Tiger Woods & Family At The US Open

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was snapped snuggling his daughter, Sam Alexis, after winning the US Open championship on Monday, June 16th. (Sam Alexis will celebrate her first birthday on June 18th!)



  1. Jovita says

    Tiger’s baby is so cute. How wonderful to see the love he has for her. Life is so precious. I just have a hard time thinking of all the babies being killed by war and US sanctions in Iraq, Iran and all over the world. What a waste of life.
    Looking at Tiger and Sam I a sense of healing that I thank God for.
    For all you mums and dads and babies out there May God’s grace be on you today and everyday.

  2. Grace Wachira says

    It feels Good to be a Mum, I was a mum Five years ago and im happy she’s already in school, She make ma day every morning we wake up. I thank God for giving an opportunity of being a MUM, and I pray to God i be a good example to her

  3. Suzann says

    That baby is so precious, enjoy Tiger. You will turn around and your kids will be grown. It happens just that fast. 🙂

  4. Renee' says

    Tiger Woods has a very beautiful baby girl. He looks so happy, and proud of his family. I know Tiger is going to make a Awesome Father in the years to come. Princess Sam looks like everyone: her Grandma! her mom, and dad. Sam is a perfect reminder that we all are beautifully and wonderfully made, and when mixed together WE are a sight to see. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Little Sammie

  5. Toni says

    I just can’t believe little sam is one today! i just can’t believe it was a year ago i was looking at the first pictures of her! when she was so small and how much she has grown oh it goe’s so fast.
    Happy birthday Sam Alexis

  6. says

    She is getting so beautiful! It was only a few days ago that I thought it’s been months since we’ve seen the last pictures. She used to look quite a lot like her grandmother, but now that her hair is getting lighter, I think she looks most like her mom and only a tiny bit like Tiger.

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  7. Tia :) says

    You know who she kinda reminds me of? a baby version of Jessica Alba…haha.. Sam is adorable!

    Carleigh, i too can’t wait to see Nahla!

  8. Cute! says

    She looks just like Tiger’s mom to me! She has such a sweet little face. My gosh she looks like her Grandma!

  9. annna says

    omg she is soo pretty! she is starting to look alot like her mom like there is something about her that resembles her mom although she looks like tiger too. she is a great mix of both of them. he was so happy when he won and he carried her first and then he tried to give her back to elin and sam cried and reached back over to her dad it was soo cute, she is truly daddy’s little girl.

  10. carleigh says

    She is a true little beauty….I imagine Nahla will be too, if and when we ever get to see pic’s of her.

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