Michelle Williams & Matilda

Heath Ledger

Michelle Williams and Matilda, 2, were snapped on their way to a Tasti D-Lite in their Brooklyn, New York, neighborhood Sunday.



  1. butterflykisses says

    She is so adorable. Still cant believe her daddy is gone. In this pic she reminds me of strawberry shortcake. The cute round face with little freckles.

  2. bambamswife says

    Matilda is so cute and really does look like her daddy. It is so sad that he is not hear to enjoy his little cutie.

  3. dori says

    if you ignore it …. it will go away …. it’s summer and we’re going to get lots of this nonsense from bored teenagers who have nothing to do. very often not so nice teenagers as well because they are from areas where they have no money and lots of time on their hands.
    Matilda looks so much like Heath! What a blessing… he left behind a big part of himself. She is adorable and it’s good to see Michelle out and about and looking happy.

  4. says

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  5. says

    Oh my god, this picture is just way to cute! She looks so pretty, and so much like Heath. And her hair is getting darker as well.

    It hasn’t been posted here, but an Austrialian fund for emerging artists and actors is initiated in the honor of Heith, and Michelle is the first to contribute to it. I think that’s really great and helps keep him in good memory and helps others to achieve what he did.

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