Jessica Alba & Cash Warren Welcome A Daughter

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba, 27, and husband Cash Warren, 31, have welcomed a baby girl!

Honor Marie Warren was born June 7th in Los Angeles, her rep, Brad Cafarelli, confirmed. This is the couple’s first child.

The actress recently did some last-minute shopping for baby gear at Bel Bambini on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles, picking up items such as Born Free baby bottles and a Boppy pillow for breastfeeding.

“She seemed relaxed,” says a source, “and ready to welcome home her baby.”

As for the kind of parent she plans to be, Jessica recently told Fit Pregnancy that she’ll walk the line between tough and nurturing. “I don’t want to be my child’s best friend. I want to be a mom,” she said. “But I do want my child to come to me when they have problems and need to talk, so it’s going to be about treading that line.”




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    Tia- reading your comments (like #66 and #72) I was thinking, “Yep, I remember she told me that!” I felt special already knowing your inside scoop! LOL Makes me laugh, but I guess I enjoy being pre-informed. 🙂 Your dinner yesterday sounded great, btw!

  3. 2teens says

    Wow, I missed all the fun! I would have told you guys that we had green salad with sprouts & avocado and king crab legs.
    Nic, just type a colon and a closing parenthesis and you’ll get the smiley. I think you can also type a colon and a capitol D.

  4. nic says

    Hi honey! Just thought I would let you know that I am going to have pizza tonight for dinner!!! haha what are you having???

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    You know, JX2, clearly you’ve blown this out of proportion. I just suggested that since you and Tia appeared to know eachother (if you read back you’ll see that someone could believe you guys know eachother really well….), perhaps you could keep the personal stuff personal. You did say that I’m not the first and won’t be the last to comment on this; have you been so down right nasty to the other people who’ve commented? I’m not a “newbie” to this site, by the way, and frankly I have never called anyone out like this before. Obviously you are not planning to change anything, and, as Tia did so graciously, you could have responded in a less defensive way. You appear to have some pent up anger and I think you’re directing it at the wrong person. You go on about your ways and I’ll go on about mine. I’m done having this ridiculous argument with you – you and Tia must not really be that close considering ONE of you seems to have way more class than the other.

  6. Jx2 says

    Honey buns says:
    “And generally the people who make comments here keep them related to what the webmistress has put on the site – not their own lives.”

    You see, that is where you are WRONG and do not have the foggiest idea. For the most part, people that post on this blog do in fact discuss other things as well as making comments on the posts. There are RULES carved in stone. I think that you are being quite militant and diehard about these pre-conceived notions about how YOU think this blog should be run. You are fighting a losing battle,
    Honey Bunches of Oats! Today it is me – tomorrow it will be someone else. Stick around and you shall see, Newbie!

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    I think its kinda nice that some of people on here get to know each other and become “friends”. like any other website, just skip over what dosent interest you.

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    This site has been cracking me up for years…… I probably have been coming to this site longer than most of you guys….. Nothing has changed. I thought I would bring up a couple of Facts for you guys…. This is a BLOG. Do you ladies know what that means?….. Heres the WEBSTERS definition for all those that are so highly educated….”a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer(s) “……….. What that means is …….no one can tell anyone what to BLOG about… is a free for all. Skip what you dont want to read……its not rocket science!

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    Let me clarify it for you, sweetie. I am hear to read AND comment about celebrities’ babies and whatever the webmistress posts. Not only to look at pictures and move on. So when I feel compelled, I make a comment; when I don’t feel compelled, I don’t (kind of like everyone else here, I would suspect). And generally the people who make comments here keep them related to what the webmistress has put on the site – not their own lives. Just like how “N” (#89) has apparently read our comments and made one of her own. You understand how it works, don’t you? We’re not all here to make statements without any interest in what others are saying too…kind of like a debate, occasionally. For someone coming here so long I thought you’d have figured that out? And we’re also not here to read about you catching up with your friends either.

  10. Jx2 says

    Honey buns!

    Obviously you are NOT just interested in reading about celebrity lives because you would just read the post about the celebrity and move on. You are also keen on reading what the people’s comments have to say too. The people that post comments are not celebrities!!

    You set yourself up for that one!!

    Your name is not Tia! I was directing my comments to Tia NOT YOU Honey Buns!! You chose to read my comment by your own volition. As a result, you knew exactly what we were discussing, i.e. supper plans.

    Do us all a favour and put your money where your mouth is!! Vamoose!

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    I really have no interest in hearing what either one of you is serving for supper. I’m not here to read about your personal lives, and I will not consider it like reality tv….I “don’t seem to mind reading about celebrities personal lives”?? That’s the very reason we’re all on this site!! Who on earth do you think you are?! You’re certainly not any kind of celebrity, so why should I care to read about your life? If you’re so interested in sharing the details of it, start your own site. Your obnoxious comments might be enough to keep other people reading about your life, however I’ll be sure to try to skip over your name from now on, since your comments are rarely relevant to the site (about celebrity babies, NOT you).

