Elvis & Priscilla Presley's Granddaughter

Elvis Presley

Riley Keough, 18, was snapped with Elijah Wood at an arts fundraiser in New York. She is the granddaughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley.

The teenager is said to have a level head on her shoulders…a quality she attributes to her protective (and expectant!)mother, Lisa Marie, and musician father Danny Keough.

“Both my parents are really caring,” shared Riley, who first began modeling as a 12-year-old with a campaign for Tommy Hilfiger. “I was never allowed to run around and do whatever I wanted.”



  1. keti says

    elvis will never be forgotten, and i think prscilla will be haunted forever!!!!!
    may their grand kids and kids kids pass their good looks forever!!!
    THE END…………………………………….

  2. Bridget's Mommy says

    Few people tend toforget that Priscilla also cheated and it was a 3 ya=ear hidden affair. Elvis did one nighters. He loved her She loved him end of story

  3. sanreay says

    I have always thought that Elvis and Priscilla could pass for twins they were the spitting image of each other. So I would think the majority of their offspring would like exactly like both of them – which they do – that’s my opinion

  4. keti says

    She does look gorgeous, and I rekon shes got the looks from her mums side, and her granndfather elvis, its the eyes and she does have that priscilla look when priscilla was her age, but mainly she got those elvis eyes,
    oh well shes a doll and will blossom into a glamour just like her grandpa, he was a hunk in those days so was prscilla even when she was on dallas she looked glamour andf I have met her in person shes pretty and a nice lady,
    and I think elvis did love her but he just wanted to have his cake and eat it too well it doesnt work that way thats why prscilla left him she wasnt happy with him,, oh wel its their past and its still sad that elvis is dead, let him rest in peace and just remeber the good times of their happy family they’re were once,

  5. Carol says

    Yeah, he was out screwing everyone else , so Pricilla could be pure when he married her. The truth is the man was pretty screwed up and the whole relationship with Pricilla was very strange. This girl looks like a young Lisa Marie, I see none of Pricilla but I sure see Elvis.

    Pricilla really messed up her face, she looked awfull on Dancing with the Stars. Some people would look better if they didn’t have Plastic Surgery.

  6. Bridget's Mommy says

    Ms. Sugar Wells Elvis met Priscilla in 1958 and they married in 1967, May 1st to be precise. She was 22 years old. Did you read her book? I guess not because in it she writes how they waited to have sex until they got married. She had Lisa Marie 9 months later. Just because you date someone or live with their FATHER doesn’t mean they had sex whenever they could. Priscilla said that Elvis wouldn’t have sex with her before their vows because he wanted her pure…..DEAR

  7. Moan4memony says

    Ms. Sugar Walls you really need to check your Elvis facts b4 you start talking about him cause Elvis and Priscilla did not get married when she was 16. They got married when she was in her early twenties and Priscilla says that they didn’t “dig in the well” as you so casually put it until their wedding night.

  8. says

    ELVIS = LISA MARIE= a look alike…..RILEY

    ELVIS, genes are entirely strong! He is still kicking those genes around and he is dead!

    BY the way

    I think that Elvis is NO different than R kelly!
    He married Priscilla P at when she was 16! There is no difference! He was digging in the well before they were married, but HEY I love elvis and kells!

  9. says

    She is very beautiful. I know it seems a bit weird but she sort of reminds of the Moore/Willis kids….something about her eyes or the shape of her face. Love her name.

  10. Michelle says

    She looks just like Elvis wouldn’t he be proud. I hear Lisa Marie is having twins. I wonder if they will favor Elvis any

  11. annna says

    omg she is stunning! i think she looks just like her grandmother priscilla but i also see some of her mom in her as well as elvis since lisa marie is the spitting image of her father

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