Angelina Jolie: Being Pregnant With Twins Was A 'Shock'

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has talked candidly about her desire to continue expanding her family with Brad Pitt. But when the actress found out she was pregnant with twins, even she was taken aback.

“We weren’t expecting twins,” Angelina, 33, tells Entertainment Weekly in a new interview. “So it did shock us, and we jumped to six children quickly. But we like a challenge.”

With a house full of kids, Angelina says she needs help – so it’s a good thing there’s family around to pitch in. “Brad’s mom and dad are on standby to come out and help,” she says.

But the real focus, Angelina says, is making sure their other children – Maddox, 6, Pax, 4, Zahara, 3, and Shiloh, 2 – feel included when their new siblings are born. Says Angelina: “They’re old enough to feel included to change diapers themselves, to feed bottles themselves, like if I pump into a bottle. We’re trying to find ways where it can be a fun group thing … Everybody gets special time so we can make sure we know where they’re at.”

As for how she’s handling being pregnant with twins, the actress tells EW she’s taking it easy and letting Brad handle all the heavy lifting – literally. “We’ve worked out a system where Brad just lifts the kids to me every time they want to come up,” she says. “I just don’t bend down. I’ll scream, ‘Honey!’ and he’ll come running and lift them up.”

And pregnancy has other benefits as well. “It’s great for the sex life,” she says. “It just makes you a lot more creative. So you have fun, and as a woman you’re just so round and full.”



  1. says

    Congratulations to them both! We have twins and a son who is 21 months older than the twins. All boys!

    I’m glad they have help because speaking from experience they will NEED it!

    It all flies by so quickly so enjoy each and every moment. creates wonderful websites for people and I’d love to see the Pitt’s baby photos posted on their own site and a lot of them at this great site!

  2. dori says

    By the way at 7am on a saturday morning I am up because I go to teach my first fitness class of the day… I am a fitness instructor in case any of you were ever listeninmg when I said who I was a long time ago.. oh yes, you babies wren’t here back then…

  3. dori says

    I’m glad your having such fun .. you remind me a lot of junior high school girls..
    I have not lost it, and I’m not parannoid , it’s your young girls who are out of line but are too immature to realize it.. I’m done blogging here.
    good riddance to bad rubbish as they say..
    all the intelligent and interesting women have already left this website with website and now I see why… blogging in here is waste of time..

  4. Fly On The Wall says

    7. sharamie | June 12th, 2008 at 9:43 am
    Every womans body reacts differently to pregnancy

    This is true. Some of my friends said their interest in sex totally shut down while they were pregnant, and others said they were horny all the time!

  5. 2teens says

    Hee hee, the alien scenario sounds plausible. Dori doesn’t seem like the lettuce type. (Ah, I remember those lettuce days fondly) 😉

  6. Jx2 says

    Dori, now that wasn’t very characteristically womanly and Victorian of you to say those nasty things to 2teens. I mean what would your mother say? She would probably wash your mouth out with soap. And if it were your teacher who heard you tell someone to eat poo, then she would have made you stand in the corner with a Dunce cone hat on your head!

    2teens somethings got to give. I think Dori has been abducted by aliens and they did something to her brain. Either that or she’s smoking the devil’s lettuce!

  7. 2teens says

    ^^ Good for you Jx2!
    Dori has totally lost it. She is so paranoid lately… and thinks she is being attacked by posts that aren’t even directed at her, or even posts that agree with her like I did on the Tom Cruise thread. Such a rude mouth too, she told me to eat s**t! That really hurts Dori 🙁

  8. Jx2 says

    Dori – While you were busily leaving comments at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning, guess what I was doing? Sleeping until 9 a.m. and then having sex with my husband…and it was amazing!!

    Don’t you know that the best time to have sex is during PMS.
    So in response to your PMS inquiry…Yes PMS-ing and loving it!

  9. 2teens says

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  10. dori says

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  11. dori says

    According to you, since AJ talks about her sex life, she apparently has no class – so shouldn’t the same train of thought apply to Kx3 – who in post #29 also offered info to us about her sex life??? Get real Dorito, sex is why this blog exists…if it weren’t for sex, babies wouldn’t exist – for the most part anyway, unless you want to get technical and talk about IVF and other medical fertilization treatments.
    The real question is, “Are you getting any?”