  12. Jx2 says

    Honey – I think it is self explanatory, Tia and I have been on this blog for the past year or so. I heard that she is expecting a baby and I chatted with her about it. We were talking about a baby (this is a baby blog). Then the conversation evolved like most normal convos do. At that point, we were so engrossed in our conversation that we just decided to run with it and did not feel it necessary to exchange e-mail accounts on this blog for hundreds to see – just to make you happy! I met Tia on this blog and as such I do not have her e-mail account. Does that answer but in your question? You don’t seem to mind reading about the personal lives of Hollywood celeb’s so why should someone else’s personal life on this blog be so intrusive and annoying to you? Consider it like REALITY TV but in blogging format. And, if that doesn’t turn your crank, you can mosey on outta here 😉

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    No, not left out at all. And no, I have not had lengthy conversations with others on this site (unless it’s debating a particular comment related to this site). It’s just a bit annoying, that people go through their personal lives on an open forum as you say, when there is in fact a “subject” or at least an “interest” that we all have in common that brings us here in the first place. Umm, I also did not refer to it as a daunting task to filter through relevant comments vs. irrelevant comments….just annoying. And you never did say – why is it that you can’t catch up on your personal emails?

  14. nic says

    omg jen I can’t believe you are still bashing Canada!! Do you know how many Canadians are on here??!!

  15. Jx2 says

    Honey – I don’t see what is wrong with saying “hello” to somebody. I have not spoken to Tia in a while. We are catching up. I don’t think it is such a daunting task to “filter” (a you say) through the posts and find comments directed towards the topic. This is an open forum where people can make comments about the thread and other issues as they arise. I can’t say that I sympathize with your plight. It is hardly a matter worth arguing about. You are not the first to comment about this and I’m sure not the last. If I’m not mistaken, I do recall that you too have engaged in lengthy convos with others on this site. So really, what is the matter? Do you feel left out?

  16. Tia :) says

    Honey, We’ve been coming to this website since the begining. We are bot going to change our ways. Just scroll past what you dont want to read.

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    I may sound a little rude, but is there some reason you guys (the ones who seem familiar with eachother) can’t just exchange email addresses or something? It seems every time I’m on here scrolling down hoping to add something to posts that are actually related to the pictures, I have to filter through what seem like personal comments between you guys. It’s great you seem to have come to know eachother here (maybe you already knew eachother?) but I, along with many others I’m sure, just want to do what this website was for – to talk about the babies and their celebrity parents!

  18. Jx2 says

    Tia – I love homemade pasta!! Wow, that is very ambitious of you. I’m sure it will all taste incredible in the end. Can I come over to your house for dinner LOL!! just kidding!

    I was just on another post and noticed that Jen made some very nasty comments about Canadians. I had to strike back. If you are curious, it’s on the Rob Lowe post.

  19. bj's mom says

    sorry, i was on my old computer. i used to be Kim until another Kim showed up on here so i changed it so we wouldnt be confused.

  20. Tia :) says

    bj’s mom, it is interesting ! Two countires that are so close, yet are so different in many ways!

    JJ, you’re making my hungry!! Im making Spinach Ricotta Ravioli. I’v been home for a few days, so i put my pasta machine to work. I hope it turns out ok!! Iv only made homemade pasta a few times, the other times it was ok.

  21. Jx2 says

    Hi Tia – I just got home a little while ago. I’m trying to figure out what to make for dinner tonight. I’m leaning towards pierogi’s with non-dairy sour cream and sauteed cabbage.

    Yes, I agree – Alyssa and Luca sound great together!! Both names have the L and the A in them so it has a nice ring to it.

    bj’s mom – I would not worry too much about what other people assume on here. To do so can drive one batty!!
    I know exactly what you were talking about in your post. The Middle East is a touchy subject because there is so much strife in that part of the world and as such people tend to get their feathers ruffled very easily.

  22. Jx2 says

    Jen-itals – Looks like your Spanish lessons paid off. That’s great – because your English Su*cks!!!

    Grazie is “thank you” in Italian – did I even say I was typing in Spanish? I don’t think so. You just assumed that I was!

  23. Tia :) says

    JJ, My house is rather large, so we’ve kept on the air. We have central air so it’s been lovely. You’re right about the belly…it’s not super large yet as I am only in my 5th month, but a tad annoying right now. haha

    Yes, i adore Luca as well. Alyss and Luca sounds cute together Ne fait-il pas ? haha. I felt the need to type in french

  24. Tia :) says

    umm…# 69?

    You see, there are many different spellings of words in Canada. Colour…that is CANADIAN ENGLISH…in America, you guys spell it COLOR correct?? We also spell behaviour with a “U” while American’s spell it without it. How about a cheque? I’v heard you guys spell it check? We spell honour with a “U” you guys dont…There is also British English…

    So open a book, learn a little. You may just be surprised to learn that there is different spellings of many words for different countries

  25. Jen says

    oh and just because I know that you’ll say something about the fact that I typed whatver instead of whatever, let me clarify it for you Ms. Anal.

