Michelle Monaghan & Husband Expecting Their First Child

Michelle Monaghan

Made of Honor star Michelle Monaghan and her husband Peter White, a graphic designer, are expecting their first child.

Michelle’s rep Jennifer Allen, who confirmed the news, said, “They are very excited.” Michelle, 32, is due in late fall.

The Mission: Impossible 3 beauty started dating Peter after the two met in a New York bar, and the couple married in August 2005.

At the Made of Honor premiere in New York in April, Michelle told People magazine that children were “in our future, for sure.”

“I love children and it’s something that I’ve always wanted, to be a mother and have kids,” she said.

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  1. 2teens says

    I started getting looks from older men around age 14 too, so I told my daughter I do understand what she is going through. I imagine that many girls go through the goth or grunge stage for the very same reasons that you did. I was a teen in the 70’s and as far as I remember there was no such thing as goth then… so I didn’t have that option, otherwise I may have tried it myself. LOL

  2. Jx2 says

    2teens – I can understand your daughter not liking the attention from older men. It’s hard for female teenagers to accept the fact that they are no longer children and are on their way to being a woman. Sometimes they feel like a little girl and sometimes they feel like a woman. It’s often very confusing for them because they begin to see men looking at them and it makes them uncomfortable. I guess the brain hasn’t caught up to the body. The media also makes things worse for teens because it creates this “sex kitten” image out of young ladies in clothing ads in maagazines and on television, which can often be misleading to grown men.
    I remember myself as a teenager, I used to get very angry when my parents referred to me as a woman and they would often mention marriage and having kids of my own in a few years time. I wanted NOTHING to do with that. Being an artsy teenager and walking around looking like I was dressed for the Rocky Horror Picture Show (black clothes and ghoulish make-up) actually was a good thing because perverted older men didn’t stare at me that way anymore. It was only a phase which lasted for a few years and then I went to University, began looking “normal” and started getting all this attention from men again – LOL!

  3. 2teens says

    No she has brown eyes & brown hair but she has the same full lips and face sha.pe as Liv. But you’re right, she is very attractive… only 14 and when we are out at the mall or grocery store men of all ages will stare at her like they are mesmerized. She said it makes her feel uncomfortable… can’t blame her because she is still quite young. I suppose I’ll have to start worrying if she ever begins to like all the attention.
    I have lighter coloring myself, with blue eyes. My hair is light brown now but used to be quite blonde. I love the combination of blue eyes and dark hair.. that is a stunning look.

  4. Jx2 says

    Well then you have a very attractive daughter 2teens!
    Does your daughter have light eyes too? I just love the combination of dark hair and light eyes like Jennifer Connelly and Courtney Cox. I don’t have light eyes they are dark brown and my hair is dark brown but my husband has blue eyes and light brown hair (he’s my personal Daniel Craig – Yum!!) One day, I ‘m hoping the dark hair and light eyes combination works out for my spawn in the gene pool. LOL!!

  5. 2teens says

    She is very beautiful, and you’re right Jx3… she does look like Liv (who I think looks like my daughter).

  6. says

    All the best to her! And yes, she looks beautiful, and indeed a bit like Liv Tyler. Hope everything will be going alright with Liv’s divorce and that she and her husband manage to keep talking to each other, for their son’s sake, so he can stay in contact with both parents and that it won’t turn into such a fierce situation as with Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen.

    By the way, today is retro-style day on http://sunnykidstyle.wordpress.com/ design blog for children. I have picked some great retro kids apparel and toys, after yesterdays focus on vintage design. Sunny greetings :):):)

  7. Nicki says

    Congratulations to them. She is very pretty.
    Zbella I loved her in Gone Baby Gone. It was a diffucult choice to make, I could see her point totally, but also could see Casey’s point. She was very good in that movie.
    Best wishes to her her and her hubby.

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