Will Smith & Son At The MTV Movie Awards

Will Smith

Will Smith and his son Jaden, 9, were snapped before the MTV Movie Awards Sunday in Universal City, Calif. (Anne Hathaway is also pictured) Jaden accompanied his dad onstage to accept the best male performance award for his role in I Am Legend.



  1. dori says

    I picked up some magazines and it seems Will was posing with his son and everyone at the party!!! Busy day for the boys!!!

  2. susanna says

    Will is the king of movies, watch l am Legend, great.He is a great family role model, only heard him say great things about his wife and never a bad thing about anyone he works with. Love him!!

  3. cora says

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  4. Jessie says

    Two things I’m wondering about:

    1) I love Anne Hathaway, but why is she in the picture?
    2) Why didn’t Will bring Willow when Willow was in “I Am Legend” with him?

  5. says

    Don’t quite like their choice of sunglasses, but they all look really good, all smiles. And Jaden was incredible in the Pursuit of Happiness. I bet we’ll be seing a lot more of him! But what does Anne look pale next to them! Though of course, she always has that porcelain skin, it just seems so much more so next to Will and Jaden.

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