Tiger Woods Gushes About His Adorable Daughter

Tiger Woods

Tiger enjoyed a very special Father’s Day! He tied Rocco Mediate on Sunday – then won on the nineteenth hole of a sudden death playoff in the U.S. Open Monday – all while having his daughter Sam and wife Elin standing by to celebrate his win.

After his win, Tiger said, “There’s no way I could have gotten through this without Sam being there … just watching her grow, walking, running now, it’s been just the greatest thing in the world.”

It was the first time Sam, who turns one on Wednesday, attended the Open.

The last time Woods won was in 2002, when his father was still alive.

More pics of Tiger and family here!



  1. natalia says

    she is cute. i think people should stop looking at race. in each poll there has to be an idiot that brings it up

  2. TiredOfIdiots says

    And Jess- what era are you stuck in – I mean “colored”?!?!?!?!?

    Last I checked Crayolas were not used for pigmentation…

  3. C & A (carleigh) says

    To everyone who feels the need to leave nasty, rude & racist comments about Kx3 Mommy, you must feel so perfect to be able to spew all the garbage that you spout!!! It takes some very misguided, angry, jealous, bitter people to keep perpetuating the hatred and racism that I have witnessed on this blog. I am ASHAMED of each and everyone of you, and you all KNOW who you are!!! TWO WORDS: GROW UP!!!

    There is only one RACE in my book and that is the HUMAN RACE!!!! Get a clue it’s 2008 and the time for this type of sad, misguided behavior needs to stop!!!

    We are all accountable for our actions, thoughts and deeds and the message that I’d personally like to send to all of you who think you personify perfection…..we need unity in this world and the human race is failing!! We owe it to our children, ourselves and fellow human beings to be the best we can be!!! Spread and practice kindness once in awhile, it won’t kill you and maybe it will come back to you!!’

    Now about the baby Sam, she’s beautiful and it’s quite clear to me that Tiger and Elin make gorgeous babies and this is one Daddy very smitten and in love with his little girl!! Thats sweet!

    Thats all I have to say to you guys!!

  4. cashe says

    Are you all still talking about that girl k3 or what ever her name is. Stop riding her d–k. who the hell cares what she has or how she got it. the only thing that matters is shes happy. And who says people cant brag about what they have? kimora lee has a whole f–king show on how much money she has.My husband is very wealthy because he came from a rich family. did he earn that money? NO but who cares we have money.

  5. N says

    Well Kx3….. Ive been on this site longer than you. I have not read all your “MY LIFE” stories in these blogs and have not read your personal blog. I just dont feel that people have to be jealous of you to make comments about you or what you post.

    I actually dont see why anyone takes these posts personally….its only their opinion and like a*s*s*h*o*l*e*s everyone has one.
    : )

  6. bj's mom says

    i am in a biracial marriage with two children as well. i think that when you choose to marry someone of a different race it just makes you become stronger ( i see kkk’s mommy as a strong but happy woman) we take a lot more criticism in life than others because of our decision, but instead of letting it ruin us we only become stronger from it. i’ve heard the comments over the years (oh, she married HIM?) (oh, he married HER?) along with all the questions about how we make it work because we are “different” …we dont do anything different than anyone else, we dont look at each other as being “different” we are a happily married couple who will run into obstacles along the way, but will compromise and be fine. on july 1st, it will be my 14th anniversary and im very proud of that. 🙂

  7. Jx2 says

    People – pay no attention to Jess!! She is repeating Grade 3, her spelling and grammar is repulsive! Half the time you don’t even know who she is addressing her comments to.

  8. JESS says

    Am not going to be ran off by any one, and why would anyone want to be like you.
    what is so speaical about you, let me see you

    1. were in care well poor you get over it there are lot’s of people without loveing familes.

    2. you got married and have some kids so does everyone esle nothing speaical about that.

    in my eyes you are a snoby, pushy mum and that what i think i dont care what other people think about you this is what i think ok so everyone esle keep your nose out!

  9. says

    Why do you all feel you have an entitlement to be mean and belittling?
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    My signature basically consists of my name ( Lia ) and my home city (Atlanta). In case you’re as ignorant as you appear, A-town is Atlanta. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have other plans for this evening besides wasting my time explaining things to you.

