Tori Spelling's West Hollywood Baby Shower

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling

A glowing mommy-to-be, Tori Spelling attended a baby shower in honor of her second child, a beautiful baby girl expected this month.  The shower, with inspiration and décor by Sandra Magsaman, the designer of Messages from the Heart, an infant apparel and gift line available exclusively at JCPenney, was held at the Le Petit in West Hollywood.

Pictured below: Tori admiring designer, Sandra Magsaman’s “berry cute” strawberry dress.  A complete line of apparel and sleepwear is now available at JCPenney stores and online at

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling

Pictured below: Guests were able to write their wishes for Tori, her family and their new addition on ceramic plaques and hang them on the “Wishing Tree”.

Tori Spelling

Party décor and gift baskets for Tori and her guests were provided by designer, Sandra Magsaman from her Messages from the Heart line available exclusively at JCPenney.  Sandra’s designs include inspirational plaques, piggy banks, picture frames, snuggle bunnies and other thoughtful gifts.  Sandra’s writing can be found on, where she is the Living Artfully contributor and encourages people to live with their heart.

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling


  1. why are you so concerned says

    why concern yourself with how many baby showers she has had. if her friends or whom ever want to throw them for her then so be it . i for one think that you need a second baby shower if you are having a different sex child . i think that tori is awesome and beautiful . my husband and i are expecting our second child and if its a girl i will have
    another shower . just dont stress over what other people are doing . let them live there own lives just as they let you live yours . have a good day and god bless

  2. Tina says

    I’m so reved up reading your messages I had to post one more – I have a question— Do any of the ones so negitive about 2 baby shows have kids??? If so are you bitter because no one threw you a second one??? Cause honestly unless you don’t like babies who doesn’t like to buy cute little baby stuff for their friends and family who are having a new baby be it the 1st or the 10th – I think that you are the ones that are selfish and if you’re invited to someones second baby shower PLEASE STAY HOME!!!!!!

  3. Tina says

    I don’t understand what most of you are talking about “One baby shower???” I don’t even think it would matter if she were having another boy every pregnant woman deserves a baby shower!!!! And if your lucky a Maternity Shower… Come on ladies get a grip… What century are you all coming from!!!!???? – Who doesn’t want new stuff for their new bundle of Joy! – I think we all want the best for all our babies not just our first one????

    I love following Tori’s baby’s I always get cute ideas for other showers I attend or pregnat friends…

  4. Mommy1 says

    oh and for the one who said showers are planned and the mommy to be knows all about it…… not always true i had a baby shower thrown for me….. totally out of left field had no idea about it

  5. Mommy1 says

    yeah Tori is so selfish, i mean she even made sure everyone leaves with a really nice gift…… come on you guys get over it what is so wrong with having a few baby showers? she isn’t throwing them herself. Her friends are throwing them for her. Why should she have to donate the things she got? I mean yeah she could buy her own things and i bet she did and would have bought them all, but her friends threw her a couple of baby showers -and-! I SERIOUSLY doubt her friends were burdened by the shower i mean im sure everyone had enough money to spend a little for a gift for a friend to celebrate a miracle in their life…..people get over it

  6. says

    Absolutely beautiful gifts! I think that Tori is enjoying motherhood!. I recently sent Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Aguilera my collection of unique vintage inspired baby blankets, and baby shoes, oops, I missed Tori. No worries though, sure there will be a 3rd.!

  7. Cassandra says

    If JcPenny wanted to throw me a shower I’d say hell yeah even if it meant I had to plug them! Persoanlly having no money I’ll take whatever. Some of you seem to be saying just because she had money and is famous she doesn’t deserve presents, everyone likes to get presents especially for their unborn baby it’s part of the fun of being pregnant.

    My friends and family are throwing 3 showers for our fist baby and I plan to attend everyone and enjoy them without guilt and if we get pregnant again and someone wants to throw us another shower I’m sure as hell not going to turn it down. It’s a time to celebrate with your friends and family it’s their chance to feel like they are a part of your pregnancy.

  8. Nicole says

    i thought that you have only 1 baby shower? i have 2 sons and i only got 1 baby shower. whats the point of having another just cause your having another baby?

