Vin Diesel & Girlfriend Welcome A Daughter

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel and his girlfriend, model Paloma Jimenez, have quietly become parents of a baby girl, his rep told People magazine.

Vin, 40, and Paloma welcomed their first child on April 2nd.




  1. tammy muro says

    i was so surpirse vin and his wife just had baby girl i never through theyt going have baby but i am very happy for them congs on marriage and new baby …….

  2. jules__ says

    Hey, first, congrats to Mark for his little baby girl. I would really love to see picturs from the girl.
    Huge from Julia

  3. dori says

    congrats to vin diesel.
    also be aware school is out and all the kids will be in here to stir up trouble ….have a fun summer ladies…

  4. lilyanna says

    If “charlotte” was only four pound wouldn’t she stay in the hospital for longer like I said before stop playing your little game also Jamie said that she want to combine her name with other family member name. You said here a link to my baby why is a different post about the top baby name of 2007.I really think that your ella elise keirsten mommy.

  5. myrna says

    pleaseeee!!! he is very handsome, but sorry to say this…she is not all that!! yikeeeezzzz!!!

  6. lilyanna says

    #8 is a fake first of all Casey is not Jamie husband. Jamie is still pregnant and going to give birth later in june according to celebrity babies. Awhile back “Jamie Lynn” wrote that she was 16 and proud to be “knocked up” which was a lie because Jamie just turn 17 I think this Jamie is Ella Elise kiersten mommy .fyi stop playing your little game.

  7. says

    hey girls this is jamie lynn speaking and im exited to tell you the news i gave birth to my baby girl on may 30th she is very small she weighed 4 pounds and 0 ounces she stayed in the hospital untill june 2nd..

    me and my husband casey named her

    charlotte britney aldridge she is my life she is now weighing 5 pounds she is healthy and really excited

  8. sharrie says

    his GF is gorgeous…although a ” tad ” younger than Vin….but hey, anything goes in Hollywood! Can’t wait to see what the baby looks like….best wishes to them both.

  9. Amanda says

    Man I would have thought he had a lot more kids. CONGRADS to them!! Wonder if she has more hair than him LOL

  10. Lurker says

    And here I thought I could have his first baby! 😉

    But you’re right “quietly become parents”!
    I had no idea he even had a steady girlfriend, let alone a pregnant one!

    But I’m with #1..congratulations to them both, and I’d love to see pics of the baby.

    Isn’t it funny how some celebs can’t get the paparazzi to leave them ALONE when they’re pregnant and others can’t even get mention of the pregnancy?
    I still remember when Jack Black had his first son and mentioned “..nobody wants a picture of baby Black..” Being as he’s a comedic actor I’m sure he was only half serious–but he’s right, for whatever reason, some celebs and their babies just get ALL the attention.

    I guess Vin and his girlfriend were on the other side of that fence.
    But again, congratulations to them!! 🙂

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