    This isn’t junior high and I don’t feel the need to discuss my love life with any of you
    the question is ARE YOU GETTING ANY because you’re the one who starts fights constantly and showing a little sexual frustation yourself?????

  12. dori says

    So dori, she doesn’t have class because she answered the interviewer’s question honestly? And it is not like she just out of the blue said that, she was asked. Don’t be so repressed!

    there’s a time and a place for everything …. it’so happens the news also made a big stink about her stupid comment I was not the only want who thought her little speech was inappropriate

  13. dori says

    Hey Honey, after your b.itch session yesterday about sticking to the topic of the headline only… what do you think you’re doing commenting on who has time on their hands? That has nothing to do with Angelina.
    Maybe you were wrong, hmmm? Time to eat a little crow?

    and maybe it’s time for you to eat a little s**t!!

  14. dori says

    I will not respond to any of the attacks made on me. but the way youb**chesattack bloggers it’s not such a nice place to visit. You are a bunch of frustrated hags and while you’re in here ranting on people I’m out having a life maybe you should do the same,I come in here every few days to find a certain group of you either complaining about the pictures or complaining about the bloggers. No wonder your husbands aren’t home. Who would want to be around you a**holes.

  15. bj's mom says

    2teens…isnt is great tho! well my older one is actually 13 but my younger one is 7 and they both love it. My older one has a “favorite” food and its another lebanese dish(i have no idea how to spell it, lol) but it is mainly all spinach and its so funny because he would rather eat that than pizza or burgers. its halarious!

  16. 2teens says

    Oh yum, talking about all this seafood and tabouleh is getting me hungry. I love hummus too.
    BJ’s mom, my kids also love sushi. They are teens now but they liked it when they were little too. I always fed them a wide variety of foods. I remember a friend of mine was dumfounded one day when I was feeding my 3 year old salmon mousse on crackers, LOL.

  17. Tam says

    You can still be surpised about having twins when you get fertility treatments.. you can have ONE from fertility treatments as well..

  18. Jx2 says

    wow bj’s mom,
    I can’t believe your kids eat seafood…most kids don’t…you must have started introducing seafood to them at a young age…thanks for the intro to fattoush salad, it’s certainly something I can see myself enjoying, especially now that it’s summer!

  19. bj's mom says

    i know your right about the all you can eat, but like i said with the kids its worth it. its around 8 dollars for them and they get sushi and crab legs all they want. try the fattoush sometime…if you like tabouleh i bet you’ll love it. i make it at home. it has pieces of pita bread fried in oil till crisp and then broken up in the salad…tons of veggies and pretty much the same dressing as tabouleh but because of the bread in there its not good unless its fresh, the bread gets soggy after a while.

  20. Jx2 says

    bj’s mom – That sounds very tempting. Generally, I avoid all you can eat restaurants because that is literally what happens…all you can eat till you burst” LOL

    No – I don’t think I’ve had fattoush salad but I did a google just now and saw a picture of it…it looks awesome!

    #44 – I don’t think 2teens has a hankering for a head cheese Sandywich!! Maybe we’ll just throw you to the dogs instead.

  21. bj's mom says

    We have a place nearby that is an all you can eat with tons of chinese food, crab legs and sushi. we usually go on the weekend with the kids. they LOVE sushi. its not cheap but its nice because for one price you get all kinds of good stuff.

  22. Jx2 says

    Yes – I eat sushi 2teens. It’s one of my favourite foods. I don’t eat red meat and poultry but I can’t do without seafood. When I was in Athens for 2 weeks, I ate seafood everyday. Of course, nowadays there are fishless sushi options on the menu like avocado rolls and daikon radish rolls, mushroom rolls, etc. Good Japanese food is expensive here due to the fact that there is no ocean nearby, so I only have it once a month or less.
    Tonight, I’m going out with friends for Mexican food. I’ve had a craving for a lime margarita for a long time. And I love guacamole too but avocados are also expensive here ($1.20 each) because they are imported from Mexico. So having guacamole is a treat!

    Wasting away in Margaritaville…LOL!

