Kimberly Williams-Paisley's First Children's Book

Kimberly Williams-Paisley

Kimberly Williams-Paisley (whose son, Huck, is 1) has written a wonderful book for children that will inspire your children to eat well….honestly! I shared it with my 3-year-old and 7-year-old and they were equally enchanted. Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden is a sweet story about a boy who visits his relatives at their farm in the country and learns how wonderful vegetables and the energy that they give him are.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley

You can go to for more information about the book which Kimberly co-authored with her father. The book is $5, and all proceeds go to Books from the Heart, a charitable organization dedicated to helping kids living in poverty. You can purchase Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden here!

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  1. JUlie Santru says

    I substitute teach kindergarten thru 4th grades. I would love to have a copy of the book “Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden”. Does anyone know if it is still available anywhere for $5.00. I would like to read it to my classes in hopes they would choose better snacks and lunches. Lately, the snacks seem to be candy bars, potato chips, Fritos, cookies, etc…Not good choices at such young ages!

  2. JUlie Santru says

    I just heard about the book “Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden”. I substitute teach Kindergarten thru 4th grades and would love to have that book to read to the students. Hopefully it may inspire them to eat better snacks etc. that what I have seen – candy bars, chips, fritos, cookies etc….
    Does anyone know where I can still get it for the $5.00 it was offered for?

  3. says

    give me a break, another self-indulgent rich hollywood mom who thinks that because she had a child she is now an author.

  4. Curri Seifert says

    VeggieTales is also a fun way to get kids to love their veggies and teach a great message to them at the same time!

  5. mary says

    great…………another celebrity “author”……..putting REAL authors outta work. It’s all about the jack………for the publisher…….not about the quality of the read.

  6. says

    This books sounds like lots of fun with a good message. I might get it for my godson. I really appreciate that all the proceeds are going to charity.

  7. ang says

    My nephew has a copy of it and it is a very good book. Her father is an author and he co-wrote it. It’s very cute.

  8. Nic says

    Looks like a good book! Anything to get my kids to eat veggies!!
    Anyone hear from Jx2?? She hasn’t posted in awhile. Maybe she is on holidays again???

  9. Michelle says

    # 2 Yes it could be you can’t judge every book by the same cover. For all we know this could be a very good children’s book

  10. Could it be says

    What is it with celebrities thinking that they can write these books? I’ve read soooo many bad children’s books lately and it takes a lot of talent to produce a story that is smart and engaging for a kid. I’ve found it hard to find books that don’t patronize my daughter or perpetuate stereotypes.

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