Nicole Richie & Harlow

Nicole Richie 

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie was snapped with 5-month-old daughter Harlow during a Saturday afternoon get-together with friends in Beverly Hills.

Wow…Harlow looks like Daddy!



  1. Skyylar,Matthew and Emmerson's mommy says

    cant u see they r inside why would she need a hat inside gosh.maybe she took it off and #6 stop hating Harlow is adorable. dont hate. I love nicole she seems to be doing so much better since Paris is out of her life(bad Influence) I wish her well.Harlow is a sweetie.At least we know she isnt a ‘jacket’.

  2. Eir says

    So. She looks like her Daddy, and she’s adorable.


    Nicole is wearing sunglasses AND a hat. But no hat for baby? That’s not good for her at all. =/ She’s only 5 months, babies aren’t supposed to be subjected to direct sunlight until a year. At least with a hat on she’d be shaded a bit more!

  3. says

    What an absolute cutie pie! I always love seeing pics of this sweet little baby! I always said that Harlow looks like Joel, even at the beginning…and my opinion remains the same! I agree about the Paris stuff that was said, as well. I’ve always had a soft spot for Nicole (didn’t always know WHY…lol), but I’ve come to really like her since Harlow’s birth.

    I also keep special track of Harlow because she was born the same month as my little Kajanae…it’s fun for me to parallel Kaji’s growth with a celeb baby. 🙂

  4. jusme says

    AW This babys a cutie pie! no matter who she looks like!! 5 months already seems like Harlow was just born. ! Amazing how fast thesebabies are growing up.

  5. Charlotte says

    Wow, I’m gonna second everyone. Does she ever look like her dad? Especially in the first picture. She is so cuter and adorable and I am glad that Nicole got her life on track. And, Ms. Sugar Walls- I totally agree with you about Paris.

  6. Nicki says

    Awww, she is so cute. She looks exactly like her Daddy, minus the tats,lol. Her lil pink cherry jumper is so cute on her. Very cute.

  7. says

    i see a tiny bit of nicole in her
    but she looks like joel alot

    ( has anyone seen a picture of christinas baby max lately)

  8. Sole1976 says

    What an adorable baby! And yes, she definitely looks like her dad. I’m so glad Nicole seems to have her life in check. Harlow and Joel are what she needed!

  9. boo says

    The FIRST thing that came to my mind is the same that is on everyone elses….Holy heck does she ever look like Daddy! Theres no denying she’s his daughter, thats for sure!!!
    She is Beautiful!!!! 🙂

  10. says

    Yeah, I pretty much agree. She does look like her dad! She is soo cute! I like nicole also! I can’t stand Paris! It seems like As soon as Nicole is happy in her life..She comes along jealous of all the attention Nicole is receiving, and NOW she wants to have babies! UGHH! I wish that his brother would wake up and see that she is using him to ruins nicole’s life or be just like her! It wouldn’t make a difference if she has the baby or not..Im still not going to like her.

  11. Bridget's Mommy says

    Harlow is so cute. I agree she looks like her daddy. I still like Nicole no matter what she does I will always be a fan. Motherhood is hard but she certainly looks like shes got the hang of things.

  12. Jessie says

    Harlow Winter Kate is so adorable! She looks just like Joel! Nicole looks like she has really got the hang of things! Good for them!

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