Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes With Sarah Jessica Parker

Katie Holmes

Katie and Tom were snapped with Sarah Jessica Parker backstage.



  1. says

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  2. 2teens says

    Again, Dori…. what in the he.ll did I say to get you so upset??? Are you ever going to answer the question?

  3. dori says

    jx you fight with everyone in here back off I’m not speaking to you.. stick to the subject and stop gpoing on your stupid rants you too are mentally challenged and very immature.

  4. dori says

    I don’t know about the BJ incident.. as far as K3 mom all I said was I thought she was a narcisist creating a blog about herself and writing in it everyday as if the whole world cares what her life is all about and posting a link here on babyrazzi.
    She’s full of herself and thinks of herself as some kind of celebrity I think she’s obnoxious for doing that and still do.
    as for you I never speak to you why do you feel the need to make comments about me? This is a blog stick to the subject and leave the other bloggers alone. It’s not your place to correct people or comment on other peoples comments It’s so junior high and boring!!

  5. Jx2 says

    Dori – if you are suffering from amnesia then that is not my problem. I’m not speaking nonsense. I think that you have either deliberately chosen to “play dumb” or you have a selective memory.

  6. 2teens says

    Dori, you recently went on a rampage against BJ and before that against Kx3. First you claimed that it wasn’t you, but then you admitted on hellorazzi that you like to come in here and stir up trouble. Just saying…
    But please, point out to me how I attacked you. What exactly did I say to you that has got you so upset?

  7. dori says

    do I come in here and attck other bloggers.. no I don’t .. but you on the other hand do and thats not the spirit in which this blog was intended.. say something negative about the blog itself not out here attcking other bloggers.. it’s just plain petty.

  8. dori says

    is that so? ok what ever you say. What are you a spy or something?following me around the internet just to point out my mistakes???..sad really sad..

  9. 2teens says

    ^^^ I don’t get you Dori. I didn’t say anything bad to you. I wasn’t being sarcastic. I wasn’t nitpicking, and wasn’t being petty.
    I’m sorry you are annoyed and feel like you need to defend yourself, that was not my intention at all.
    Also, please take your own advice: “if you haven’t got anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”.. because you have not been living up to those words lately Dori. You admitted as much on hellorazzi.

  10. dori says

    2 teens I thoiught you were being sarcastic I was referring to SJP with the kewpie doll statement. all this petty stuff is really annoying the knitpicking really I have to come in here and defend myself kind of takes the fun out of blogging.. so please “if you haven’t got anything good to say, don’t say anything at all” to me!

  11. dori says

    JX2 please stop the nonsense.. I wasn’t talking to you. what possess you to single me out and make statements that are ridiculous? please stop it

  12. 2teens says

    So Jx2, you’re telling me that my scorpio girl has MUCH more mischief in store for me then, hmmmm?
    Good thing that there isn’t too much that gets me crazy, I’m a laid back mom.

  13. Jx2 says

    “dori” – you are the real Dori aren’t you? It’s so hard to tell any more. I think quite a few people on here have been commenting about your unusual behaviour and comments lately. I do recall though reading one of your comments to your pal “O” over at “hellorazzi” about how you like to come in here are stir up trouble. Like I said – it’s hard to tell the real Dori from the imposter but if you are the real Dori-to – you need to chill and not get your knickers in a knot so easily.

  14. Jx2 says

    hey – that’s great news Tia! And a boy!! Halloween is my favourite time of year. And, 2teens my birthday is right on the Scorpio cusp – between Scorpio and Sag…LOL…your right on the ball about the warning to Tia 😉 I gave my parents a very hard time growing up. I won’t go into details here though.

  15. joey says

    Katie looks awkward and matronly in this pic…as for Toms pants…he has all the money in the world and he can’t find a pair that fits??? He should get rid of the Satin clothes..but who knows…maybe there used to shield extraterrestial gamma rays….

  16. 2teens says

    Dori, you are being overly sensitive. I wasn’t knitpicking, I was AGREEING with your use of the kewpie doll description.

