Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen Enjoy Father's Day

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady celebrated Father’s Day with his son John Edward Brady (born on August 22nd) and girlfriend Gisele Bundchen.

Tom and Gisele enjoyed time with the baby in Los Angeles before John Edward’s nanny arrived to pick up the child and return him to his mother Bridget Moynahan.

Bridget was also spotted out on Father’s Day, taking advantage of her few hours of freedom by running errands and getting her car washed.


  1. jimmy says

    What do you ladies think that all guys are scum? For all we know its Bridgets fault, probably is. Dont start hating on fathers just because we are men. Maybe she was cheating on Tom did you ever think about that and trapped him..because of his name..

  2. nd says

    Frankly I don’t see what the big deal is. Half the country is divorced so this goes on daily. People act like this is the first time in history a couple broke up and later discovered they were having a baby. Please give me a break.

    I just find it fascinating when Bridget announced her break up with Brady in early Dec. It was reported as “they ended their relationship several weeks ago” . When she announced her pregnancy a la Liz Smith suddently it was Brady dumped her barefoot and pregnant for the evil supermodel. Can you say Fishy Fishy….

  3. xxx says

    Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan split and Bridget found out she was pregnant. I wonder why everybody thinks Tom is some kind of bad guy of this case…
    Did he leave Bridget cause of Gisele? I thought she came along later… I believe both Tom and Bridget knew their relationship was over and then Bridget suddenly finds out she’s pregnant. What if she planned the whole thing? We women have that power, however stupid it might be. I’m not saying Bridget did so just guessing… cause I don’t understand those Tom Brady is an asshole -comments. Does someone really think he should have stayed with her just because they were having a baby (together??) I like them both Tom is a hottie and Bridget a beauty. Gisele is not so but maybe she and Tom will make a better match. The baby is so cute… I think it’s nice Gisele and the baby are ok together. “#8 It’s not only you letting the other woman to hold your precious little baby. Sometimes the other women doesn’t even want to hold him/her, but just to get rid of that little not so precious little bastard…

  4. carleigh says

    #7 …it’s futile to say that Giselle has nothing to do with the baby, she is TB’s girlfriend so it’s liable that she has a moderate role in John’s life. I’ve seen pic’s of her carrying him but never of TB carrying John, so that speaks volumes to me.

    While I do NOT dig how he left Bridgette while she was pregnant, I’d have to say it’s better to be alone, single and happy than to try and hold together a dying, bad relationship just for the sake of the baby. That’s never good on anyone involved and Bridgette has held herself together quite well and John seems to be thriving and very loved.

    I don’t like Giselle for her interference between TB and Bridgette, but that being said he is a grown man and has the choice of free will, as we all have. Morals aside or not, what he did was tacky. But, we don’t know both sides of the story and Bridgette and TB have never fully publicly discussed the reasons behind their break-uip, people do it everyday and John Thomas is just another child of a broken home…sadly it happens everyday whether in Hollywood or in reality…sometimes life just sucks and you make the best of it.

    Bridgette is a class act and all of them seem to be trying to do what’s best for the baby…nuff said.

  5. 2teens says

    As a mom, I can say that it would be very hard for me to see “the other woman” holding my baby. But you need to step up and be mature in front of your kids. I think Bridget knows this, and is doing what she needs to for her baby…. as hard as that may be.

  6. sophie says

    wow you guys are pretty harsh on giselle! i don’t think she deserves it. obviously tom and bridget had major issues, and could not resolve them, that is why a baby couldn’t bring or keep them together.

  7. Sandra says

    Zbella I would have to agree with you. I was thinking that as I saw the picture of her holding him.

  8. Om says

    Gisele’s pretty, but she’s nothing on Bridget. Bridget is absolutely beautiful! In my opinion anyway…

  9. Zbella says

    Ugg, I would not want the “other woman” holding my precious baby. She’s a better woman than I to be so generous as to share her son with that louse.

  10. says

    No, Giselle has nothing to do with the baby, Bridget is the mother. Giselle and Tom hooked up right after he and Bridget broke up, and before Bridget knew she was pregnant. And yes, the baby’s last name is Moynahan, not Brady. That actually caused quite a stir, that Bridget gave the baby her last name. but I only find it right, after all he will be with her almost all the time and only once in a while visits his dad for a few hours.

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  11. Jx2 says

    These photos are misleading. I almost thought that the nanny was Bridgette!! Tom is hugging the nanny not Bridgette…well that makes sense now!

  12. Lauren says

    I believe his last name is Moynahan. It’s John Edward Thomas Moynahan.

    Poor Bridget. She seems so sad. 🙁

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