  9. chrissy says

    I think that every baby has a right to be celebrated. Every baby no matter if it is the first or the tenth it is a celebration. Who gives anyone else the right to tell someone else that they cannot have a party for every child. I say you go girl have five more for the same baby!

  10. meredith says

    sunny, do u realise how hypocritical u look accusing tori’s shower of being commercial then plugging ur own blog at the end of ur post?

  11. Sarah H. says

    Who ever said you had to have a baby for only the first child born? I never understand these crazy things people say. I would be honored if someone threw a shower for a second baby. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s the first or fourteenth baby. A shower should be thrown no matter what.

    Congrats to Tori also!

  12. Amber says

    Who cares that she had another shower for her second child, yes it is a different gender but even if it wasn’t I do not see why it should matter. The way that I view things is that each child deserves to be brought into this world with the same enthusiasm as the first, second or third child! someone had wrote that it’s a “burden” to friends and family to have to purchase gifts for another child…umm, I do not know if I’d even want to BE around family who considered celebrating the birth of a new addition to my family a “burden” or friends for that matter. No one says you have to purchase the most expensive items around for a child, ever hear of a pack of diapers and wipes? or how about just coming to have fun and celebrate! as far as the plug I am glad that they made it oh so clear where you could find those items because I have a daughter and want to look at purchsaing some similiar items and now I know where to look. People can be so mean! this is the 21st century people, screw “etiquette” and have fun! I think each child desrves just as much as the one that came before…that’s my OPINION and I’m entitled to it

  13. Carol says

    This does not look like a real baby shower. It just looks like a JC Penny commerical. Where are all the other guests and other gifts. Poor, homely Tori, she has to earn all the money for her family because I don’t think her husband has worked, except for the jobs she has gotten for him, since they have been married. Wonder if Torri’s mom is helping out at all.

  14. lisa says

    Those gift baskets should all be donated, along with Tori’s gifts. In my part of the country, you do not have showers for 2nd babies so close together. It is considered tacky. Guess not so much in L.A.. Sad and vulgar.

  15. says

    I guess if a person didn’t have money then they’d want any kind of baby shower they could have! It is cute and lavish though (the baskets) are cute…

  16. celine says

    hey sunny, seriously thank god “democratic societies” have only a small percentage of their population live in such decadent, meaningless, consumerist, silly state of have, have and have… if all humanity was to be this frivolous, poor planet would be deplete much quicker and then no need for babies. esp. brainless babies such as the one in question… viva brainless consumerist dmeocracy!

  17. Katrina says

    I’m not sure if you realize this, but Tori and Dean don’t have a ton of money – remember they had to give up the bed and breakfast. It’s not like she got her father’s inheritance either. Any money they have is probably barely maintaining their lavish lifestyle.
    Good for her – but the JC Penny plug could have stayed out of it.

  18. jer says

    wow she likes attention ! I haven’t seen her doing stuff before getting married and have kids. Always on the celeb news !

    I wish her a healthy delivery !

  19. Rijay says

    What I was trying to say that is that it comes out seemingly rude (and selfish) to agree to have a 2nd shower for yourself. People may come when invited but unless they make a fortune, most will come out of obligation and think it is well– selfish.

  20. Rijay says

    I’ve been to showers thrown by immediate family (sister, mother) of the expecting mother. Now the way that families work, you agree to it. No one plans a shower – the date, time, etc- and just sends you, the expecting mom, an invite. You AGREE to it. So don’t tell me it would be rude not to show up. You know about it way ahead of even before any date or place is set.

    I’m not speaking for myself. Other women who’ve received the 2nd invite were on the same boat : while we do celebrate the arrival of the baby, it is burdensome to dish out $50 each time. And even if don’t end up going (even if it’s b/c you can’t make it) the expectation is on you to send a gift. I was recently at one where it was for the 2nd baby and the registry gifts were pretty expensive.

  21. not important says

    Rijay- I’m sorry but uhh one has to think about the burden of their friends. Uhhh People do not throw themselves showers it is their oh so burdened friends that are the ones putting themselves through so much torture as to buy a gift. I dont know why you are worried about her friends and family because usually you dont throw your own shower I mean i dont know how you do things but that is normally how it is done the friends and family are the ones who through it for you. It is like you are throwing yourself a bachlorette party it is something your friend does.

