Analysis Of The Name That Jamie Lynn Spears Chose For Her Daughter

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge’s decision to name their newborn daughter Maddie Briann is “a surprising choice,” baby name expert Pam Satran, coauthor of baby-naming guides Cool Names and The Baby Name Bible, told Us magazine.

“[Maddie is] cute but nearly old-fashioned at this point,” Pam Satran said. “The nickname Maddie has been popular in its own right since the 1980s, when it was the name used by the character played by Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting.”

The name is short for Madeline (the French variation of Magdalen, which is Greek for “high tower) or Madison (of English origin, meaning “son of the mighty warrior”), which was a top name several years ago, Pam Satran explained.

“Both Jamie and Maddie are ’80s-style nickname names,” Pam Satran added. “Rather than mother and daughter, they sound like classmates – co-captains of the cheerleading squad!”

As for Maddie’s middle name, Briann, Pam Satran revealed its “a modern feminization of Brian, Irish for ‘strong.’

Briann, Brian, Brianne and Brianna have been trending downward over the past several years, Pam Satran pointed out.

Jamie Lynn gave birth to Maddie Thursday at Mississippi Southwest Regional Medical Center in McComb, Mississippi. Maddie weighed 7 lbs., 11 ounces.



  1. Starr says

    Jamie you go for it. the name is adorable not matter what these “name experts” say. It’s a gorgeous name for a beautiful girl. and the parents gave her the good looks.

    with love and congrats

  2. Notawannabe says

    I was 21 the first time I got pregnant! and your just pissed cuz all I can say is “BURN”

  3. memphislis says

    Unfortunately the boys have virtually every minute of their infant and toddler years preserved for posterity in the tabloids. I hope that when they grow up they can overcome the stigma of being SPF and JJ, crazy Britney’s kids. I used to read several gossip sites but abruptly stopped reading 4 that did nothing but torment Britney. I am so glad her daddy showed up to turn all this around.

  4. N says

    #41…..Exactly. Truthfully it is none of our business. Since the blow up of the internet and reality tv…… prying into others affairs has become a widespread disease. You saw “white trash”. What I saw was a lonely young woman looking for love, albeit the wrong place, and thinking that the man she married loved her as much as she loved him. Once finding out it was all a lie and having back to back babies during the turmoil……SNAP She had a breakdown…. on top of that probably Post Partum Depression. That is not someone I would tear down….

  5. memphislis says

    That is a really good point #39. You’re right. I guess that watching JL’s big sister ‘s life crumble i front of us all was just a harsh thing to see, especially since the boys were caught in the crossfire.

  6. DeniseF. says

    I hope none of you judgmental people have children. When you harshly condemn someone, it has a way of coming back to you. While teenage pregnancy is a problem, and abstinance (sp?) should be taught and encouraged, a large number of children will be having sex. She was 16, and made the same bad decision that a lot of other teenagers make everyday. And for those who keep saying she was a role model, why would anybody want their children looking for role models on tv. Celebrities are still people, and they are going to make just as many mistakes that us everyday people make. Regardless of the situation, a healthy baby should always be celebrated. Some of us live with the pain of stillbirths, miscarriages, children with birth defects. I’m happy she has a healthy baby girl.

  7. Toni says

    well Tam don’t you think you should be a bit more supportive about teen mom’s seem’s as your mom was one?
    and am not making an ass out of myself you are because you are saying “Oh man, why is this teenage pregnancy thing being so glamourized?” “so sad how some of you think of this as a great thing and that people should be able to have children whenever they want… very sad……”
    when your mom was one!

  8. Tam says

    um yah i know a young parent my mom got pregnant with me at 16… don’t make an ass out of your self with assumptions. She was too young to become a parent.

  9. memphislis says

    I have said all along that the Spears sisters are white trash but my comments always get deleted. Interesting. With that said, Peppers…amen sister.

  10. N says

    Typo…. There were 17 girls that made the pact not 150. The sentence should have read where are those 17 15/16 yr old girls parents….

  11. N says

    Tam…. Unlike Jamie Lynn those dumb girls are not MILLIONAIRES!…. Jamie could AFFORD to make the mistake she did. Those dumb girls can not. Jamie Lynn has a CAREER as an actress. Those girls dont even have jobs! They are in school. Getting a drivers license is the highest thing those dummies can accomplish. Not Jamie Lynn. She had a RANGE ROVER before she even had a license. SO….. you can not compare her to them. They should have had enough sense and knowledge at 15 and 16 not to have kids without at least financial stability. SORRY looks like Jamie Lynn at least had enough sense to cover that MAJOR detail. Furthermore, where are those 17 year old girls parents? What are they teaching their children?