  26. Jen says

    #40- Umm.. it’s Muchos gracias loser. Just stick to your canadian english-whatver the h e l l that means.

  27. bj's mom says

    OMG are you kidding me??? what was sooooo ignorant about what i said…that people say someone is speaking “arabic” or referring to the culture as “middle eastern” Yes, I know all about the different countries and my husband is from the middle east and i made my point because everyone was attacking Jx2 for using the term hispanic and im trying to say that thats what people do…they refer to it as the culture even tho there are so many different types like languages and religions, etc….i would never mean anything i said in a rude way when i am married to an arabic man and have 2 children with him. I just dont think this is all worth arguing over…Jx2 said hispanic and i automatically knew what she meant i just didnt go spend 50 posts arguing over it with her.

  28. Jx2 says

    Yes Tia – it is very HOT here in Ottawa! I have A/C but only turn it on at night so I can sleep better. During the day the house remains cool enough so that I don’t really need it. I have some errands I need to make and I have been prolonging going outside since this morning – LOL!

    I LOVE the name Luca!! Noah is also a very nice name.
    Logan, I personally don’t like. I also like Zach and Matteas or Matthew.

    Keep cool and try to get some rest. I guess having a belly does not allow for the most comfortable sleep either…just wondering.

  29. Tia :) says

    JJ, yeah i just find that some people go ong and on and on. You say one thing wrong and people freak out!!. I didnt see where you were wrong…i dont know.

    Im tired today. I didnt sleep well last night for some reason! Is it hot for you guys? All i have to say is thank god for A/C!! haha.

    As for the baby, we are looking at some old italian family names from my husbands side. We both like Gian Luca, or just Luca. My hubby also likes Noah…that one came out of no where. haha. It’s cute. We also like Logan. Im not sure…any thoughts??

  30. Jx2 says

    Ronnie – I don’t think that bj’s mom was trying to be insulting. I think her intention was to try and explain my point. I hardly think her err was deliberate. Of course there are many different languages that exist in the Middle East. The Arabic language is just one of many. I believe that Bj’s mom pointed that out in her post.

    However, during the 9th century, Arabic had become the universal language in the Middle East. Today, that is no longer the case!!

    I have encountered people that say they speak Arabic. And I have encountered people that say they speak Persian. I have yet to encounter someone that speaks Middle Eastern. I have heard of the term “Middle Eastern food” but never “Middle Eastern language.”

    Just as there are many languages in the Middle East, there are also many religions and THAT right there is a BIG difference between the Americas (Catholic/Christian) and the Middle East (Judaism, Islam, Christianity, etc.).

  31. Ronnie says

    fine jx2 never said hispanic was a language but #60[bjs mom] i found your comment soooo ignorant

    it is NOT okay to pass someone’s language off as arabic, just as it isn’t to say hispanic is a language BUT jx2 didn’t.
    you basically said it’s fine to say people of the middle east speak “arabic”
    they don’t
    ever heard of iran?
    large country in the middle east where they speak PERSIAN not even CLOSE to arabic
    way to be!!

  32. Jx2 says

    Hi Tia!! LOL – I take it you are getting tired of this conversation. Yeah, it is exhausting! I don’t see what all the hype is about in using the term Hispanic language. Anyway, I hope that you are doing well. Your family must be very excited about the upcoming arrival of your baby boy. Have you given any thought to boy names?

  33. bj's mom says

    i guess its no different than saying the “arabic” language. there are many different types but everyone just says they are speaking arabic or even “middle eastern”

  34. Jx2 says

    Oh for Pete’s sake!

    I too, am a linguist. I speak English, French, Italian and Greek.

    When referring to the Hispanic language family – rather than list all the various Latin languages – it is perfectly fine to use an all-encompassing term like “Hispanic.”

    Since there are so many variations of the HISPANIC language family – saying that someone speaks “Spanish” is a misnomer. The Hispanic language family encompasses the Basque, the Catalan, the Galician, the Spanish, and the Valencian languages. These can all be categorized into one neat little package in order to simplify things: I choose to call it HISPANIC.

    Zbella – I know a lot of Latin Americans that would be offended if someone asked them “Do you speak Spanish?” Because that is NOT the only Latin-derived language. Just because someone is from
    South America does not imply that they automatically speak “Spanish.” So rather than assume that Jessica Alba speaks Spanish, I made reference to the Hispanic language family as an all encompassing term. Now HOW is THAT offensive?

    Naturally, I don’t blame the people of South America and Central America to want to distance themselves from Spain. Their country was inv*ad*ed, pill*ag*ed and ra*pe*d by Europeans. Why cling to that history? Admitting that Spanish is the spoken language in Latin America would indeed be un*orthod*ox.

