Shiloh On The Cover Of OK! Magazine

Angelina Jolie

Shiloh, 2, is finally coming around to accepting that she’s going to be a big sister and friends say it’s a big relief in the Jolie-Pitt household.

“It took her a while, but now she’s as excited as the rest of the family.  She puts her hands on Angie’s stomach to feel the twins kick and she jumps back and starts grinning!”

Little Shiloh is taking other baby steps as well. The 2-year old has begun sleeping in a big-girl bed and is even almost potty trained.

“She’s got her pull-up diapers and tells Mom and Dad when she has to go to the bathroom.  She’s trying to get the hang of it all on her own — just like she did with walking.”




  1. Jen says

    #76- because Shiloh is a hell of a lot prettier-that’s why. She looks like a little gerber baby. And no, it’s not just because she has blond hair and blue eyes, although that helps. 🙂

  2. aubrey says

    she is so cute, lovely child! thumbs up to angelina and brad pitt, you are meant for each other, adorable couple.

  3. Fly On The Wall says

    You know it’s all bogus. As if Brad or Angelina would ever tell a reporter from a tabloid anything about their children. Give me a break.

  4. Zbella says

    Interesting how it took 78 comments before anyone made sense. Traveler, you are so right.

    Now, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I happen to find Shiloh one of the most adorable toddlers around.

    And, she JUST turned 2, which is young to potty train, but not too young. What else are they going to write about, the kid is 2! Anyway, it’s probably all bogus.

  5. traveler says

    Why is everyone insisting that AJ and BP are attention seekers? I’m quite certain it wasn’t their choice to have their daughter’s picture turn up on a rag. That was the choice of the editors. And when was the last time we really saw any of the kids? We saw Maddox at a car race a few weeks ago, but other than that (and the spying cameras on the villa they were staying at), we haven’t seen the kids since they went to France. They haven’t been parading them around the Mediterranean coast or anything. So, I don’t see where everyone is getting their opinions.

  6. Jx2 says

    #73 – Genetics works in unusual ways – there is no linear pattern…True Sonny Bono was not a great looking man but that should not be a major factor in how attractive the offspring turn out. Chastity Bono looks nothing like what she did as a 20 year old. She let herself go and her look right now is very masculine and butch which ties in nicely with her sex*ual preferences.
    Just how infant attractiveness translates into adulthood is a mystery. It’s all about recessive and dominate genes. I guess we will have to wait and see.
    As for Jennifer Aniston, I happen to think she is really pretty. Her beauty is very different than AJ’s. Jennifer has the pretty California look and AJ looks like a glam diva!

  7. deeds says

    Who made the choice to put Shiloh on the cover instead of Z? Do you think the mag would have sold as many copies? I don’t.

  8. Too funny says

    Jackie. It is retarded not retarted; photoshop not photo shop and anyone not any one. And does that mean anyone who doesn’t keep their mouth closed except when talking or eating is “retarted?” Hmmm, glad you are so smart and can clue us in. I will really notice the slow people out there in abundance.

  9. Big fan.... says

    Chasity was cute/adorable, just like many children; when they grew up they take on many of their parents features. Sonny wasn’t much to look at, and even though I thought Cher was beautiful back in the 70’s…that was after she had a nosejob, cheek implants, and her teeth fixed. Plastic surgery is great, but it doesn’t change DNA. What did you expect Chasity to look like?

    If Shilo outgrows her looks and take after her parents, she will still be gorgeous.

    Her mother is Angelina Jolie… not like Jennifer Anniston.

  10. jackie says

    Photo shop. She seems retarted her mouth is always open, a sign of a slow child.

    Any one notice that it is a handful of people making all comments. Brangeloones are sad people.

  11. 2teens says

    Hi Cherry,
    I know it’s hard for you to follow the dialogue on here. I did sense that you were a little slow, it’s ok… nothing to be ashamed of sweetie. The dog I am referring to is Tam’s. Did you notice that I started my sentence with “Tam”? Did you notice the cute little chihuahua in the photo Tam sent?

  12. Sandra says

    ONATEAR obviously YOU like the ATTENTION since YOU keep using CAPS! Yes they like the attention, hello there are just as many pictures of AJ’S Clan as there is Denise Richards. Just because they go about getting their ATTENTION in different ways doesn’t mean they don’t seek ATTENTION.

  13. 2teens says

    Cherry, what in the world is wrong with saying that a child with blonde hair & blue eyes is cute? Children of all colors can be beautiful… including the blondes!
    Tam, your baby is cute. I think your dog might have fleas though.
    JJ, daaaammmmmmnnnnnn, what happened to Chastity?

