'I Want Up To Six Children By The Time I'm 32', Says An Expectant Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church

A glowing Charlotte Church has revealed her plans to have a big family with partner Gavin Henson, once they can decide on the actual number.

The singer, who is thrilled to be pregnant with her second child just nine months after the birth of her first, told talk show host Jonathan Ross that she wants up to six children – and preferably by the age of 32.

In her first television interview since she announced the news, three-months-pregnant Charlotte, looking radiant in a plum fifties style gown, and matching shoes, told Jonathan Ross: ‘I want between four and six children and Gavin wants eight.’

‘I want all my babies by the time I’m 32 so then I can have everything done!’

She told Jonathan Ross: ”We want to have our babies young and then I’m going to get married and look fabulous for that. We’re trying to create a little rugby team.’

Before motherhood, Charlotte had a reputation for binge drinking and partying.

But she said that since the birth she has settled down and enjoys staying in with her family.

Speaking about being a parent the first time she told Jonathan Ross in the interview: ‘I didn’t drink at all, I love the whole pregnancy process. I thought I’m going to be a nightmare, but it was fine.’



  1. Analise says

    If she wants a big family it’s her choice. Good Luck to her. There is nothing wrong with large families.

    FYI, getting a bit tired of the stupid wordpress errors telling me I’m posting to often. Fast typing is bad I guess.

  2. Zbella says

    She is young and optimistic. That’s great! I also wanted 4-6 kids… until I actually had kids and realized how much they need you. I don’t have anything against large families – happen to admire them – but I am not cut out for it.

    I started had my children at 27, 29 and 32. I will be 34 this month and I’m not planning any more children. They are now 6, 4 and 22m. It’s the work that kills ya. It’s just a LOT of work – unless you pay someone to do all the cleaning, cooking, transporting, and raising of your children.

  3. Christy says

    I am sad that she will wait to get married, but I am not going to pass judgement on that. Here is what bugs me: it is all about her. The plan for kids is about her, the desire to marry after the kids so as to look hot is abot her, the concern she might get drunk while preggers and the shock she didn’t, about her. It is as if she has said, no matter what, i am not going to change one bit if it doesn’t suit me. Maybe the reason she needs six is because just having too hasn’t grown her up…maybe the sixth will do it…oh bummer, again that’s al about her too…

  4. Amy says

    I’d love to have six kids, but I think I will decide one kid at a time. You never know what life is going to throw at you.

  5. Tam says

    She’s 22; but why would she want 6 children? 4 is good enough in this day and age, with so much overpopulation and global warming.

  6. says

    Saving yourself until marriage is the best and most precious gift that you can give your spouse, and my husband and I are so glad we waited.

    Sorry, Charlotte! Once you have your babies, you don’t have “everything done.” Everything is just beginning!!

  7. Just me says

    I agree with No. 13 (Carran) It sounds like she wants to look good in her wedding dress … I think your body would be in “better” shape before 6-8 kids.

  8. Adele says

    Charlotte is going to be 23 in October. I think she is a fantastic mother & if she wants 6, let her have 6!!

    She has the money to give them children everything they need so they will be going into a home where they will be well loved & looked after.

    (NOT BY NANNIES like most celebrities have)

  9. Sarah-Jane says

    I think Charlotte is a year younger than me, which would make her 22. I personally found it easier to have children closer together in age. Maybe its just me though.

  10. Lauren says

    There’s nothing wrong with that! Angelina Jolie is 33 and is going to have six children. Why can’t Charlotte have that? I personally think it’s great. I want a big family too. 😉

  11. Bridget's Mommy says

    Didn’t she at one point say she was waiting to have even have sex until she got married. I thought she said something like that when she appeared on TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL. Anyway good luck to her and her family. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a baby or babies brfore marriage. From one unwed mother to another Best of luck!

  12. Carran says

    I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of having six to eight children and THEN getting married. Just seems a bit backwards to me.

  13. says

    Actually I take back my previous post – the interview didn’t even mention her age!! I was assuming she was around 24 or 25?

  14. says

    I don’t think the goal of having 6 kids is unrealistic or weird, it’s just having 6 kids in such a short amount of time is pretty unrealistic. Just wait – as soon as the next little one pops out she’ll be re-thinking having the others so close in age.

  15. says

    I knew it! That is why I said What I said the other day! I think that her parents need to sit her down for a little talk and tell her to be realistic! Because she doesn’t know if she will be with him in the long run! She already has 1 1/2 god give your body a break..before u start looking like the pilsbury doe boy! Ughh!

  16. Jennifer says

    That does’nt sound like the real Jx2 ?, she would’nt care if someone is married or not.
    unless am wrong 🙁
    anyway i don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting a big family.
    good luck to her i say!

  17. Jx2 says

    Okay, so where are the preachers that will condemn this woman for not being married? Personally I think she is off her rocker for wanting THAT many biological children. I don’t care that she isn’t married to her partner. That is not relevant but why 6 kids?

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