    Freya – The language of the Jew*s is
    Hebrew. It is a Se*mitic language of the A*fro-Asiatic language family. Do Jew*s speak other variations or dialects of Hebrew/Yiddish? You tell me!

    Hebrew is referred to by the Je*ws as “The Ho*ly Language”…Is “ho*ly” a language?? YOU will perhaps say “NO!” But I personally think there is nothing wrong for someone to say: “I speak the Ho*ly Language.”

    With this in mind, the term “Hispanic” can also be used to make reference to a set of Latin-derived languages.

    In closing (in my opinion) there is nothing abstract or incorrect about saying the Hispanic language!! I rest my case 😉

  35. Jx2 says

    Oh for Pete’s sake!

    I too, am a linguist. I speak English, French, Italian and Greek.

    When referring to the Hispanic language family – rather than list all the various Latin languages – it is perfectly fine to use an all-encompassing term like “Hispanic.”

    Since there are so many variations of the HISPANIC language family – saying that someone speaks “Spanish” is a misnomer. The Hispanic language family encompasses the Basque, the Catalan, the Galician, the Spanish, and the Valencian languages. These can all be categorized into one neat little package in order to simplify things: I choose to call it HISPANIC.

    Zbella – I know a lot of Latin Americans that would be offended if someone asked them “Do you speak Spanish?” Because that is NOT the only Latin-derived language. Just because someone is from
    South America does not imply that they automatically speak “Spanish.” So rather than assume that Jessica Alba speaks Spanish, I made reference to the Hispanic language family as an all encompassing term. Now HOW is THAT offensive?

    Naturally, I don’t blame the people of South America and Central America to want to distance themselves from Spain. Their country was invaded, pillaged and raped by Europeans. Why cling to that history? Admitting that Spanish is the spoken language in Latin America would indeed be unorthodox.

    Freya – The language of the Jews is
    Hebrew. It is a Semitic language of the Afro-Asiatic language family. Do Jews speak other variations or dialects of Hebrew/Yiddish? You tell me!

    Hebrew is referred to by the Jews as “The Holy Language”…Is “holy” a language?? YOU will perhaps say “NO!” But I personally think there is nothing wrong for someone to say: “I speak the Holy Language.”

    With this in mind, the term “Hispanic” can also be used to make reference to a set of Latin-derived languages.

    In closing (in my opinion) there is nothing abstract or incorrect about saying the Hispanic language!! I rest my case 😉

  36. Freya says

    Jx2-my husband is Jewish, and the word Jewish encompasses his culture, his religion and his ethnicity, but it IS NOT the proper term for their traditional language of Hebrew. It would be so ignorant of me to say he “speaks Jewish” and you’re doing the exact same thing by saying people speak Hispanic. Yes, their written words/language are a part of their culture, but Spanish is the term for the language, NOT Hispanic. And if you want to get picky, which I’m sure you will, I know that some Jewish peoples speak Yiddish, but again it would be wrong for me to call it Jewish. It just doesn’t make sense.

  37. Amber says

    No, I don’t think it is hypocritical. The name of the language is Spanish and Espanol in Spanish. Yes, Spain would be the root word and Espana means Spain(the country) in Spanish. They can’t change the name. Some people even get so picky as to say don’t call me “latino” or “hispanic” call me …. fill in the blank….Mexican, Salvadorean, etc. I am married to a Mexican and I am not even talented enough to be able to look at someone and tell if they are Mexican or Salvadorean, etc. You must remember though, many Latin people want to distance themselves from Spain because of the history of conquest by the Spanish over the Native people.

    And I saw your Amber-Alert comment…..LMFAO… how original.

  38. Zbella says

    KKK-mom – I grew up outside Washington, DC. My mom speaks Spanish (she learned it in DR) and our next door neighbors were from Cuba. I didn’t really learn it fluently until I went to live in Chile when I was a teenager. Then I majored in Spanish, taught Spanish in the public schools (as well as a few years teaching ESL) and currently run my own business teaching Spanish. It’s my passion. My education had a focus on Latin-American Literature – and I continue to teach primarily Latin culture. Spanish, from Spain, is pretty but I really prefer the Latin culture myself.

  39. Zbella says

    Well, since I’m a linguist and have studied, primarily, Spanish, I have to put in my 2 cents. Hispanic is not a language – period. It refers to something of Spanish decent, origin and/or culture. It is incorrect to refer to Hispanic as a language. The end.

    Now, each person, depending on their past experience, has their preferred term for identifying their culture, situation and country of origin. Since JJ doesn’t care about offending others, of course she doesn’t mind calling them whatever she chooses.

  40. Jx2 says

    #48 – Don’t you think it’s being hypocritical when a Hispanic says they speak Spanish but do not like being called Hispanic? Spanish is also a word associated with Spain.

    #50 – I know what you are saying BUT I choose not to agree with you. I use the term Hispanic to represent the people and the culture which (in my book) includes spoken words.