  17. 2teens says

    Dori, it’s funny you mentioned kewpie doll, because Katie looks exactly like a kewpie doll in this photo with her “side glancing eyes” just like kewpies have!
    Tia, I didn’t know you were due so close to halloween! I have a scorpio kid too… boy are you in for some trouble, hee hee!

  18. bambamswife says

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are only a 1/2 inch different in height. Read biographies on IMB. The reason she is so much taller all the time is that she wears extremely high heels. I love this couple. Tom Cruise is still very handsome and a good actor.

  19. dori says

    I do believe she is really in love with him it’s him I’m not sure about anymore. Even when he went back on the Oprah show to rectify his odd behaviour(jumping on the couch business) he was still odd. He was blaming her for his behaviour, saying “you egged me on” . He’s such a creep. He has changed a lot in the last 5-6 years.

  20. dori says

    This isn’t Katies best pic she looks like she was caught off guard. I liked her before she married Tom and had a more fresh and young look. She’s so structured now and unnatural in her poses and looks. Being married to Tom has aged her. But thats what you have to do when you marry a guy your fathers age!!!!

  21. dori says

    ha Tia…. thats great! I wish you well and and see you are very happy! Good! When are you due?

  22. Generic name says

    Hmm…I don’t like Katie’s hair, I don’t get her style!
    I like SJP a lot, she looks like a broken doll, but so cute! lol

  23. Tia :) says

    Hello JJ and Dori!!

    JJ, it;s been awhile! Where have you been??

    Dori, thank you dear. No, this is my 2nd. I have a 2 yr old daughter 🙂 Now we are expecting a little boy!

  24. Tia :) says

    Hello Dori!

    I am doing good! Starting to show quite a bit now…nice little baby bump action happening! haha. Im enjoying it very much. I had very little morning sickness with this pregnancy, so it’s been pretty good 🙂

  25. Notawannabe says

    I would think those measurments are wrong. Her legs are bent and she still has a couple inches on him.

  26. dori says

    Katie and Tom are an odd looking couple and not only height , but in general … she’s sooo much younger and cute and he is , well, Tom Cruise.
    Why he keeps choosing women who are taller than himself is odd . Then he has this need to control them because he feels so insecure with himself.
    I was saying he and SJP would be a cute couple because they match in size..thus cupie doll.
    And I don’t mean this in a derrogatory way. I was a fan of Toms until he got involved in scientology, now he’s just plain weird..

  27. says

    And for Ronnie’s height comment: Actually, Katie is really tall for a woman, like almost 6feet if I remember correctly, at least tom is only an inch or so taller than her. Does anyone remember the discussion right at the beginning when the 2 were dating, whether Tom is wearing hidden high heels to appear taller in comparison to her, so she won’t tower over him when wearing high heels?

  28. says

    Totally agree on the hair comments. Katie really needs to do something about her looks. I suppose she thinks it’s something stylish and unique, but to me, it simply looks like some little elementry school girl, who is playing dress up with mommy’s make-up and clothes! Well, on the other hand it points out the mother-dauther resemblance, which also is also cute.

    And for the mom’s with style: I’d be delighted if you check out my new children’s design blog Big thanks to all of you who have visited so far :):):) Today’s focus is on creative play toys packed into modern design.

  29. Ronnie says

    number three- i doubt katie is that tall- bearing in mind she’s standing next to tom who’s like a foot shorter than her

  30. Just me says

    Dori, I don’t really think TC and SJP look cute together. Tom dresses more preppy, while she is more trendy or “out there” sometimes.

  31. dori says

    SJP is terrific Love her outfit. Katies hair is adorable. I think Tom and SJP would make a cute cupie doll couple, wouldn’t they???

  32. Rijay says

    Other places have been commenting on Katie’s hair – that it looks like a helmet. LOL. I’ll have to agree. It’s so odd what she thinks looks good. It’s as though she thinks she’s setting a trend. I don’t see anyone running out to get a “helmet”, Frankenstein do!

  33. c says

    Is TC wearing satin pants in the picture? The way it wrinkled and the shine…so so effeminately looking.

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