Britney Joins Jamie Lynn As Jamie Lynn Prepares For C-Section

Jamie Lynn Spears

Doctors are preparing Jamie Lynn Spears for a C-section due to complications in her pregnancy, The Enquirer is reporting.

The 17 year-old star of  Zoey 101 had an ultrasound last week, indicating her baby may be in  breech position..

Jamie Lynn’s family members including the baby’s father, Casey Aldridge, are gathering at Mississippi Southwest Regional Medical Center in McComb, Ms.

Britney and her father Jamie left Los Angeles Wednesday morning on a commercial flight to join Jamie Lynn.

Earlier tests showed that the baby is a girl and Jamie Lynn and Casey plan to name their new baby a combination of both their names – Cailynn or Cassie.

In anticipation of her baby’s arrival, Jamie Lynn has been preparing her nursery – with its pink, brown and “silver-green” color scheme – and buying furniture with her mother, Lynne, 53.



  1. crystal says

    the baby is just to cute and i hope she will make it through with the whole mom thing. i think she should wait before she has the other one but that is my thing. anyways i love the baby and her and i wish well to all of them

  2. ella-louise says

    i still cant belive had this beatiful bubu girl she looks wonderfulI hope everything went well. 😉 as its britneys 1st neice i bet she loves it and i bet iun no time shell be spoling you and her new bubu neice im a big fan of jamie-lnn spears and britney her sis i luv u both loads i dont understand why every1 critisises jamie cause shes had a babi at 17 big deal it dosent matter all what matters is that shes a fab mum to her bubu maddie and she is. and every1 critisises britney dont so what for all the things shes done but guys your all nasty about her and you shouldnt, she wouldnt keep going back to some1 bad if youz didnt constaly say nasty thing about her you wouldnt like it if she said nasty stuff about you so dont do it to you love ever1 loads lots of luv xxx

  3. Ryan says

    Its your first niece!
    And right now its the little girl in the family
    have Jayden and sean seen her yet?

    just to let u now i am a GIRL

  4. N says

    Also, Britney had c-sections due to complications. Although she said she wanted to have one because she was scared of giving birth. Watch one of the many Britney specials that come on VHI or MTV or E! and you will learn that fact.

  5. Analise says

    Hopefully she will be the ONE responsible parent in the family. Not even going to touch the usual c-section comments. The important thing is she and the baby are okay.

  6. says

    I am glad the Caseylinn name rumor did not turn out to be true, Maddie sounds nice, and is more unique, while at the same time it is still normal and not exotic like Apple or Tallulah. Perhaps I prefer Maddie Briann over Caseylinn, because I would never name my child after Britney’s mom, but I suppose Jamie Lynn and Britney probably don’t judge their mom the way we do.

    By the way, sunnykidstyle children’s design blog has a new URL: Today I am blogging about Dutch style nursery design, toys and more. Sunny greetings :):)

  7. says

    #6–Yeah, when I was in Canada a friend of mine with 6 kids said the doctor said it was like pulling a cork out of a bathtub and when the time comes 98% of the time things wind up the way they should.

    #8–People tend to forget the days when their grandmothers/great grandmothers got married when they were 14 and 16 and had them all at home. My dad was the last of 6 (he was an 11 lb. baby), and one of his brothers was the only one born in a hospital.

    It’s not even the issue of her being “so young” but that birth was offered up as something so painful and scary that major surgery was the only good alternative.

  8. Nicki says

    Maddie Briann. It also said she didn’t have a c section, but she was induced.
    Some reports the weight as 6 lb 10oz. Others said the weight wasn’t known yet.
    Cute name. Congratulations to them.

  9. Toni says

    she has already had the baby a girl called Maddie 9:30 this morning, am so happy jamie lynn called her Maddie it’s much better then the two names they were thinking of.
    congrats jamie lynn and family.

  10. says

    didnt jamie lynn said in a recent article that she was afraid of givng birth natually

    i love her family and wish her the best with her baby girl

  11. Just me says

    P.S. On the other hand, you could consider Jamie Lynn an adult since she has been “working” since she was just a little kid. She never had time to grow up and never really will. Lynn Spears is evil … sorry!

  12. Just me says

    Unfortunately, I agree with #5 (D’Anna), too, about the reason for the c-section.
    I don’t want to get into the babies having babies debate again but sometimes I just don’t understand people’s line of reasoning …Yes, teens have had babies since the beginning of time, but that’s when 11-year-olds were considered adults.
    As far as Britney, she has been through a horrible time but she seems to be turning it around.

  13. Lurker says

    I am sorry for her if anything is wrong with the baby..and I do like Cailynn for a name; it’s pretty, IMO.

    But I also know that it’s not uncommon for teenagers to have difficulties with their pregnancies.
    What I wonder is, how far along is she? That baby could still turn around at almost any time. Obviously, the further along she is, the larger the baby likely is, but I have known women that have had their breech babies turn darn near at the VERY END of the pregnancy.

    Unfortunately, I agree with #5.
    After Britney’s answer for why she was having a C section (My mom says it hurts!) I have a difficult time believing even one of the Spears girls would even try to have a baby “that painful natural way”.

  14. says

    They could turn the baby….but that would be too obvious.

    My guess is that Jamie Lynn is like her sister and just doesn’t want to give birth.

  15. Jessie says

    I like the name, Cailynn. That’s cute. I have a cousin named Caidyn and the other one, Teagan. I love those kinds of names.

  16. onatear says

    Oh, the compassion, here….remember when you were 16? How would you have handled having abdominal surgery, and a newborn to care for while you recovered? [Oh, yeh,….her mom will be taking care of the baby??? ]She is just a girl, after all. “Teens have been having babies since the beginning of time”….well, the survival rate for those babies wasn’t all that great. GROW UP.

  17. amerie says

    Jaime Lynn will be fine.Its not like she robbed a bank or anything she is just having a baby.Teenage pregnancy is not anything new it has been happening since the beggining of time.Regardless lynn and britney are her family.

  18. purple haze says

    Im really routing for this girl to pull through and show us all she can be a great mom, but tbh I dont hold that much hope when the baby will have Britney and Lynn Spears around her all the time.

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