  22. says

    I believe this 2nd baby shower business came up once before…while I know some people thinks it’s rude if you throw yourself a second baby shower especially when the kids are close in age, this shower and the previous one were thrown for her and it would probably be rude if she didn’t show up! Regardless of that, I thought the whole reason her and Dean were moving back to hollywood and looking for work again was because their money was running low?? I don’t think she is all that rich like some people have said…at least that’s what I heard when Tori and Dean in love first started.

    Besides JCPenney could have paid her to let them do a photo shoot with the designer for promotion. I also have to agree with Jessica just because celebrities have money does not mean they are obligated to donate any of their earnings. The wealthy of this country have skated by without having to pay taxes higher than the middle class working citizens for a long time. Does that make it right, absolutely not but there is no law stating it is required. Your bank account does not determine your charity giving…it’s nice that some of them do but if charities depended on celebrities alone…they’d be in trouble. There are many people in this country that are selfless but also just as many that are selfish.

  23. dori says

    she seems desperate for media attention always creating situations to get herself publicized. This whole thing looks very staged to me.

  24. says

    I totally agree with everyone else, this looks way too commercialized. I am not saying that Tori and the decorations don’t look great, they do, and she has been wearing some great pregnancy style in the past months, but still, this whole shower seems like a big commercial stunt. Ok, maybe that’s just her style, to have her life out in the open, and perhaps she even enjoys not having any privacy, but still, does the whole event have to be plasterd by JC Penny’s?

    Opposed to some others, I actually think it’s fine to have a baby shower for each child. At least in my opinion, it is more about celebrating the impending arrival of a new life, and the clothes you get are rather the alibi to celebrate. Of course, with your first pregnancy, the gift giving is more important, as you don’t have any baby items yet, and buying everything yourself can be quite a burden. But that obviously is not true for Hollywood! Actors who have millions on their bank account don’t need any financial help to buy onesies or strollers, it’s more about the social gathering. So I rather think it’s something like a pre-birthday party for them, and some people think it’s OK to celebrate your birthday twice, as Tori is doing. Just wondering if her daughter would have liked all the media circus, after all, you have to try to be a role-model for your children. And I’m afraid this way she might teach them to just become attention seeking media figures. Where are the real values in that?

    And in case you are searching for some stylish ideas for your little ones, in the last two days I have focused on modern, child-friendly design on my children’s design blog Among others, I am presenting some interior design and toys by Alexander Girard today. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  25. says

    24 HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JC PENNEY was there, isn’t that all that matters??

    Yeah, if you have a shower, just make it about having a party. She can surely afford enough to buy her own baby clothes and accessories.

  26. Wendy says

    Who gives gifts to their guests when they leave?? Espically ones like that. But hey when your rich go for it.

  27. jessica says

    everyone on here always says how these celebrities should donate things to charity, but I’m guessing if anyone here got all those presents they wouldn’t donate to charity…and if you were as rich as them, you probably wouldn’t either…

  28. sunny says

    My goodness, some of you need to move to a socialist country! We live in a democratic society where there are different classes, thank goodness. She can spend her money however she would like and I seriously doubt if most of us were in her shoes that we’d give selflessly and generously and not spend ALOT on ourselves and our children.
    She’s earned, or her Daddy earned, their piece of the pie–quit complaining.

  29. Sandy says

    I love her dresses she wears, the colors are very nice and love the style of them. I think she should be able to keep whatever she gets and it is good advertising for Pennys, they do have some nice baby clothes and good prices also.

  30. Amanda says

    OK seriously who cares how many baby showers a person gets? Its just an excuse to get friends and family together to celebrate a new life. Who cares what they call it? And why would the first baby only be entitled gifts? Its insane whoever came up with “The Rules”
    Looks like they had a blast! I love the decorations and Tori looks great! She got a lot bigger than she did last time! I can’t wait to see pics!

  31. samsmom says

    Most people are given baby showers. They do not usually throw them for themselves. These items were given by the designer to promote her new line. Who knows for sure that Tori will not donate these items. And if she does, and it doesn’t make it in the news, maybe she just prefers to not toot her own horn like so many other celebrities. I am not a fan of Tori’s, but live and let live.