  12. Toni says

    Tam – Do you know any young parents?

    It’s easy to throw stones from your glass house isn’t it.

    It’s stuck up people like you who make me ashamed to be American.

    It must be really nice to be on your level superstar.

  13. Tam says

    so sad how some of you think of this as a great thing and that people should be able to have children whenever they want… very sad…… people should grow up before having children, not have children when they are just learning how to drive as the first main important thing in their life to accomplish.. meh..

  14. Tam says

    Oh man, why is this teenage pregnancy thing being so glamourized? didn’t anybody else hear the sad and horrible news about those 150 highschool 16/17 year old girls in the states that all got pregnant together because they made a pact… and the parents and school think its thanks to teenage celebrities getting knocked up and watching movies like juno and knocked up… ET/ACCESS HOLLYWOOD should have NEVER ever……… aired POSITIVE things about JL being pregnant at 16, they should have not even mentioned it…

  15. Peppers says


    You were probably either knocked up too at a young age or you’re the biggest ho to be condoning what she did at that age. Let’s face it, the Spears girls are nothing but white trash.

  16. jusme says

    Thats why we call this America We can be free to name our children anything we want I’m sure there is a reason that name was chose and it means something to Jamie & Casey thats all that matters .

  17. Toni says

    oh starlooks i LOVE your website it has so many pretty little thing’s it’s making me all excited now! i can’t wait until the 20th august!

    I like the name very pretty congrats to JLS and family.

  18. Notawannabe says

    She has every God given right to have children, whenever she so pleases. I hope she has a couple more soon just so your crabby a$$ has something to bit@h about. We don’t want you to blow up.

  19. Peppers says

    They should analyze what method of birth control she’s going to use. I hope she learns to keep her legs closed next time.

  20. Jen says

    I love the name! I think she named her after her M(om) and (D)addie, Maddie! She’s pretty creative and smart to release everythiing right away. Hopefully she will get the peace and quiet every new Mom deserves. I also think that Brit did the right thing to come for encouragement, but leave quickly because she knows if the paps she’s there they will be hanging out . God Bless them all!

  21. LC says

    so long no comment……….
    wow it has been a very long time since i last left a comment on here i wanted to wait for all the nasty people to go away and for the site to get back to the way it was before all of the trouble.
    anyway hope all is ok with everyone and hope everyone is enjoying the site a bit better now.
    how is the site now anymore trouble???
    as for the name analysis i think it is a pretty name, very cute not werid at all, at least she didnt call her princess! or something

  22. Marti says

    Why the hell is someone, actually, analyzing the name they bestowed on their new baby??? It’s a lovely name and doesn’t effect any of us, so leave it at that! Sheesh!!!

  23. says

    Why are they bringing in a name analysis person for this?

    Lots of people in the South can’t discern between real first names and nicknames (no offense, I am originally from KY) and the other thing is that she is 17 and a Spears! Why not bring in a name expert for one of those off the wall names we hear so often here?

  24. Lauren says

    I like Briann as the middle name but Maddie just seems like a nickname. Madison or Madeline would’ve sounded better. It’s still a pretty name.

  25. 2teens says

    I don’t really like using a nick-name for a first name. Madeline would have been a nicer choice, just my opinion. I’m sure she is a very cute lil’ baby though, judging from the good-looking parents.

  26. NSGirl says

    Meh…not a fan of the name. Maddie Briann?? Personally, I don’t like either name- especially not together. But…what do I know!? I’m not the one who’s 16 and just had a kid…silly me! All the best to the family though.

  27. says

    congrats jamie lynn and casey on your healthy baby daguhter maddie briann that is such a cute name lol hahaha looks like the imposter jamie lynn quit writing you know the girl that named her daughter charlotte britney

  28. says

    Congratulations! That is such a unique name, at first I thought it would be more suitable for children, not really for adults, but now that I think of it, it’s starting to grow on me. And the meanings of the names are nice, they are really hoping for a strong daughter that can fight all the media pressure it seems, as surely this little baby will be confronted with the paps early on.

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  29. susanna says

    why is this girl famous? oh yes Britneys sister,what ever happened to pure old talent for being a famous face.!!

  30. says

    The cheerleading comment is pretty funny, considering Jamie Lynn is only 16!! It’s a pretty name and I am sure that the middle name is meant to honor her dad.

  31. maggie says

    I really like the name, is not so common like Ella, Ava, Lola, etc. I´m sure is a very cute baby, both parents are good looking

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