” dosen’t have children because i sure wouldn’t wont to tell mt child he is FAT because of the effects it has on them as a person. There are other ways to go about it…yes overweight but not FAT!!!. I had a friend who from 6 years till about 14 she had babyfat now she looks so different and it’s not from dieting just eating the correct food’s and doing alittle every day exercise.

  14. ? says

    By the way, the little girl is overweight. Not every kid grows out of babyfat. At her age she shouldn’t have babyfat. She is so because of her eating habit and lack of out door activities.

    With the obesity rate alarmingly high, telling the kids or people that they are fat and need to lose weight is not wrong. Fat is in the dictionary and the word itself is a mere adjective, not an insulting or derogatory word.

  15. ? says

    Mrs Walls,

    What the points you tried to make?

    –>AFTER all she is old enough to know that her father didn’t have the respect

    You meant Christie didn’t respect him at all right?

    –>2) Cheat on his wife, with someone that wasn’t so close

    You meant he ought to cheat on her with someone close? To her, to him, or to the family?

    –>4) He could of cheated with someone else across town, out of town, whatever..but the fact is that he cheated with a young girl that watched his family! SCUM

    Yet here, you wanted him to cheat with someone across town, out of town, i.e. someone not close. So which is it do you prefer? He to cheat or not? Cheat with someone close or not?

    And from my observation, it is often because the men didn’t get the respect they wanted from the wives that they cheated. So if he didn’t get the respect at home, could Christie still be considered good wife to him?

    Aah, you must make up your mind Mrs Walls.

    He cheated and that was bad. But for her to drag the ugliness in court knowing that the media will put it on front page for her daughter to read, she’s irresponsible and immature. The woman needs a good old fashion slap.

  16. Leah says

    I have always believed that some kids (and some adults) just look better a little overweight. Sailor is definitely one of them. It’s pretty cool that a supermodel can have a chubby daughter and BOTH are gorgeous in their own way.

  17. says

    She is only 10? She will lose that weight in NO time! I think that some of the people on here that said that her daughter is fat..has issues or maybe are over weight themselves!
    PEOPLE laxatives does not stop the weight from piling up! EAT RIGHT and stop talking about a little girl! AFTER all she is old enough to know that her father didn’t have the respect

    1) Not to cheat on his wife
    2) Cheat on his wife, with someone that wasn’t so close
    3) Cheat on his family
    4) He could of cheated with someone else across town, out of town, whatever..but the fact is that he cheated with a young girl that watched his family! SCUM

  18. Carol says

    Yes the kid is certainly overweight but as she grows she may thin out. If not she will probably always have a weight problem. Christy has two girls, one looks just like Dad, Billy Joel, need I say more and the other needs to cut bad on the junk food. But I bet the boy is just perfect looking.

  19. Dee says

    Christie Brinkley’s choices are questionable at best. 3 kids from 3 father, divorces, her current very public mess…and that kid doesn’t look like her at all except that she”s blond. She looks just like the dad IMO.

  20. Emma says

    This is why so many young girls have eating problems because people cant keep there comments to themselves .Poor little girl . Rude people!!!!!!!!

  21. greenthing says

    She has a cute face but needs to lose weight! Look at her double chin. I feel really sorry for Christie though after her slimey husband cheated on her with a bimbo 17-year-old

  22. nosoupforyou says

    Putting her children first? Really?

    Is that why she supports having her divorce to be aired in public?

  23. Iluvmy2girlz says

    so i was a little fat as a child, does that mean my mom should have not thrown me a b-day party, or sent me off to “fat camp”! whatever! People come in all different shapes and sizes! that’s what i teach my 4 year old kid, i guess no one taught you guys that!

  24. christie says

    so what if she’s chuuby!!! obviously her supermodel mom loves her for who she is, not what you all think she should look like!! besides, the photo is from ONE year ago!!

  25. Candace says

    hahaha baby fat should have dissapeared by age 4 at the very latest. It’s not baby fat, the kid is just plain old fat. She should skip the cake.

  26. Peppers says


    Yes that kid is heavy. It’s just baby fat. She needs to be a little more active and wait until she gets older, she’s going to look just like her mom.

  27. says

    This kid is fat. Her mother needs to get her exercising. I cannot believe someone as beautiful as Christie would allow her daughter to be so big.

  28. janny says

    holly shit ur rude…you really need a life if ur calling a TEN YEAR OLD fat….wow….im so hopping ur not a mother…what u must be teaching utr poor inoccent child…shame(:

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