Brad & Angelina Consulted A Psychic To Help Them Determine The 'Vibe' Of The Twins

Angelina Jolie

A source familiar with the plans for the twins’ nursery said that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had a difficult time settling on a design for the room. Like many Hollywood couples, they initially consulted with representatives of Beverly Hills’ baby store Petit Tresor for a plan, but when Brad and Angelina couldn’t come to an agreement on theme, a psychic was brought in to settle on a plan.

“It’s totally true,” said a source familiar with the meeting. “The psychic was to determine the ‘vibe’ of the twins.”

Apparently it was determined the vibe was more girly than modern.

“Brad wanted a nursery filled with furniture with ‘clean lines’ — sort if ’60s modern and lots of natural wood colors and whites,” the source shared. “Angelina was much more interested in creating a classic European nursery.”

The end result: Petit Tresor got to work stocking the nursery with organza bassinets with pink bows, pink Versailles-style cribs with matching changing tables and armoires, and custom-made crystal chandeliers made in France. The source reported that the total cost of the nursery is actually less than what has been reported thus far. “(The reported) $140,000 is a bit high,” the source said. “It may only be about $100,000.”

This made me giggle! It is sort of hard to believe that Brad wouldn’t just concede to Angelina’s decorating wishes! I mean…things got so tense that a psychic had to be called in the settle things! Just kidding!


And below is a beautiful photo montage of Angelina and Shiloh set to a beautiful French song!


  1. Liz says

    very sweet – would love to have heard or read the words to the beautiful song. Sorry they feel no need for the commitment of marriage but that seems to be the norm – total commitment is an awesome responsibility & one, by personal experience hard to hold onto but what a legacy for you children and your grandkids to hold true to. Sort of like the lack of a commitment to one God instead of the more comfortable way – open and free – again not something majority today’s generation wants to sow or leave, again, as a legacy for thw childrec and generations after. I thank my grandparent to this day for no only their commitment tp each other through their years but my mother & father, aunts & uncle (but after yrs of marriage one!) and all their strong commitment to one God also passed thru my grandparents and their parents before them on through every each of my siblings & me and now our children and all the great-grandchildren – to this point. Even though my 1st marriage broken because of my children’s father’s fall from HIS commitment TO BOTH GOD AND ME AND THE KIDS, coincidentally at the same time. After 10 long yrs with – at that time – my 2, 4 & 6 yr olds, I remarried a committed man whose wife did the same to him – We have been together for almost 17 yrs and will continue the commitment to first our God then each other then our children and now 8 beautiful grand kids!! We all (extended family also) feel so blessed as we see another generation and share with them their heritage!! Thank you Grandma & grandpa on both sides and our families before for your commitment and proof how something so important WILL stay together with everyone’s commitment!! Yes, bad chains can always stop when one person in ONE family stops!!! Yes, our commitment is to God’s Word Old & New Testament!!!
    Best to Jolie & Brad

  2. traveler says

    Where did you hear a story about the owner wanting them gone because they trashed the house? I’ve not heard anything about that. For god’s sake, they just moved into the house. They haven’t had time to trash anything. Did you find that story in another garbage filled tabloid?

  3. pia says

    this is all BS what nursery? In what house? They are renting for the moment and the owner wants them to leave because they have trashed his house. So what home would they be setting up a nursery
    you guys believe anything don’t you?

  4. Carol says

    This nursery style does not sound like something they would put in there house, whichever one it is. It sounds more like something JLo would go for. AJ does not seem like a frills Lady. I envision a very simple style with clean lines. Look at they way she and Brad dress and how they dress the kids.

    Shi is very cute. I think she is a good mix of both parents. I see Brad and I see AJ.

  5. essie says

    More rag hogwash!!! Psychic??? These stupid stories get more ridiculous as the months go by.

    I have a question for those of you who believe this stuff . . . exactly which home will have that $140,000 nursery?? And how could anybody think a woman who has her kids wear hand-me-downs would turn around and pay $140,000 for a baby nursery. Pure garbage!!!

    If I recall correctly, Petit Tresor sent Angelina and Brad a ton of stuff for Shiloh and Angelina sent everything right back to them. This store does this stuff for publicity. And they are doing a great job of it!!!

  6. Amy says

    I find it funny that most of the pictures are taken at the same time. The VERY few times that AJ actually takes her out it’s a swarm of pictures, and those times are far and few between.

  7. bambamswife says

    What a crazy couple. How forgiving you are with this couple and the tabloids_ looking for anything to write about. LOL. This couple is WEIRD.

  8. malina says

    Stop trying to get free advertise sunnykidsstyle . Its really annoying. You post the same crap on almost every single post.

  9. says

    I think the psychic story his complete tabloid humbug, the mags are just inventing some more crazy stories to sell magazines. I’m not even sure the report that the nursery has cost such an incredible fortune is true.

    Anyway, I was also looking for the collage, but I guess the video must have been pulled of youtube, it wont start 🙁

    When she was younger, I thought Shiloh looked just like a miniature brad, but now since having seen her in Cannes, I see a resemblance between her and Angelina in every picture of AJ, really strange.

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):)

  10. ann says

    They are a perfectly matched couple, they are a best parents in the Hollywood, We love this family. they are made a beautiful baby.Shiloh is a beautiful little girl.

  11. Liza says

    Heidi, you also forget that Shiloh was kept out of the public eye for most of her first year. The public only saw her every once in awhile.

    As for the psychic story, I find it hard to swallow.

  12. HeidiW says

    Shiloh is a beautiful little girl. But I am surprised they found so many pictures of Ang holding her. Notice the gap….there’s one or two from when she was a baby, and then all of a sudden she’s a toddler. If you recall it was always Brad who had her….until Ang got fed up with the media flack.

    I hope they will have enough time to spend with all of their children now that there will be six!

  13. 2teens says

    I guess the psychic agreed with Angelina if they went with the organza and crystal. 🙂
    Babies are kind of like blobs but only until about 3 months max. After that they really focus and they do something new and wonderful nearly everyday…. besides pooping. Hee hee!

  14. Jx2 says

    AJ’s opening statement at the beginning of this vid clip is the way I feel too! Shi’s is at the perfect age for me to begin taking an interest in kids. Prior to that they are more or less crying and pooping blobs…LOL…hey I didn’t say “blob” AJ did…BUT I happen to agree.

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