Liv Tyler & Son

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler and son Milo, 3, were snapped walking through New York City’s JFK airport on Tuesday.



  1. Amy says

    I love Liv Tyler, but that outfit is horrible. Why do some many celebrities dress like they shop at thrift stores.

  2. says

    He is really cute, and so blonde, compared with her dark hair. But they both look sad, or tired. Either because of traveling or the divorce, that must be very tedious and exhausting. Hope they can handle things amicably, for Milo’s sake.

  3. Gary says

    wow. put that kid on Baby Borrowers…that new show teaches teens not to rush into childbirth. even when they end up that cute

  4. sunny says

    He is adorable, but what a completely unattractive, unflattering dumpy outfit she has on. I’m all about comfort when traveling but this is just ugly.

  5. Susie says

    Boy, if little Milo doesn’t look just like his daddy. I love Liv Tyler! She always looks so beautiful and fresh and healthy. I find her to be the epitome of womanly beauty.

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