Jack Black: Angelina Jolie "Relieved" I Broke Twin Pregnancy News

Angelina Jolie

Jack Black says Angelina Jolie forgave him for revealing that she’s pregnant with twins during an interview about their film Kung Fu Panda.

“Later she told me she was relieved because she and Brad Pitt didn’t want to hold in the secret,” he told Extra.

Jack explained that he didn’t mean to break the news.

“I think my wife told me… She’d just read it in some rag,” he said. “Then I thought that was common knowledge.”

The actor’s wife gave birth to their second child last week: a son named Jack.

“Nobody cares about my babies,” he said. “It’s all about Angelina’s babies. All we hear about.”



  1. bj's mom says

    dori…why are you calling me an idiot when i was telling fly on the wall that you were talking about the celebrities and not the bloggers

  2. Fly On The Wall says

    33. dori | June 4th, 2008 at 7:56 am
    How many black families are there on this website? maybe 1 or 2 How many hispanics?

    And you know this how? Do people announce their ethnicity when they post here, or do you just assume you can identify someone’s ethnicity by the way they write?

  3. Sophia says

    Jack’s new son is actually named Thomas.
    Jack said they named the baby after him, failing to note that he meant his given name of Thomas- Jack is the actors middle name.

  4. deeds says

    My 21 year old son and I saw the trailer for Wanted. I asked him his unbiased opinon is if he thought Wanted would be a movie he and his friends would go see. He said “probably not. It’s just another shoot ’em up movie and she always has to look glamours never real”.

  5. Nicki says

    yes dori agreed. Wanted looks like a great movie from all I have seen so far.

    Fatima- I think, without any dream she is having at least one boy. Maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part, but I would really love for them to have a boy.

  6. says

    I saw a dream last night that Angelina has born 2 boys, but they are not alike and the weight of each boy was around 6 kg. Therefore today I decided to find out if there is any news about her giving birth to twins. The dearm was so clear and real and what’s more important has no connection with my life that made me think that there is something about it.

  7. dori says

    I have to admit I’m looking forward to AJ new action movie. Those are the roles she’s best at. I will definately see it when it comes out.

  8. dori says

    Nicki I remember a time you and I use to get along.. i do enjoy challenging conversation..but the little stabbing remarks are mean spirited..I don’t enjoy receiving them or dishing them out.. it’s like a knee jerk reaction…lets get back to where we were.. I won’t make nasty statements if you won’t hows that for a deal?

    Amanda… love you …..hugs too….
    my daughters name is Amanda … so 2 hugs for you!

  9. Nicki says

    And dori I never said you were the only one who made negative comments. I could care less what comments positive or negative you or anyone makes. It is a public blog and everyone has thier opinion. People also on a piblic blog are allowed to question something or answer a question if they want to.
    I was respectful to you and answered your question. No where do I jump all over you. Calm down girl, paranoid or just trying to start trouble?

  10. Nicki says

    dori- How did I pick on you or gang up on you??? You asked a question and I answered it. I said I disagree with your idea of skanky. Why are you making more out of it than it is? Oh yeah, I forgot you like to stir things up on here.

  11. dori says

    my comment from the other thread

    In Angelinas defense ( if you can believe this) she is a good mother and I believe she treats all her children equally. I may not like her as a person and with her history but no one can deny by all the pics we’ve seen that she is a very good mother to all of her children. No one is loved more or less than any other. Mixing biological children with adopted children make sfor a very happy home for everyone. This is a well known fact. I do give credit when credit is due. Go pick on your husband for a while and leave me alon ok?

  12. dori says

    Nicki I am not the only one who comes in here and makes negative comments about the JP why do you single me out and jump all over me? obsessed a little are we?

  13. dori says

    2dori I am not the only one who has noticed there is a lack of variety in the race department on this website.

  14. dori says

    if you are so concerned about your precious time why don’t you use it to stick to the subject instead of attacking the bloggers..PMS much??

  15. 2 dori says

    I don’t know why my earlier post failed moderation. No vulgarity was in it.

    Oh well, I just want to tell you this dori: if you are entitled to dislike the JP or anyone, the WM is entitled to have favorite. And by the way, the race complaint is ridiculous.

  16. Nicki says

    No dori I don’t agree. I have always thought the exact opposite of Angie. Ever since I saw a TV movie or mini series, True Women. If I remember correctly Dana Delaney was starring in it, thats why I watched. I didn’t know who Angie was then, but have never forgot her since. I even forgot for sure if it was Dana D. starring, but have since always been a fan of Angie. If I thought anyone was skanky I certainly wouldn’t be interested reading about them let alone commenting on thier skankiness. It would be a waste of my precious time.

    I know you like to come on here and stir things up, your words, and if thats how you enjoy spending your time, then so be it.