  41. mya says

    Honey none of your business. Newsflash the list is the dumbest names I ever heard. So honey (another dumb name if this is your first name) the only non-unusual names on the list is Sylvester Stallone daughter but what stupid about they all have the same middle name. Emme maribel Dylan Thomas is ok People are entitled to name their kids whatever they want. Well honey I’m entitled to said if they are unusual or not.

  42. says

    wow, mya, how long did it take you to write out that list?! Many of the names on that list are not in fact unusual at all, and so what if they are?? People are entitled to name their kids whatever they want.

  43. Iluvmy2girlz says

    tia, jj does not get my point! i’m not going to fight it! it’s ok to call the people hispanic but not the language~ the language is Spanish! I will also drop it here! NO big deal!

    KKK’s mommy! yes i was born in Uruguay, and btw JJ i do have a very european (spanish) backround, in Uruguay there are virtually no indigenous indans, and 95% of the people are of european descent…
    Anyway, yea i do speak spanish, i live in Jersey now! and I’m very proud to be bilingual!

  44. Tia :) says

    Im going with JJ on this one. It’s true. In canada we call spanish people Hispanics! No biggie!

    Lia, We also have many different dialects of french here. French canadian, persian french, ect!

  45. Amber says

    Agree with #46. Hispanic is not a language. Also, in my experience, most people of Latin descent, whether it is Mexican, South American, etc. do not like to be called Hispanic because of the root word refering to Spain.

  46. mya says

    Jennifer Lopez / Marc Anthony Singer / Singer Maximillian “Max” David (son)
    Emme maribel daughter)

  47. Freya says

    As a Canadian who studied SPANISH in high school, I can tell you that I refer to the Latino culture as Hispanic, but the language as Spanish. I’m not going to debate with jx2 beyond this.

  48. mya says

    celebrity give thire kids wacky name honor come on she can join the list.Christina Aguilera / Jordan Bratman Singer / Personality Max Liron (son)
    Gillian Anderson / Clyde Klotz Actress / Art Director Piper Maru (daughter)
    Arthur Ashe / Jeanne Moutoussamy Ashe Tennis Player Camera (daughter)
    Erykah Badu / Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000) Musician / Musician Seven Sirius (son)
    Erykah Badu / Tracy Curry (The D.O.C.) Musician / Musician Puma (daughter)
    David Bowie / Angela Bowie Musician / Model Duncan Zowie Heywood Jones (son)
    Toni Braxton / Keri Lewis Musician / Musician Denim Cole (son)
    Diezel Ky (son)
    Christie Brinkley / Peter Cook Model / Architect Sailor Lee (daughter)
    Pierce Brosnan / Keely Shaye Smith Actor / Model Dylan Thomas (son)
    Nicholas Cage / Alice Kim Actor Kal-el (son)

    Note: Kal-el is Superman’s birth name.
    Cher / Sonny Bono Musician / Musician and Policitian Chastity (daughter)
    Cher / Greg Allman Musician / Musician Elijah Blue (son)
    Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes Actor / Actress Suri (daughter)
    Melissa Etheridge / Julie Cypher Musician / Director Beckett (son)
    Bailey Jean (daughter)

    Note: David Crosby is the biological father of both children.
    Courteney Cox Arquette / David Arquette Actress / Actor Coco Riley (daughter)

    Note: Reportedly, Coco is short for Courteney Cox.
    Bob Geldof / Paula Yates Musician / TV Host Fifi Trixibelle (daughter)
    Peaches Honeyblossom (daughter)
    Little Pixie (daughter)
    Richard Gere / Carey Lowell Actor / Actress Homer James Jigme (son)
    Teri Hatcher / Jon Tenney Actress /Actor Emerson Rose (daughter)
    Rachel Griffiths / Andrew Taylor Actress Banjo Patrick (son)
    Lance Henriksen / Mary Jane Henriksen Actor Alcamy (daughter)
    Barbara Hershey / David Carradine Actor / Actress Free (son)
    Kate Hudson / Chris Robinson Actress / Musician Ryder Russell (son)
    Helen Hunt / Matthew Carnahan Actress / Writer and Producer Makena’lei Gordon (daughter)
    Michael Hutchence / Paula Yates Musician / TV Host Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily (daughter)
    Penn Jillette / Emily Jillette Comedian and Magician Moxie CrimeFighter (daughter)
    Milla Jovovich / Paul Anderson Actress / Director Ever Gabo (daughter)
    Simon LeBon / Yasmin Parvaneh Musician / Model Amber Rose Tamara (daughter)
    Saffron Sahara (daughter)
    Tallulah Pine (daughter)
    Jennifer Lopez / Marc Anthony Singer / Singer Max Marco (son)
    Emme Jenna (daughter)

