Christie Brinkley & Alexa

Christie Brinkley 

Christie Brinkley, 54, was snapped at the Heart of the Hamptons Gala with daughter Alexa, 22, Saturday in Bridgehampton, N.Y.


  1. jusme says

    I Think its nice to see christie’s daughter Alexa have her own unique look. I Saw an interview with her shes very sweet and softspoken like her Mom with her own talents . All parents want our children to have their own talents and own uniqueness about them. my daughter looks very much like her dad and shes adorable she has her own unique look. They seem very close as mother & daughter and thats whats important . Alexas a very pretty girl inside & out.If you ever seen Christies youngest daughter Sailor shes the splitten image of her mom . I Like that we all look different thats what makes us unique .

  2. Jx2 says

    Christie Brinkley is your typical all-American cheerleader/California beach girl. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Yes – she is beautiful but she is not exceptional in her beauty. I don’t think that Alexa is unfortunate for NOT having her mother’s looks. Christie’s other children from her other 30 husbands, all look like her. Alexa has her own unique look that sets her apart. I think think that this attribute actually makes her MORE beautiful. She is not a clone of her mother!

  3. Kelli says

    God bless her! Alexa is a cutie, but dang if she didn’t miss out on her mother’s uncommon, beach girl type of beauty. Still I remember her as just a baby and am so happy to see her all grown up and pursuing a career as a muscian.

    As for her goddess of a mother, in HER eyes there is probably nothing on earth more beautiful than her little girl.

  4. Anzhelika says

    yeah if you have money and can afford plastic will look like any of the celebrities

  5. chloe says

    Gosh is Christy beautiful! Every time I see her, she stuns me.

    Alexa seems sweet, so she has that going for her 😉 She was cursed with Billy’s eyes though. She does have a nice smile though.

  6. Dee says

    I think Alexa is adorable! She looks like her dad, so do I! I always get comments that I didn’t get my mom’s height and green eyes, and I always found it so rude. I have a sister who is a clone of my mom and people always say things like she got all the looks in the family. My dad’s a great person-I’m proud to look like him, and I’m sure Alexa feels the same way.

  7. Tam says

    as if christie brinkley could pass for 24 lol i mean sure she looks good but.. 40 at least not 24 lol come on

  8. Jx2 says

    OMG – for 54 yrs old Christie looks phenomenal!!
    Her daughter is also beautiful but in a different way. Christie has that traditional California beach look whereas Alexa looks so dramatic and exotic! Alexa can easily be mistaken for Middle Eastern or part-Asian. She has such a timeless beauty! Her eyes are so expressive whereas Christie’s eyes are kind of small a squinty. Anyway, both are beautiful woman but very different from one another.

  9. Candace says

    Both very pretty! YOu would never know they were mother/daughter. They don’t look alike at all.

  10. Michele says

    Alexa is adorable.
    It must have been really hard for her to grow up with Christie Brinkley as her mom.
    But look at her… she grew up to be a beautiful woman.
    Her smile lights up her entire face.

  11. ???? says

    excuse???#1 she’s gorgeous too!! she didn’t have to base her career on being a famous model way back when….alexa is a jazz pianist and vocalist….that makes her more beautiful in my eyes then her mom! what’s with people???
    they put down every famous child just to make themselves feel so much more superior behind their computers!!

  12. Kara says

    Boy she sure didn’t get her mother’s looks did she:( That is too bad…her mother is GORGEOUS!!

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