  17. Notawannabe says

    Well I guess the reference she made about “The next one” coming kind of made me wonder. I guess she could be having twins but I don’t know. Its her words that make it sound suspitious. What does anyone care what you would do if you were pregnant? Okay don’t find out what you are having. I don’t care either way. The “Duh” seems more appropriate now. Duh!

  18. dori says

    also I will not skip over the Jolie Pitt thread because they are interesting and controversial, it doesn’t mean I’m loving everything about them.
    I love Gwen Stefani , Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidaman, and many others that have not been posted here for a while…

  19. dori says

    2dori… you don’t know me … you are so off base your laughable. I happen to run a business and I understand better than anyone to reach the most people you need to diversify You cannot allow yourself the luxury of picking favorites and this WM has favorites and it’s oibvious who they are. How many black families are there on this website? maybe 1 or 2 How many hispanics? They have children too don’t they? You want to talk business? LOL LOL LOL
    Nicki I understand what you’re saying and yes good for the Jolie Pitts they do great things but you have to admit AJ is skanky lets be real ok? Being a mother and charitable person has not changed her creepiness. Yes they are a power couple but so are many others…

  20. Amanda says

    Its not worth fussing over, it just kinda gets old no matter the reasons behind it. KWIM? I am sorry if I came off nasty to anyone.

  21. Nicki says

    dori-relax, I wasn’t saying you, or even anyone else on this thread, just the same old same old crap from…whoever…on each and every thread. It is the same crap time after time , and no not just from dori or Amanda, and the others who complain on a thread they don’t have to be on. Nobody “gave you orders” Amanda, I simply wrote WHY the JOLIE-PITTS are always on here. Keep adding the hits to thier threads and you add to why they are always shown on here.
    I for one thank each and every naysayer for contributing to the popularity of this “super couple”. Long live the Jolie-Pitt family!!!

  22. Fly On The Wall says

    6. Notawannabe | June 2nd, 2008 at 7:37 pm
    I kind of wonder if she is only really having one baby.

    After all the publicity about them having twins, if they weren’t having twins I think they would almost certainly have said so by now.

    What they still haven’t said if if they are having two boys, two girls or one of each. I wonder if they just aren’t saying, or if they really don’t know. If I was having a baby now, I wouldn’t want to know what it was until it was born. Knowing beforehand takes half the fun out of being pregnant. Besides, what is the doctor going to say? “Congratulations, it’s a baby.” Duh.

  23. 2 dori says

    Controversial or not, they generate hits for the WM, and that is what count now for WM. When their famousness or infamousness dies down they will no longer be frequently featured.

    I am not a fan but I do find them beautiful together and their kids (one of whom is from my homeland) nice therefore it’s fun to look at their pictures.

  24. 2 dori says

    I think WM has been featuring all celebrities’ babies. And my point, like Nicki’s, is that the site needs hits. Either you don’t understand business or choose not to understand. I directed comments at you because you’ve come into every JP’s thread and spewed nastiness about them. If you don’t like them, do as you wanted me to do with your comment, scroll pass their threads. The site bar list other celebrities and you can click on the one you like. It’s that simple. The site bar’s purpose is precisely for you to ignore those you don’t care to see or read about.

    I don’t check the threads of people who don’t appeal to me even if they are in the main page (Amanda, I hope you read this too).

  25. dori says

    At any rate back to the thread .. Angie looks really good with weight on her. She is more beautiful now than she has been for a long time. I hope she’ll try to keep herself voluptuous… it does suit her.
    I give these guys credit for who they are and what they do.. and I am glad to see the WM is putting more variety on the site today.
    She seems to take the weekends off…
    And Nicki the reason they get hits is because there is controversy surrounding them and people get into little tiffs in their blog
    When everyone agrees it’s not much of a thread is it???

  26. dori says

    who are you talking to Nicki? Who said many other websites? I said many other couples so I’m thinking you’re not talking to me.
    besodes why do you always feel the need to attck other bloggers Knock it off already it’s just plain obnoxious… you’re one of the biggest complainers in here constantly on the defense of everyone and everything ..

  27. Amanda says

    I never said any other sites were better, I simply made a suggestion that would help out the WM, I will do what I want, I don’t need orders from you. Thanks!

  28. Nicki says

    complaining* typing too fast. I’m sure others will point out my other obvious mistakes, Thanks in advance for that.

  29. Nicki says

    The reason the Jolie-Pitts are featured so much is because they get hits! Yesterday SJP with Will Smith and his son Jayden as of right now has 8 hits. Yesterday this post mentioning Jack Black’s comment/with a pic of Brad and Angie already has 21 hits. Maddox and Brad the same day already has 19 hits. Angie’s VF thread posted May 30th has 102 hits. Jennifer Garner thread on May 29th has only 3 hits. So it is easy to see why the Jolie-Pitts are always featured, and will continue to be on most websites…….they create hits and that is what the website owner cares about. It is all about who gets the most hits. The Jolie-Pitts always get the most hits, so even if they have to dig up an old pic of them to create a thread, they will. They are that popular.
    I’m sure when Jack and Tanya release a pic of lil Jack or even a family pic she will show it. (just see how many hits it gets and then look at the latest Jolie-Pitt post, and you will know why they are always featured.)
    Stop complaing and go start your own website, or visit one of “many others” you are saying are better.