  14. comment says

    Suri is cute depending on angle of the pictures and most certainly because of her designer outfits, but she’s not the cutest. I see many kids in the mall cuter than Suri although they are in inexpensive clothes.

    Shiloh is beautiful. Whether she inherits her mom’s charisma remains to be seen.

    This article is full of made-up bs however.

  15. onatear says

    SANDRA….And everyone else, who continues to say “that family (BJ) need attention”…Are you serious? There are so many ways for a celeb. to get attention: Like, taking kids to commercial parties (Denise Richards, for one) which does not make them bad parents…but, it is a way to be photographed and get attention. Adopting a child, or working with refugees for the UNICEF, so beyond needing attention, I cannot imgine WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? HOW do YOU get attention? By saying things like that?

  16. ann says

    She is one of the most pretty and very special a little girl in the world, she is my best favorite , every time I saw her picture I feel very happy.

  17. Iluvmy2girlz says

    wow! how do ppl potty train a two year old?? mine will be three in august and i’m stil struggling! LOL she goes, but she still has accidents, and i have to remind her throughout the day! and my four year old also wasn’t completely trained till a few months after she was three! let me in on the secret!

  18. ??? says

    To 56:
    do you mean that US, non celeb people can’t have cute kids ? seriously give me a break !!!
    Just because 2 movies star are described as hot, gorgeous, beautiful will have automatically cute kids !! bla

  19. lfjlsjfljsalfjlsa says

    All star kids are cute, including Billy Bob’s…but I must say that Suri has some life and personality on top of cuteness factor!

  20. Tizzy says

    My goodness – why don’t you people go the whole hog and have a “hot or not” site for babies. That’s effectively what you’re doing anyway but it’d be a lot more honest if you all admitted it and could just rate the babies 1 -> 10.

    Isn’t that a bit sick?

  21. jer says

    I agree with the part: people think she is beautiful, just because she is Brad and Angelina’s daughter !!!
    It’s very true !!!

  22. jer says

    she has beautiful eyes but I don’t find her cute, just average, sorry !! You can say anything but the truth is not ALL kids are cute ! Don’t lie to yourself !

  23. annna says

    omg she is STUNNING those blue eyes, red lips and just the combination with her skin color and her platinum blonde hair she is going to be soo beautiful! cant wait to see the twins we need a little boy that wil look just like brad! 🙂

  24. Sandra says

    Trish of course all children grow and learn at different paces it doesn’t warrant the front page of a magazine to explain all the big girl things she is doing when a girl the age of 2 should be doing most of those things already. It might be news if she doesn’t communicate, has blank stares, and doesn’t walk. But to put her on the cover for stuff she should be doing already is kind of redundant in my opinion. Then again the family just needs attention.

  25. Em says

    Shiloh is so sweet! No doubt the twins will be, too! I love Angelina, she’s not just an amazing mother, she’s a truely terrific person, too!

  26. Trish says

    Sure Jx2..I ‘d love to explain..#11 Sarita said the magazine had to photoshop Shiloh..And I can’t wait too, to see her as an adult.She will be gorgeous

  27. Jx2 says

    #29 learn how to spell the word “immature”

    Of course Shiloh is innocent and beautiful – did anyone say otherwise? I’m commenting on what she will look like as an adult…that is all!

    And Trish – I haven’t to foggiest what you are talking about in your comment…

    “I’m sure she did NOT need much modification as stated above.”

    Care to explain?

  28. cherry says

    Stupid one jen 26 i am calling you stupid one.shilo is on the cover of the magazine not the other kids .i am not jealous i have a beautiful son so go a way and remeber you B aer talkeing to me i am not talking to you. all the children are beautiful

  29. Lia Noelle says

    oh my goodness, Shiloh is such a gorgeous little girl. can you imagine how beautiful she is going to look when she grows up?!?

  30. Amanda says

    Tam- Your daughter is beautiful and she does have a likeness to Shilo! Good Luck with potty training!

  31. Could it be says

    Are you kidding me? Who writes this stuff???? Despite the ridiculous article, the beautiful child on the cover will probably sell millions of copies of this magazine!

  32. Jen says

    cherry- jealous much? She is beautiful because of her blond hair and blue eyes! What a stupid remark. Her other kids aren’t cute because they have brown hair and brown eyes. See how stupid that sounds???

  33. cherry says

    shilo is not that pretty not because she is what you people think is beautiful blond with blue eyes.give me a break or because she is brad and angelina daughter.