    Amanda- what do you mean you don’t buy the whole “rags to riches” thing? I personally never labeled my life in such a way, but what are you doubting? I’m quite confused…

    And to all of you lovely other people who chimed in to say “Oh no no no no. I’m not jealous of Kx3! No one else is either! Why would anyone be jealous of her?” Apparently you haven’t been around as long as the others who can clearly perceive the more hidden feelings of posters. Why would you get ANGRY when someone says that other posters are jealous of me? Sounds highly strange and suspicious to me!

    What do I have that no one else has, you ask? I think you already know the answer to that! 😉 Denial is NOT a virtue!

    Thanks to 2teens and Jx2. The haters better be glad that Tia and Nicki didn’t see these comments, or they’d be run right off the blog!

    And now, to comment on what I originally wanted to when I came on here and found crap about me written by the haters and wannabes, I’m SO glad we get to see pics of little Sam. She’s one of my favorite celebrity babies. She’s absolutely beautiful, one of many stunning biracial/multiracial babies. 🙂

  10. Jx2 says

    I’ll be the first to admit that Kx3 rubbed me the wrong way. I won’t go into the how’s and why’s of it all, but she and I have a long history of butting heads. It wasn’t until she began posting on her blog that I got to see another side to her ( a more human and less plastic side). My biases against her began to wane afterwards. She still says things that irk me from time to time but I think I am past disliking her for coming across like “Cinderella.” We are all guilty of being prejudice towards people and not only when it comes to a visible prejudice like the colour of one’s skin.

  11. N says

    I agree with Amanda……

    I dont understand why everyone assumes people are jealous of Kx3……. They just might not like her. That happens in life. You aren’t going to be liked by everyone!

  12. Amanda says

    She is so beautiful!!!

    I am not sure I buy into the whole rags to riches thing, however I am in no way jealous of her nor do I think anyone else is, I think she just rubs some people wrong sometimes. Its hard to read people on here sometimes. As far as the black, white, yellow comments, I find them absolutely stupid. I mean come on, does any of it really matter?? We are all human beings living our lives.

    Kx3 I am sorry people feel the need to jump you all the time. I dont think your a bad gal at all, just misread sometimes.

  13. Jx2 says

    huh? Am I confused or what? What is #6 yapping about?
    I’m with 2teens – how is Kx3’s signature considered “black?”

    Kx3 is fortunate in that she has a happy life. Going from a life of foster homes to being a Dr’s wife is quite an accomplishment. It’s actually not very common to hear a situation evolve like that. She came from a hard knock life and turned it around. It’s a rare happening but not an impossible one! It gives people hope that they too, can succeed in life if they set their mind to it. It’s a classic rags to riches story. Many Hollywood movies are based on that concept.

    #6 – rather than sulk use Kx3’s example as a template to find happiness in your life too!

  14. Toni says

    ok i don’t know what jess is on about because she makes no sense, but i do hate it when people say that other’s are jealous of Kx3 because what has she got that no esle has?
    and cashe i dont think you should send out comment’s like that back to jess because that will set her off even more as we have seen in the past the nasty people like the attention cashe you are 100% right but just don’t get bad get even as my gran would say!

  15. 2teens says

    #6 In what way is that a “black” signature Jess? You make NO sense, and frankly you sound quite jealous of Kx3.

  16. cashe says

    How sad it is of u to comment on whats considerd black.Just because she signs her comments a certain way.Is that what makes me black? Because i had no clue.I think u need to step out the box a little hunny.Oh and the word colored is something u might want to check yourself on its not the f–king 60s. If u look around u will see we are all colored,brown pink yellow black… the list gos on.so do yourself and others a favor.When u think something your about to say is not important,coming from u im certain its not, KEEP THE S–T TO YOURSELF.

  17. JESS says

    oh she is very pretty indeed.

    oh and has anyone read the comments on hellorazzi, oh how they make me laugh, i guess you have all herd about ummm what does she call her self now Kx3’s mommy? Or something anyone when she leaves a comment she says {~Li(A)-TOWN~} I mean how sad is that she is a white woman trying to be black and hunny from one black girl to a white it’s not working for you! You may have a colored husband and children but face it your not.
    Now I know this isn’t important but come on how sad can you be.

  18. annna says

    omg she is so stunning
    can’t wait to see her when she gets older
    she is pretty tall and she is not even one yet!

  19. Sandra says

    Now this little girl is very beautiful. She has her dad’s eyes. He has lots of reasons to brag she is cute!

  20. Sharrie says

    what a beautiful little girl. How the time has passed…i can’t believe she is going to be one already!

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