Jeff Gordon & Family At NASCAR Event

Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon, wife Ingrid and Ella Sofia were snapped at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Lifelock 400 at the Michigan International Speedway on June 15th.


  1. Jx2 says

    Yes – N I agree. I see a lot of babies that are not cute. I just don’t understand why others think that they are? Are they blind? Or are they just trying to be nice?

  2. N says

    Although it is considered not nice to say……. All babies and kids are not cute. If someone sees your child and just smiles…. or if they just say AWWWWW………. your child is not cute.

  3. Jx2 says

    You are such a clown Sandy. Here today, gone tomorrow!! Yeah that is what you want everyone to think. Then you appear using another person’s name and pretend it isn’t you!

    You should take your own advice and stand up for yourself instead of lashing out at 2teens when it is, in fact, ME that you are sore at!! Coward!!

  4. Sandra says

    What do I need to speak up about? She hasn’t said anything to me that she didn’t apologize for.

    Thank you JJ ;o) Good Wednesday to you!

  5. Sandy says

    Sandra, I am going away again so no need to change your name on my account. Sandra, have sme guts and speak up to JJ, don’t be afriad of her.

    JJ, what are you talking about, lurking on another site, I don’t know where you got that, I do read on tom cruise site and that is all, other than Perez Hilton now. You are a lowlife fool in my opinions. Bye now everyone. Smooch to 2teens, B*a*t*h!

  6. Jx2 says

    My apologies Sandra. Common sense tells me that you and she are not the same person. I knew it would get Sandy Bottom’s knickers in a bunch, and sure enough she did not disappoint me!!

    Good one 2teens!! Sandy is indeed a troll wearing sheep clothing! It appears you were successful in getting under her skin…just look at that vile language!! She’s jumping around like her pants are on fire!! LOL Liar Liar…pants on fire!!

    Now, now, Sandy Bottom, no need to get all testy. The truth hurts doesn’t it? People that live in glass houses should not throw stones.

    Sandy Bottom – It’s so great also that you found a new hobby…lurking on another site just so that you can read my posts!! Get a life loser!!

  7. Sandra says

    2 teens Thank you. I am definately not her and I don’t want to be connected with her. I am not a trash talker of babies and to comment on this one it wasn’t meant to come off as trash talk at all.

    I am now thinking I should change my name even though it is my legal name..lmao!

  8. Sandy says

    2teens, get the stick out of your A**. You have the nerve to say I am a troll and call me names when you stick up for the most vile person on here, you liar, I have never said anything about Valentina, what do you mean, trashing her, just becasue I said she looks like a little boy, you call that trashing her? You B**t*h!! I have been on here for over two years, posting just here and there, only decided to get on in response to that s**t that your kiss A** buddy spews out, and you know it, B**t*h!

  9. 2teens says

    Sandy and Sandra are two different posters, I am certain. Sandy is pretty stupid, but even she is not lame enough to come up with two names so close.
    Sandy, you are such a hateful person… trashing Willow, Valentina and now baby Ella. You have some nerve to judge other posters when you are the most small-minded troll I have come across in a long time.

  10. Sandra says

    Jx2- I am not going to respond being mean to you but you are acting very harsh to me which is uncalled for and childish. I am not Sandy in any way shape or form. I started posting on here over a year ago and then out of no where Sandy appeared. I come and go commenting on things here and there when I feel like.

    But anyways I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. I am not Sandy and that is that. In fact no one is allowed to call me Sandy as I do not like the name for myself. The only person allowed is my grandmother.

  11. Jx2 says

    ^^^You are the psycho for playing 2 different roles i.e. “Sandy” and your alter ego “Sandra!!” LOL

    Sandra or Sandy – nobody pushes MY buttons…Sandy/Sandra/Sandywich/Sandy up your Cootch!!

    2teens would prefer to kiss her own butt, however if she had a choice between a creative butt or a boring golf* playing SANDY butt – hands down she would choose an artist’s butt !!

    *golf is a stodgy game played by bored doctors and suburban retirees

  12. Sandy says

    sorry, I am not Sandra, think whatever you want to. This kid is not cute at all, she maybe look better as she gets older but she is among many kids of famous people that are not good looking. Just like some of you on here who may not have cute kids either. Yes I may be harsh when it comes to psycho JJ and her kiss ass pal but that is nothing compared to what she has been harsh about.

  13. Sandra says

    So what a lot of parents are icky and their kids are drop dead gorgeous. Maybe some day she won’t look so much like her dad which is a BOY and she is supposed to be a GIRL! Yes poor child she looks like her dad and a boy! Get over yourselves. I can have my opinions and you may have yours. I didn’t say she was hideous my god. Go back to your perfect little lives where everyone looks like a Barbie doll.

    Sunny seriously you keep advertising your site, that is far lamer then anything I have said.

  14. says

    Please folks, let’s not have all these wild discussions again. I am totally with Mash on this one, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t speak it out loud. And Sandra, you did say something negative, after all, if you say you find her dad icky, and you think she looks like her dad, well, that’s pretty obvious what you wanted to say, isn’t it?

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):)

  15. Sandra says

    No I am not Sandy; Mash, sorry to crush your hopes of blaming a comment on one person. I have read Sandy’s comments and they are often harsh and I think she is the same who likes to push Jx2’s buttons.

    I am not a fan of Jeff and I never say kids are not attractive or cute. In my statement I didn’t say she wasn’t cute, I just said ick she looks like her dad, and so you get a life! I am sure her parents think she is beautiful and love her to death and that is all that matters, I wouldn’t expect you to think my son was beautiful, but I think he is gorgeous!

  16. pat says

    Ella is a cutie but why wouldn’t she be she has two good looking parents and comes from beautiful genes, she is a heartbreaker in the making…….go Ella

  17. 2teens says

    If they got the hair out of her eyes she would probably be cuter. She does look like her dad. I think she needs to grow into her looks a little more, thats all.

  18. Mash says

    I think Sandra and Sandy are the same person.
    Don’t be so critical. Jeff Gordon is cute and so is his daughter. If you can’t say anythig nice, say nothing at all.

  19. Sandy says

    Jessie, you shut the Hell up! No, she is not cute, not at all and neither is he, at least she will be a rich plain looking kid!

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