  30. dori says

    example where’s pics on Nicole Ritchie? Keri Russel? Chgristina Aguilerra? Suri Cruise? There are soooo many other intersting babies to see why the same old stuff all the time. This is a blog
    I will state my opinions
    if you don’t like it scroll on by but DO NOT DORECT YOUR NEGATIVE STAEMENTS TO ME save that for your husband ok?

  31. dori says

    diversify diversify thats what I’m saying There are plenty of couples more intersting than the Jolie Pitts yet no posts on others I think WM is obsessed with this couple and CHOOSES to post many blogs on them..
    You don’t need to direct your comments to me.. I made a suggestion save your personal jabs for someone else.

  32. onatear says

    #16, JP has NEVER been the ONLY thread on this site. #9, you left the same blog about Christina A….what gives with you?

  33. Amanda says

    2 Dori- its kinda hard no to read the Jolie Pitt threads when its on the only thing on the site. Futhermore if WM wants to make money and pay her bills maybe she should invest more time and post more interesting threads so that she will get her comments and more “advertising dollars”. Why can’t she put a link where we could give her tips on good stories? Every other site has them. Just my opinion.

  34. Zbella says

    Oh, and it’s not because they are having twins. I love each and every addition to the family. And I understand her comment. She may not want to be the one to tell everyone she was having twins, so he saved her that. She wasn’t commenting on the pregnancy, so then how could she mention – and by the way, the pregnancy I’m not talking about is twins?

  35. Zbella says

    I think dori was saying she cares more about Jack Black than the Jolie-Pitts.

    I personally think Jack Black is awesome – but come on now – the JPs are just toooooo cool! Love them!

  36. 2 dori says

    Another thing, if you cared about WM, you should understand that she needs a good number of comments to get more advertising dollars so she can pay her bills and take care of her beloved. Surely you are not naive to think that she spends money building and maintaining this site just for fun and to please you.

  37. 2 dori says

    Is that true you care more about webmistress than the Jolie PItt? So great a person you are. I couldn’t even say that to some of the people I meet and work with every day.

    For someone who doesn’t care about the Jolie Pitt, you seem unable to resist reading about them. If you could stay away from thread about people you dislike, you may very well be made a saint for your greatness.

    Jack was obviously joking about no one care about his baby. I doubt a man could be so petty minded as a woman to whine on such thing.

  38. dori says

    congratulation to jack and his family some of us care more about you than the Jolie-Pitts
    You know web mistress

    not all of us are as obsessed with the Jolie Pitts as you seem to be
    there are plenty of celebrities out there we would like to hear about though and you are simply NOT covering any of them….

  39. bigpatty says

    maybe cute twins,yes…
    sweet couple, i heard that they met on a tall dating site ” ___Tallmingle.com___ “,really? maybe it is true,i saw their hot photos on that site many times.

  40. Lauren says

    Congratulations on Jack!! Samuel is adorable and another Black kid will be just as cute!

    Yes, we get it. She’s having twins. She’s not the first person to be pregnant with twins. Move on already!!

  41. Jessie says

    Oh, I feel bad that no one cares about Jack Black’s second child, Jack. I definitely cared! I could not wait for her to have their second child! I love Jack Black! Their first son is so cute! I think that Angelina having babies is pretty expected and yeah, she’s a huge actress and he’s a huge actor, but there are other celebrity parents-to-be that we want to hear about; especially when they’re in the same room.

  42. says

    Obviously he’s right, unfortunately, that people only care about Angelina’s babies, considering the webmistress posted what HE had to say along with a picture of HER!

  43. says

    Congrats on the baby Jack!!! Hope everyone is great, healthy mom, healthy child, and proud dad and sibling 🙂

    And I totally agree, it must have been a bit strange for him with Angelina in Cannes. For him, the impending birth of his second child must have been really special, and all people cared about was the Brangelina news. And to make it worse, he was the one who spilled the beans on the twin rumor!

    At first I thought this was a planned announcement by Angie and Jack, but I guess now it really is apparent that it was total accident. But then, it’s nice for her to have the news out. Even though there was a bit of a media rush at first, I think she will have a bit more time to relax now, cause people know now the baby won’t be due until August. (Except for these stupid bogus rumors still making the rounds) Hope everything goes well and the babies won’t be delivered prematurely.

    Oh, and by the way, if you have a second to spare, please visit my new blog http://sunnykidstyle.wordpress.com/ about stylish design for kids and feel free to give me some feedback. I’d really appreciate it :):)

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