    John Cougar Mellencamp / Vicky Granucci Musician Teddy Jo (daughter)
    Justice (daughter)
    John Cougar Mellencamp / Elaine Irwin Musician Hud (son)
    Spec Wildhorse (son)
    Rob Morrow / Debbon Ayer Actor / Actress Tu Simone Ayer (daughter)

    Note: As in, Tu Morrow.
    Jamie Oliver / Jools Oliver Chef / Model Poppy Honey (daughter)
    Daisy Boo (daughter)
    Gwyneth Paltrow / Chris Martin Actress / Musician Apple (daughter)
    Moses (son)
    Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie Actor / Actress Zahara Marley (daughter)
    Maddox Chivan Thornton (son)
    Shiloh Nouvel (daughter)
    Pax Thien (son)

    Note: Zahara and Maddox were originally adopted by Jolie. Pitt adopted them as well in 2006.
    David “Puck” Rainey / Betty Rainey Reality TV Star Bogart Che Peyote (son)
    Rocco Kokopelli (son)
    Ving Rhames / Deborah Reed Actor Reignbeau (daughter)
    Freedom (son)
    Gabrielle Reece / Laird Hamilton Volleyball Player and Model / Surfer Brody Jo (son)

    Nicole Richie / Joel Madden TV Personality / Vocalist Harlow Winter Kate (daughter)

    Robert Rodriguez / Elizabeth Avellan Director Rocket Valentin (son)
    Racer Maximilliano (son)
    Rebel Antonio (son)
    Rogue (son)
    Rhiannon (daughter)
    Kyra Sedgwick / Kevin Bacon Actress / Actor Sosie Ruth (daughter)
    Travis Sedg (son)
    Olympia Scott-Richardson / Al Richardson Basketball Player BreAzia Ranee (daughter)
    Shannyn Sossamon / Dallas Clayton Actress Audio Science (son)
    Sylvester Stallone / Sasha Czack Actor / Actress Sage Moonblood (daughter)
    Seargeoh (son)
    Sylvester Stallone / Jennifer Flavin Actor Sophia Rose (daughter)
    Sistine Rose (daughter)
    Scarlet Rose (daughter)
    Roger Taylor / Dominique Beyrand Musician Felix Luther (son)
    Rory (daughter)
    Roger Taylor / Deborah Leng Musician Rufus Tiger (son)
    Tiger Lily (daughter)
    Lola Daisy (daughter)
    Emma Thompson / Greg Wise Actress / Actor Gaia Romilly (daughter)
    Isaiah Washington / Jenisa Marie Washington Actor Isaiah Akin (son)
    Thyme (son)
    Iman (daughter)
    Robert Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice) / Laura Giarritta Musician Dusti Raine (daughter)
    Keelee Breeze (daughter)
    Bruce Willis / Demi Moore Actor / Actress Rumer Glenn (daughter)
    Scout Larue (daughter)
    Tallulah Belle (daughter)
    Frank Zappa / Gail Zappa Musician Dweezil (son)
    Ahmet Emuukha Rodan (son)
    Moon Unit (daughter)
    Diva Muffin

  49. Jx2 says

    The term “latino” and “hispanic” is used interchangeably. It is a matter of personal preference. In my opinion, the term “Spanish” also harks back to Spain and it’s conquest. The indigenous people of Central and South America that were around before the Spaniards invaded the Americas were not AT ALL Latin or Spanish. They were indigenous Indians (descendants of the Incas, the Aztecs, the Olmecs and the Toltecs – to name a few) and had no ties whatsoever with Spain or Portugal until the inter-breeding began.

    The Hispanic bond, however, goes further than language. The reason Hispanics speak Spanish is because of Spain’s influence in history. Spain brought to the New World not only the language but also religion. Most Hispanics are Catholic or otherwise Christian. Similar religion, in turn, translates into similar values. These ties become very strong for U.S. Hispanics.

    The Hispanic market is composed of people that come from as many as 20 different countries. Very often they have very little in common. It is sometimes as odd as grouping Americans with British, Canadians, Australians, and residents of Jamaica, South Africa and Bermuda, just because they all speak English!

  50. lara says

    Honor may be one of the worst names I’ve ever heard. Makes her parents look like arrogant pricks. She’s going to get made fun of so much when she gets older.
    wow that’s a very self-absorbed name…OH wait! no wonder it’s jessica alba nevermind now I know why it’s self-absorbed.
    Hopefully “Honor” doesn’t have a nasty atitude like her mom.

  51. says

    Zbella and iluvmy2girlz…I had no idea that you guys spoke Spanish! We should speak together on here sometime! 🙂

    In the U.S. (can’t speak for Canada), we refer to the many different dialects of Spanish as just that….Spanish! But we may distinguish between them by saying Cuban Spanish, Puerto Rican Spanish, or Castilian (which is “Spain Spanish.”) Hispanic is not a language, or even a race, as there are both white and black Hispanics. This is why the categories on the census says “white, non-hispanic”. In fact, most people who live in Mexico, Central America, and South America prefer to be called “Latino.” The term “Hispanic” too clearly harks back to Spain and its conquest….obviously there were indigenous people here before their arrival…many Puerto Ricans like to call themselves “Boricua” which kind of says to everyone else that “we were here before the Spanish even came”…..So this can get very complicated and political..but Americans primarily speak English, not American…so it would follow that Hispanics speak Spanish, not Hispanic….even though the English we speak is quite different than the English spoken in the United Kingdom and the Spanish spoken in Latin America is quite different than the Spanish spoken in Spain.

