Halle Berry Shows Off Her Slimmer Figure

Halle Berry

New mom Halle Berry continues to lose the baby weight and she looks phenomenal!

Three months after welcoming daughter Nahla, she showed off a slimmer figure Thursday at the 36th AFI Life Achievement Award tribute to Warren Beatty in Hollywood.

While she was pregnant, she scaled back her fitness regimen — which included yoga, swimming and light weights.

Halle, 41, began working out shortly after giving birth “to be back in fit form,” a source told Us magazine.



  1. Rijay says

    It’s interesting that before we were shown the first pictures of Suri at 3 or 4 months old, people were saying that she didn’t really exist, that she was an “alien”, that there was something wrong with Suri, etc.
    Halle hasn’t shown us her daughter yet, but I don’t hear any such rumors flying around !

  2. says

    OMG, Hally is soooo beautiful! She has the most stunning face ever in this photo. I really hope little Nahla looks a lot like her. On the other hand, Gabriel is very handsome, too. How much I want to see her little girl. But I suppose it will still be a few months until we see her. I think they wait to take her for a walk until all the media hype will be a little less dramatic, which is laudable, though.

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  3. patrick jones says

    congradulations on the baby…. i bet shes cute just like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are so hot..

  4. Anne says

    Phenomenal is really the word, Halle is such a beautiful woman! And I can’t wait to see her baby, her b/f is quiet sexy too, Nahla must look like a little doll.

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