Christina Aguilera's First Concert Appearance Since Giving Birth

Christina Aguilera

In her first concert appearance since giving birth, Christina Aguilera gave a “Beautiful” performance on Saturday at Las Vegas’s Pure Nightclub.

Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman were also snapped at Las Vegas club LAX over the weekend.

Christina Aguilera



  1. ana says

    i dont understand u pple she looks rlly pretty and im surprised she pulled off tht look..

    most pple cant and i think ur juss plain jealous

    i myself wear a lot of makeup and i look fine….it depends on the makeup u wear and as longa s u don look liek a tramp liek some pple 😀

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  7. jojo says

    The very first thing i noticed was her cellulite!!!! that just shows us that we’re all human and not perfect…….she’s still beautiful though!!!!

  8. myrna says

    hey!! does anyone pay attention to her voice?? pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!! don’t be shallow…Xtina has a powerfull voice…do you all think she cares what we think??? LOL!!!

  9. dori says

    the teenage boy comment was said in response to the horny statement … oops I didn’t realize it was you! I am confused..

  10. dori says

    did I say you were a teenage boy somewhere? I don’t recall that? I asked if you were off your rocker because you called me cheezy dorito.

  11. Jx2 says

    dori – the question is: Are you off your rocker? I am not a teenage boy (LOL) sorry to disappoint you. Clearly you have been speaking with members the Ya-Ya Sisterhood over at hellorazzi and they have sadly misinformed you.
    Whenever something in life happens that people cannot understand they dismiss it as being something that THEY CAN relate to…calling me a teenage boy only soothes your misguided beliefs that woman cannot possibly say the things I say. Once upon a time there was a man called Galileo who announced that the world was round but everyone was convinced that the world was flat and they when they reached the horizon they dropped off the earth…you and your pals belong to the latter group of naysayers – the ones that believe the world is flat – because you can’t understand anything beyond that.

  12. dori says

    Chrisitna must be in love and he must be wonderful because I’m not sure I could wake up to that face everyday…. weak chin..very unattractive feature.

  13. speedgirl says

    they are both so FUG. Its like a car wreck looking at them & Its hard to find a safe place to rest your eyes. Is she going for a drag queen-look or is it Trannie? He’s just naturally odd looking. I guess they are happy. 4 now that is…

  14. Just me says

    Underneath the fake tan, make-up, skimpy clothing and bleached hair, I think she is very beautiful. And she seems like a very nice and sincere person. I would also like to see the baby but I totally understand why she isn’t showing him off.

  15. onatear says

    She’s pretty enough, her thighs are normal, but. I would just like to see that sincere smile she has at the mike, while she’s holding her kid for the camera. oops. Did I imply she’s not the most enthusiastic mom? She’ll grow into it. Otherwise, this isn’ t the cutest celeb couple by far.

  16. cyberkitten38 says

    man those dresses r barely just covering up her nipples! why can’t the girl wear a decent friggin outfit..something a little more respectable?

  17. dori says

    bad shot of Christina and her thighs where’s the photoshop guy when you need him???? She looks great… happy and healthy but WM where’s the baby pics????

  18. Bella#1 says

    I’m so not jealous of Christina….the “I look like a tart” look is just not for me. Now if you said I was jealous of an actress who was way more subtle in how they carry themselves, Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry,even Nicole Ritchie comes to mind I’ll readly say yes to any jealousy on my part. The look Cristina is promoting is not my cup of tea. She does have a beautiful voice to work with though.

  19. t says

    One word for all of you. Ok here it goes. Are you ready??

  20. bigpatty says

    So sweet couple, i heard that they met on a tall dating site ” ___Tallmingle.com___ “,really? maybe it is true,i saw their hot photos on that site many times.

  21. jojo says

    veiny boobs and cellulite!!! makes me feel a little better(9mths preg and feel yuck!) nice to see someone still so glam even with cellulite etc!

  22. boo says

    She still looks amazing!!! Cellulite is extremely common during and after pregnancy people, get over it!!

    I want to see more family pictures!!!

  23. Anne says

    number 5 – i was just about to writte the same thing!
    Christina is a beautiful woman but i think she go simply to hard on the make up… And i just wish we could see more pics of her with Max.

  24. says

    tanning??????? that isn’t tanning..that is heavy costume makeup! She always have on lbs and lbs of makeup! ughhh! and she look gross! Those tacky @ss rings on her fingers..gross!

  25. Jessie says

    The Original Summer- I see that too! She has a lot of cellulite on her thighs, but hey, another way she’s normal!

  26. Bella#1 says

    Christina look’s like a blow up inflated doll. She’s so promoting the “fake is beautiful” look.

  27. Amanda says

    OK He needs to go tanning with her if he is going to take pics next to her. He looks like a corpse. Her hair almost looks like a wig its so perfect. She is really pretty and its nice to see not all celebs have perfect bodies.

  28. says

    Not the most flattering photo of her, however it’s nice to see she’s human (you all know what I’m talking about). I do agree she needs to lose the image she’s got. She’d look so much better a little more covered up and a bit softer makeup. Just like Gwen Stefani would too.

  29. sharrie says

    OK Christina…I think we get it. You have monster boobs…..doesn’t it get old after awhile…letting them hang out all the time?

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