  34. says

    I know I’ve already posted above, but I just read the UK premiere of Angie’s new movie got canceled because she is not advised to travel. Don’t know if it is true, I had actually thought she was not doing any promotion for Wanted, but stay with her family instead, as she had said in an earlier interview. Well, probably just a made up story as well. But if there is some truth to it, I sincerely hope it is only a precautionary measure, and not that there is actually anything to worry about.
    And essie, yes of course that story from OK is probably made up, but the content could be true, the author probably guessed what’s going on at the Jolie-Pitt house, by thinking what any other 2 year old would be doing, and of course most of us have seen that photo before, but still, she is such a pretty doll, amazes me each time I see a picture. Though I guess it shows how the world turns, if a magazine can boost their sales with made-up stories of two year olds, and even worse we are all fascinated by it!

  35. essie says

    By the way . . . that pic is from days ago when the family were on the Riviera and out shopping. Didn’t you all see it on justjared????

  36. essie says

    I can’t believe (1) that the web mistress actually printed the cover of a gossip rag and called the lies “cute” or (2) that you people actually believe that this rag knows anything as intimate as this about Shiloh. It really cracks me up, especially after that “exclusive” from Entertainment Tonight that the twins had not only been born but named already!! Really makes me laugh!! When will people ever learn!!!

  37. Trish says

    Sonny and Cher’s daughter was not even as close to being adorable like Shiloh and Im sure she did NOT need much modification as stated above. She is naturally beautiful

  38. Jenn says

    I cannot get over how cute she is!! Goodness, you just want to hug on her! A good mix of the two of them. Can’t wait to see the new babies!

  39. Lisa M says

    Wow I wonder if Angie will comment on having two “blobs”at once this time around? Hey maybe she has some common sense this time and keep her mouth shut.

  40. Jx2 says

    Further to my comment #7…
    Does anyone remember the Sonny & Cher show? Do you recall how cute Chastity Bono (Sonny & Cher’s daughter) was as a child? She was adorable. Looked a bit like Shiloh. Has anyone recently seen Chastity Bono? Just because a child is cute as a youngster does not guarantee that she will be beautiful as an adult.

  41. BiggggBlomba says

    Shiloh is so pretty. She really looks like a little angel. I bet she will be more beautiful than both her parents. She had such a sweet little face.

  42. says

    Sounds like a completely made up story, they have no way of knowing these things. Also, why did they feel the need to photoshop that photo of Shiloh so much?

  43. says

    Oh my god, this picture is so beautiful, she is the prettiest little thing ever! I’m always a bit skeptic about these stories by so-called confirmed sources, how reliable that usually is was just apparent in the rumor that angelina was supposed to have given birth. But I do like this story, no matter if it’s true or not, at least it could be very well, I think it’s about the same reaction for any little child who will be a big brother or sister soon.

    I also wish them all the best, the whole family and agree with Iliana, they are a great family, you can really tell their children grow up loved and open-minded, learning so much about the world. and what makes them so fascinating to the world is not only their outer beauty, but their family values and charity values as well. Wishing them all the best for the arrival of the twins, whether they are identical or fraternal, really doesn’t matter, as long as they are healthy.

    Today is vintage day on my children’s design blog, I am talking about clothes, stationery and toys. So if you have a second to spare, I’d be delighted if you stop by at :):) Sunny greetings! :):)

  44. Trish says

    #5-U hit it on the nose..Alot of people rip on this family/couple but it’s only because they are jealous.. and sandra..No not all kids are up to par at 2..Some grow and learn slower than others..

  45. Jx2 says

    I think she looks more like Brad with a hint of AJ. I’m interested in seeing how her current adorable self translates into a grown adult.

  46. Sandra says

    Really that is everything a 2 year old girl should be doing, there should be a concern if she isn’t doing any of those things so how is this news?

    I like her eyes though very pretty.

  47. Iliana says

    She is beautiful, she looks like a doll herself, god bless her and her entire family, I think these kids are very lucky, not in the sense of money, but in the sense that they are traveling the world and Angelina and Brad are showing them that it’s very important to look around you and open your eyes towards poverty and the suffering of other people, I often read on celebrities and their glamourous lifestyle, but I really like this family , they really like to give back to the world, they are really involve, they want to make a difference and I really admire that, that’s why the whole world is so facinated with them, not only are they good looking, but also they have a good heart, you can compare them to any celebrity, and there is no comparison, they are out there, not only giving money, but traveling to these countries and showing us what the world looks like from a different perspective, I wish I could be like them and really make a difference in this world, I love to volunteer, it brings me joy and there is no feeling to describe how wonderful you feel when you go to bed at night and knowing that you really made a difference, god bless them.

  48. Amanda says

    Its amazing how you can say she looks just like both her parents. She is simply stunning and heavenly. She is growing up so fast.

  49. Kris2 says

    Wow..good for you Shiloh. Being potty trained at 2 is really going to help out a lot. I think she’ll be a good big sister.

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