  23. 2teens says

    Jx2, Lebanese food sounds good. Do you like sushi? We do sushi often when we go out. (or are you a vegetarian?, can’t remember) Especially summertime when you don’t always want a hot meal… lots of salads.
    Sand #27, thanks for clearing that up. I’m glad that you finally decided to come clean about being fake.
    Watch out for those UV rays now!

  24. Arianna's Mommy says

    So dori, she doesn’t have class because she answered the interviewer’s question honestly? And it is not like she just out of the blue said that, she was asked. Don’t be so repressed!

  25. 2teens says

    Hey Honey, after your b.itch session yesterday about sticking to the topic of the headline only… what do you think you’re doing commenting on who has time on their hands? That has nothing to do with Angelina.
    Maybe you were wrong, hmmm? Time to eat a little crow?

  26. 2teens says

    The 2nd trimester is good for sex, but I prefer the 3rd when the baby’s head is down and you get that “buzzing” sensation down there. (anyone know what I’m talking about… please tell me it’s not just me who experienced this during my pregnancies).

  27. Jx2 says

    Who me? causing trouble…nah! never! And you’re sounding very cheezy – Dorito!!

    According to you, since AJ talks about her sex life, she apparently has no class – so shouldn’t the same train of thought apply to Kx3 – who in post #29 also offered info to us about her sex life??? Get real Dorito, sex is why this blog exists…if it weren’t for sex, babies wouldn’t exist – for the most part anyway, unless you want to get technical and talk about IVF and other medical fertilization treatments.

    The real question is, “Are you getting any?”

  28. dori says

    jx2 causing trouble again?? why don’t you relax ok? You’re sounding a little nutty.
    Aj doesn’t have any class… we’ve known that for a long time does it occur to her that maybe some of us don’t care about her sex life? Does she constantly need to let the world know that Brad belongs to her? She’s not very secure with herself is she? The sex information was unnecessary information she didn’t need to share.

  29. Jx2 says

    The truth hurts doesn’t it?

    Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter H for Honey and also for Hypocrite!

  30. Jx2 says


    Good to know! I have to tell my husband that as he was worried he wouldn’t get any action for 8 months!

  31. says

    Sex during pregnancy DOES require more creativity..LOL..and that’s all I’ll say about that.

    I have to admit that the second trimester is especially hot; if the pregnancy term was made up of three second trimesters, I’d be pregnant more often…even more often than I have been!

  32. Jx2 says

    What? no comments for me? 2teens gets all the comments from Tuna Sandywich?? That’s not fair!!

    2teens – I had Lebanese food this evening a falafel wrap and tabouleh salad…I hear you had crab legs, sprouts and avocado…sounds very good!

  33. Sandy says

    poor 2faced 2teens, riding on JJ’s coattails yet once again. I confess, you have me, i don’t exist, i pretend to be someone else all the time, that’s right, I am a big fake. I have many children and nephews, you are so smart, now back to my tanning bed.

  34. Jx2 says


    1. Golgotha, the place where Jesus was crucified
    2. a sculptured representation of the Crucifixion, usually erected in the open air.
    3. an experience or occasion of extreme suffering, esp. mental suffering.

    Personally, I think you meant definition #3 – now that 2teens arrived on the scene you will be experiencing extreme mental suffering!! LOL

    Or perhaps you meant Cavalry? Troops on horseback…

    Golly gee Egg Salad Sandywich – you aren’t the brightest bulb in the tanning bed are you?


  35. 2teens says

    Toot toot!!! Hi Sand!!!!
    How is your make-believe son doing these days? Or is it your nephew? Hard to keep straight since you keep changing your story.

  36. Jx2 says

    Honey Crisp – Sandywich is a relic around here. I know exactly how to handle her kind. I really don’t care if I have one enemy or 100 enemies on this blog. Baloney Sandywich was and always will be dried dog turd on my front lawn!!

  37. Jx2 says

    Oooo, Baloney Sandy-wich and Honey bunches of oats are BFF – why don’t you both exchange e-mails so you can chat in private????

    It is quite obvious that you were implying me…and frankly I don’t give a damn !

  38. Sandy says

    HONEY, regardless of what you say that is truthful or paying a compliment, there are some people who like to keep things stirred up, low class characters like JJ, so don’t worry, your comments are just fine and you didn’t say or do anything wrong at all.