  32. Ronnie says

    for her first baby shower for this child; i stood up for tori saying it was fine to have a baby shower for each child but two?
    thats just selfish narcissistic and ott

  33. kelly says

    Babyrazzi: If you want to advertise for JCPenney, place a banner ad on the side of the page so we can ignore it if we chose. So many plugs in your post make it an unenjoyable read.

  34. blahblahblah says

    baby showers are to celebrate!! They are celebrating the baby coming. Yes, she can afford to buy her own stuff, sure! BUT…that doesn’t mean they should celebrate! I can afford to buy what I need for my next child and its been 18 yrs since my last. Does that mean I don’t deserve a baby shower? Yes, Tori just had a baby, but he is still a baby and the new baby does need things of its own. And yes, she can afford to buy what she needs. I still don’t see why she shouldn’t have a shower. All of Hollywood can afford gto buy their baby what they need yet all of them are still gifted with showers. Hollywood types get gifted with tons of stuff every day even not related to babies. It helps advertise for the products they are gifted with to have a celebrity using or wearing their products.

    I find nothing at all wrong with having a baby shower for every baby!

  35. Just me says

    BTW, I don’t mean anything negative towards Tori. For all I know, she is givnig every last thing to charity. That’s another story.
    But with this poor, poor, poor economy, it just seems like JCPenney could have donated the gifts or money to charity. I might be more inclined to shop at a store that helps the community.

  36. Just me says

    Sorry, Puh-leeze,
    1) I don’t consider Tori and Dean an over-burdened expectant couple.
    2) How much stuff does an infant need? I had 1 shower and my son got clothes he never wore.
    3) I don’t think it’s customary to have a second shower for a different gender. So you get a bunch of clothes in yellow or mint green or whatever. It’s not like a baby really cares what it’s wearing. Besides, what about the days when finding out the gender wasn’t possible.
    Just my opininon.

  37. Puh-leeze says

    It IS customary to have a second shower for a different gender. And there is no requirement of a gift for your over-burdened friends. It’s been my experience that FRIENDS are happy to put out a few dollars to help out a VERY over-burdened expectant couple.

    More than any of this, though, a shower is thrown by SOMEONE ELSE, not the parents, so as many showers as friends/family/church/work/whatever plan and throw is a BLESSING to the parents-to-be, regardless of financial situation.

  38. Rijay says

    From what I understand. it isn’t customary or etiquette to have a 2nd baby shower regardless of gender. One has to think about the friends who are burdened with buying gifts one after the other. Even if I were having a baby of a different gender, I would not have another shower – out of consideration for my friends and relatives.

  39. letitbe says

    I think it’s a good idea for a 2nd shower . I am having my 1st boy in September and I have 2 girls a 3yr old & a 2yr old. So, I do need boy stuff.

  40. Ruby Jackson says

    Yesterday, the same day as the shower, there was a sky-writer who spelled out “Tori & Dean” over Beverly Hills. I guess it was for the party. Weird.

  41. not important says

    baby showers are not only for the first child unless the second child is the same gender as the first, for instance if tori were to be having a boy then that would be a little wrong for her to be getting all of this stuff. But because she is having a girl which is different from her first you normally get a baby shower.

  42. Hey blahblahblah says

    “I don’t think its bad that she has a shower for this baby…after all its a girl this time. I think a different gender baby calls for another shower.”

    EVEN IF YOU HAVE A TON OF MONEY?? SHE CAN AFFORD TO BUY THIS STUFF HERSELF! This is purely, yet another, “star flexing their gross, narcissistic, all entitled, holier than thou – muscle.

    Use your brains – don’t argue just for the sake…
    It’s not like the kids are 10 years apart and she got rid of all her crap AND she has the money. Go buy some girl stuff Tori!

    Shame, shame JC Penney…

  43. blahblahblah says

    I don’t think its bad that she has a shower for this baby…after all its a girl this time. I think a different gender baby calls for another shower. I think she only had one shower for Liam. What does bother me is the HUGE ad plug for JCPenney! Tori looks great!!

  44. Just me says

    The gifts are cute (ans the wishing tree is a neat idea) and Tori looks great …. but this whole babyshower thing still ticks me off. Isn’t this at least the second shower’s she had for this baby?
    Yes, I know the shower was thrown for her but maybe JCPenney could have donated the gifts (or money) to someone who really needs them, since I’m sure Tori had several showers for her first kid, as well. Sorry.

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