Heidi Klum Hopes To Expand Her Family

Heidi Klum

 Heidi Klum and husband Seal hope to expand their family!

“So many people say, ‘I am so done.’ That hasn’t come out of my mouth, and it hasn’t come out of Seal’s mouth either,” Heidi, 35, tells Redbook magazine in its July 2008 issue. “I feel like we still have one coming.”

That would bring the number of their brood to four. The couple already have two children together – Henry, 2, and Johan, 1 (Klum’s daughter Leni, 4, is from a previous relationship, with Formula-One mogul Flavio Briatore.)

“We seemed to know from the get-go,” shared Heidi. “Just with everything – the way he is. He’s very gentle and he wants to have a family and we like a lot of the same things. [It’s about] looking for someone to get old with and having fun and obviously being physically attractive to each other.”

As for life now, the model mom readily admits it’s “kind of perfect” with the “picket fence and the kids are playing in the garden? It’s kind of like that. The only thing missing is the dog.”

What’s not missing, obviously, is balance. “I have a normal life and I have this glamorous life, but to me it’s two different things. It’s not like I’m this glamour diva who hands everything over and I just sit on my throne at home,” she says. “When we’re home, we’re cooking and doing things with the kids, driving them to school. We do the things that everyone has to do.”



  1. 2teens says

    Cool, she & Seal make pretty babies. I love seeing Henry, need my Henry fix every so often. 🙂

  2. Stephanie says

    Yes they do things that everyone has to do with the help of nannies. Whenever I see pics of her taking her kids out to the park, for example, she has two nannies with her. Well, if I could afford it I would too.

  3. KayG says

    Their kids are beautiful and they can afford it so why stop? Besides making babies with Seal would be fun!

  4. Lauren says

    I love Heidi and Seal. They’re my favorite Hollywood family. Their kids are gorgeous. I hope the next one is a little girl.

  5. says

    I like Heidi…that cover is a really nice shot of her. She seems to be a real open and honest person…the kids are adorable, can’t wait for number 4! It’s great to have real answers instead of the one’s projected to us by so many other celebrities. If you’re not going to give a real answer…why do the interview? Way to go Heidi!!!

  6. says

    I just love her! She’s always so nice and funny, really the person you’d wanna meet up with. She and Seal seem genuinely happy, it’s so great to see a couple that is truly in love and has family values, so rare among celebrities. It really seems like they were meant to be together.
    I am so looking forward to the next family addition, all her kids are just adorable, and looking forward to hear the name, too. After choosing 3 beautiful names, the 4 child is surely going to have a great name as well. Let’s see how long Heidi and Seal still wait before adding to their brood, after all, Seal once said he things Heidi is most attractive when pregnant. Wishing the Klum-Samuel family all the best! 🙂

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