  39. Sandy says

    Trashy JJ, it must have struck a nerve of truth about you being argumentative since I didn’t call any names. are you the only one on here that has argued from time to time? So back off and “F” You!

  40. says

    See what being nasty does? Makes you some enemies, doesn’t it. Thank you, Sandy, for coming to my defense. I can’t seem to shake this argument, and unfortunately you’ve been brought into it now too.

  41. Sandy says

    HONEY, just ignore the nonsense. Some people love to be argumentative. She is very honest with her views on sex and has never been shy about it. She is very beautiful, with a big belly or without one.

  42. Jx2 says

    We’re gonna tempt your tummy with the taste of nuts and HONEY!!!…

    You mentioned earlier that you come to this blog to read about celebrities. Well, the celebrities are not in the comments section. You also mentioned earlier that you are only interested in the lives of celebrities so why bother in engaging with conversation with other posters? Don’t you see what will eventually happen? People will start saying “hello” to you because you will be a regular on here. Then one thing leads to another and you will be talking about your kids and your summer vacation plans. Are you telling me that you will ignore such conversation and refuse to partake. That is quite rude and anti-social don’t you think? Just think about it…you and Arianna’s mommy become pals over the next month and you and she begin your own conversation about things not related to the celebrity posts.

    Can I come back and call you on it, when the time comes? You bet I can, I won’t be waiting for your permission to do so. Next time think of the consequences before you start flapping your gums.

  43. ann says

    She is most beautiful pregnant woman in the world, she and Brad made very beautiful baby, they are perfectly matched couple.We love this family.

  44. says

    You’re absolutely right, Arianna’s Mommy – I read the whole article and it was a direct question from the interviewer. So I take back what I said and I appreciate her honesty.

  45. Arianna's Mommy says

    Actually honey, the interviewer asked her about it and she answered, in her open and honest way. Though I can see how it was presented here that it may look like she made the comment for attention.

  46. says

    You’re incredibly defensive, JX2…what’s up? Once again, I made a comment RELATED to the picture and comments on the site, and you’ve turned it into a personal comment. In fact it doesn’t even make any sense, what you’ve written. Apparently some of us come here just to start crap while others are here for what the site is for – to comment.
    And, going back to the (relevant) comment I made about what Angelina said, I am aware that she has some kind of image to uphold, but it just seems pretty out of context and unnecessary.

  47. deeds says

    AJ has always been an “attention getter” when it comes to sex. Her remark doesn’t surprise me. It’s as if she is trying to let every one know her and BJ are still getting it on.

  48. Jx2 says

    Honey buns – I think you are lost – there are no celebs in the comments section! If you are looking for celeb material just stick with the main posts.

    FYI – A lot of celebs talk about their sex lives to the media.
    If you don’t care for the sex details then perhaps you need to return to the nunnery you came from!

  49. sharamie says

    Wen I was pregnant, our sex life was great . Every womans body reacts differently to pregnancy and mine went into over drive. We had great fun fun and incredible intimacy .

  50. Freya says

    Honey did you ever think that she might just be an open and honest person, which is refreshing when it comes to celebrities?

  51. says

    Well, I am mistaken, I just read the same interview on, which is generally pretty reliable. I’ve been a pretty good defender of Angelina for the past few years but for some reason this comment about pregnancy being great for sex life is so stupid – what other person would say that to the media? It’s like she wants everyone to be sure nothing’s been lost. She had sort of lost that need for stupid attention for a while and apparently it’s back. Too bad.

  52. says

    Something about this interview makes me not believe it….it sounds a little ridiculous – It’s great for the sex life?! I think it’s bogus.

  53. Lauren says

    I’m not a huge fan of Brangelina but I admire her for her parenting style and belifs. She seems to really enjoy her kids and loves them very much. I can’t see Jennifer Aniston with a bunch of kids as Brad wanted.

  54. says

    OK, so this should lay all rumors and speculation to rest, that the twins might have been conceived after fertility treatments, not that I believed in it in the first place, since she got pregnant with Shiloh the first time they tried and she could have impossibly been trying to conceive while still filming Wanted, an action movie is just too demanding on the body to be pregnant, but I think this quote from her is proof that all the tabloid headlines were mere speculation.

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