  52. says

    I love the suggestion that Jessica and Cash “copied” Angelina and Brad…..have you read the most recent interview with Angelina?? The person directly asks her why she named her baby Shiloh, and she explained it was because it was always the name she’d stay under at hotels when Brad would come and stay with her. And she had chosen that name because her own mother had a miscarriage, and the baby’s name was meant to be Shiloh. So THERE!! Not everything relates back to Angelina and Brad’s “betrayal” of Jennifer Aniston (barf – get over it)!!

  53. Jx2 says

    #38 – You can call yourself Spanish although you are probably far removed from the Spanish people of Spain (where the word Spanish actually is derived from) and I will keep using the term Hispanic as I choose. Muchos Grazias!

  54. peige says

    My great aunt is called Honor and also has no one heard of the english actress HONOR BLACKMAN who was once a bond girl????????? So Honor is not a made up name its been around for ages!!!!!!!

  55. Iluvmy2girlz says

    jx2, yes you are right about the different dialects, accents, an so forth, but you wrote: if it sounds nicer in Hispanic, how can it sound better in hispanic? when hispanic is not a language! sorry, it’s just not! You can def. refer to the ppl as HIspanics, but not the language, the language is always Spanish!!!! the spanish in my country Uruguay is very different than that in Puerto rico, for example, but it’sstill Spanish, even though we are all HIspanics. Whatever, it doesn’t matter! no big deal.

  56. Jx2 says

    #29 – YES HISPANIC. THAT IS A WORD !!! There are different origins of Latinos. They speak different dialects of Latin. I CHOOSE not to refer to the language as SPANISH. In MY COUNTRY we use the term HISPANIC – THANK YOU VERY MUCH – NOT SPANISH!!

    ALSO, I don’t give a horses A*SS if Jessica Alba does not acknowledge her HISPANIC ROOTS – To me she is still LATINA!!

    The term HISPANIC refers to the culture and people of the Spanish-speaking countries of Hispanic America and Spain; or countries with a historical legacy from Spain, including the Southwestern United States and Florida; the African nations of Equatorial Guinea, Western Sahara and the Northern coastal region of Morocco; the Asia-Pacific nations of the Philippines, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands; and to the ethnic individuals of those cultures. It can also refer to the Hispanosphere geographical distribution, the same way Latin (Latino) refers to the Romance languages in general.


    For instance, I speak Canadian English, not American English!!!

    In Canada, we refer to Latin-speaking people as HISPANICS. In Canada, the word “québécois” is also used to refer to Quebec French, a variety of the French language spoken by Quebec’s population. As an adjective, it can refer to Quebec’s francophone culture or population or the culture of French Canadians living in Quebec.

    But being the ignorant person that you are, you just assume that if it looks Spanish and sounds Spanish then it must be Spanish!!!

    Hispanic is a broader term that I PREFER using!! And not YOU nor #33 – AMBER – ALERT can convince me otherwise!!

  57. Zbella says

    By the way, I’m a name fanatic… some noun names I am familiar with in Spanish are Dolores (Pains), Milagros (Miracles), Perfecto (Perfect), Socorro (Help/Aid), Soledad (Solitude), Flor (Flower), Lluvia (Rain).

  58. Zbella says

    I speak Spanish and lived in S. America but have not heard the name Honor. It has the same meaning and is the same word is Spanish – pronounced oh-NORE. It’s nice in Spanish, I think, and has a nice meaning but I don’t love it.

    I do, however, love names like Hope and Rose, which are all nouns. Have you ever heard the name Grace? Noun. Faith? Noun. Lily? Ruby? Who cares? It’s her kiddo!

  59. Amber says

    BTW, my husband is Mexican and I have tons of Latino friends and grew up in a highly populated Latino area and have never heard the name Honor.

    America and Genesis, yes, but not Honor.

  60. Amber says

    Yeah, Hispanic….LMAO. Do you mean Spanish??????

    Honor…yeah, guys are going to get on-her and off-her all night…… Parents need to really think hard before naming their kids. It was hard enough having a name like Amber and getting teased all the time. I can’t imagine Honor…. Or, are kids even teasing any more with all the crazy names out there? My son has a friend down the street and the boys names are Dakota…not too bad, but the brother’s name is Quest……

  61. Ronnie says

    Names like this are very popular with african americans/nigerians
    i know many people of african origin with names like; precious, love, gift and favour

  62. bj's mom says

    #27-isabella….so whats a name for “here’s 2 more gifts” lol just kidding but i seriously cant wait to hear what angie and brad name these 2. Regardless of the meaning, i LOVE the name Shiloh. Honor, im not so sure about. I dont hate it but i dont love it.

