Antonio Banderas & Family

Melanie Griffith

Antonio Banderas was joined by wife Melanie Griffith, her children Dakota and Jesse and her mother Tippi Hedren at a gala event in his honor at the LA Film Festival.



  1. says

    Jesse, look just like DON JOHNSON! WOW

    he is soo cute! WOW! I love seeing how kids turn out!

    Jesse, is by Patti D’Arbanville…Not by Melanie G.
    He must love to hang out with his sister..and His so called step mom! WOW!

    Dakota, looks like her mom..sort of like don johnson also!

  2. Nicki says

    I believe Melanie and Don have only Dakota together. She has a son with Steven Bauer and Stella with Antonio.

  3. sunny says

    Ok, I take my previous comment back—I had to go back and look at old pictures of Don Johnson and I’d forgotten he was a total hottie in his day! They actually do look ALOT alike.

  4. annna says

    jesse is soo good looking! btw jesse is not melanie griffith’s son he is don johnson and patti d’arbanville’s son. He was melanie griffith’s stepson

  5. Ruby Jackson says

    Wow, how weird must it be for Antonio to look at Melanie’s son and see Don Johnson staring back at him!

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