  63. dori says

    Honor is a hispanic name old and very traditional.. aren’t any of you educated at all? hello???
    Very common… geez… congrats to the family! Can’t wait to see pics of the little cutie.

  64. Iluvmy2girlz says

    jx2 you wonder if it sounds nice in HISPANIC?? come on, i didn’t think you were so ignorant! no offense! hispanic is not a language or an accent!! Plus she doesn’t even consider herself hispanic nor she likes to be known as a latin person. So i doubt she plans to pronounce the name in Spanish!! thank you!

  65. LC says

    Honor is not a name i would like for my baby but she is thier child, but come on what will they call the next one privilege??? because it will be a privilege to have the secound one??

  66. isabella says

    if she named it honor b/c it was an Honor to have Cash’s baby. then she is a carbon copy cat of Angelina Joli B/C Angelina was the first celebrity to come up with Shiloh which meant “His Gift” for Brad. It was to rub it in Jen’s face that she was the one to give him the child she never wanted to have with him! So Jessica is just trying to copy Angelina and act as though she is so proud!! Give me a break! She broke up with him right before she got pregnant. She was looking for better and got prego on accident her fault” He got her knocked up on purpose so she wouldn’t leave him again! She was looking for someone with way more star power! Now it’s such an HONOR! LOL

  67. Dani says

    I guess it’s a good thing it’s not up to all of you on what they name their baby. I have heard the name Honor occasionally in the past, so no it is not new, however it is not ordinary. Whatever name they chose is right for THEIR child because it is THEIR child. I hope they are enjoying familyhood and that it takes a while for pics of the new baby to surface. Let them have this time for their selves.

  68. Lauren says

    Congrats! I like the name Honor Marie!

    Tori Spelling also had her daughter today. Stella Doreen McDermott. Not crazee about the name.

  69. Jen says

    To name your child a verb- “I honor you,” or a noun “She deserves honor,” is very strange #22. Also, where do you get that it’s from Irish/Spanish heritage? Those are two completely different cultures. It is a new name- do you know of anyone named Honor? Let me guess- you probably do.

  70. Jx2 says

    I don’t like the name Honor. I wonder if it sounds nicer in Hispanic? Marie is a nicer name but a tad conventional.

  71. TiredOfIdiots says

    The name “Honor” is of Irish/Spanish origin. It is not a “new” name by any means, nor is it strange…

  72. susanna says

    True, l gave my son a lovley name;David, it means something he can look up. Apple is just stupid, why dont these perants THINK!!!

  73. Peppers says

    Another stupid Hollywood name to add to the batch along with Rumer, Scout, Tallulah, Ever, Harlow, Apple, Phineaus etc.

  74. violetsky says

    Honor, is not a made up name! My Great Grandmothers name was Honor and she was born in 1890. so there.

  75. says

    Yes, i read it so quickly the first time, I didn’t see the her name being mentioned. But I have to agree with 2teens, when I first heard the name Honor, I thought it was strange, it just begs to be made fun of in elementry school. But paired with Marie, I think its a very pretty, melodic name for a girl. And very unique as well, but not crazy, like some other celebrities. It’s the kind of name I’d expect the Jolie-Pitts to come up with for their twins!

  76. Lia Noelle says

    interesting’ll take some time to get used to.
    she’s going to be such a beautiful baby girl. jess is gonna be a great mom

  77. NIDIA ENGLER says


  78. Amanda says

    I love her name!! I cannot wait to see pics! And he birthdate is really kewl! I think you should be the parent when they are little and a friend a lil more each year they grow. It is very possible to be both and still raise extremely good kids.

  79. jen says

    She seems like she is heading into this with the right frame of mind. I really think that people try to be their children’s friends instead of their parents.

  80. Kris says

    It seemed like she was expecting this baby forever..LOL..I can’t wait to seem pictures of the baby. I’m sure she’ll have her dressed in the cutest outfits. Congrats to the family…hope everyone is doing ok.

  81. says

    I think that the name is different! I don’t like it! But congrats to the both of them!

    That was that make up sex..that bought Honor into this world! Remember? they broke up…They realize that they love one another,,Beautiful!

  82. 2teens says

    Honor Marie does sound good. I didn’t really like Honor at first, but paired with Marie it sounds better. And you’re right bj’s mom, way cool birth date!

  83. Jessie says

    Haha to her birthday date. That’s cool! I am actually liking the name Honor Marie. It’s pretty.

  84. says

    Congratulations! I’m sure this is a really pretty baby, considering her and Cash’s looks! And so curious what the actual name of her daughter will be, whether the “Hope” rumors are true. All the best to the Alba-Warren family!

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):)

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