Brad Pitt Takes Maddox To The Grand Prix

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and son Maddox were snapped at the MotoGP Italian motorcycling Grand Prix on the Mugello circuit in Italy Sunday.



  1. dori says

    but you know so many couples today aren’t getting married even with children… it’s a new world.. for me anyway.. in my day marriage first kids next. But I have learned to get along in this world you have to accept things even if they don’t sit well with you sometimes..
    g-d grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
    the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. I have to remind myself of this prayer every day.
    For some of us this new world causes much anxiety.

  2. susanna says

    Dont care if its 2008 or 1908 l would have hated growing up knowing that my parents wer’nt married, just living together!

  3. traveler says

    Considering AJ’s been divorced twice and BP’s been divorced once, I have a feeling they don’t think marriage is all it’s cracked up to be. Besides, even though they aren’t married, this seems to be the most stable relationship either of them has ever been in. So, marriage does not equal stability.

    Italy and France are close in proximity. It’s possible that they took a weekend trip to see a race. Jeez, lay off the poor people. I take weekend trips to Chicago, doesn’t mean I plan to move there.

    It’s nice to see some father and son bonding. This will be a weekend that Maddox will talk about when he’s an adult. An experience he’ll treasure.

  4. dori says

    as you can see I don’t like the personal attacks , so when you come after me think twice. This is a blog about celebs and their babies not a womens rag and rant session Stop attacking the bloggers!!!

  5. dori says

    I didn’t say he should look in his twenties relax back off I don’t like the beard… thats what I was saying … just chill ok? He looks better without the beard. Hey fly why you go eat some s**t?

  6. Amanda says

    I don;’t think Brad has looked good for many years,since Legends Of The Fall but then again I always wanted to marry Patrick Swayze when I grew up so who am I to judge LOL Isnt it so sad about his cancer?

  7. Fly On The Wall says

    Everybody ages, Dori. The trick is to do it gracefully. There is nothing more ridiculous than a guy in his middle forties trying to look like a 20 year old hunk.

    Brad has enough self-confidence to look his age. I find self-confidence extremely sexy at any age. I think he looks damn good.

  8. dori says

    zbella he is such a hunk why would you want to see him age? It’s only the beard thats grey and not in a distiguishing way in a grey yucky kind of way. I say shave it off I like you with no hair on your beautiful face!!

  9. KayG says

    To be honest I never thought Brad Pitt was the fatherly type but he is proving me wrong. It’s so nice to see a father and son bonding. My husband and son do “guy” things together and I think these are times they will always treasure.

  10. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Maddox is cute. And very lucky to be taken to Italy for the weekend to watch a race!

    I’m guessing this means the rumours of Angelina giving birth at the weekend were definitely untrue then!

  11. Carol says

    Peppers, just because his girlfriend is PG dosen’t mean he has to be at her side every second. Believe me they know when they are going to be born, most twins are delivered my C-Section.

  12. bigpatty20 says

    cute boy!
    so cool guy,does he still hook up with those tall beauties on the tall dating site ___Tallmingle.com___ ???The last time I saw his profile is last monday, hope he does not leave.

  13. Debbie says

    Wow….Brad is getting old!! I’m so happy though that Brad is being a good dad.
    Remember Billy Bob Thornton. Maddox was adopted when Angelina was still married to him and what happened there? So, I don’t think marriage provides any more stability than being iin a healthy solid relationship!

  14. Lauren says

    Lucky kids! But, please feature more people than Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They aren’t the only parents out there!

  15. Nicki says

    Awww, Maddox looks so cute in his shades. It was nice of his Daddy to pick him up so he could see the race cars.
    Peppers-France is right next to Italy. Brad took Maddox to the races, on a weekend. From where they are staying in France it wasn’t too far to go. They do go to school and when they don’t they have tutors.

    susanna-they don’t care if thier parents are married or not. They always have them around. When one works the other doesn’t. They always have thier parents around. Most families have both parents working with a couple of days off a week. Brad and Angie are very lucky, so are the kids, they have months at a time off and only one parent working while the other isn’t. I’d say they were very lucky.

  16. Ellen says

    If you mean by no stability, they don’t live forever in one place, well, not everybody does. And as to school we’ve all seen the pictures of Maddox going and coming from school. The others are a little young yet.

    I imagine they ahve friends, but they certainly have plenty of siblings to play with. I doubt these kids will be any more messed up on average than any other kids.

  17. Peppers says

    Angelina’s pregnant with twins and he’s in Italy?

    Sue: These kids will be all messed up. They have no stability, no friends, they don’t go to school. All they do is move from country to country, city to city.

  18. susanna says

    If Brad is such a wonderful father/partner why does’nt Angelina want to marry him? l certainly would to give the kids stability.

  19. Sue says

    why cant these people settle somewhere, these kids must be so confused! what about their feelings? l was moved around as a child, house to house and it messed me up

  20. Amanda says

    LET THE KIDS WALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am getting tired of the Jolie/Pitts. Leave them alone already. They are not the only parents out there and certainly not the best.

  21. says

    Must be hard to grow up that way – cameramen in your face every time you go outside. He’ll get sick of it very soon – you can see in his expression he’s not impressed. I wonder what their kids will say about all of this when they’re old enough to speak for themselves?

  22. says

    Wow, it must be nice to live in the Jolie-Pitt household! Other kids watch formula one race on the TV, Maddox gets to watch live! That’s great though, that Brad and Maddox got to spend some one on one time. I guess once the twins are there, things will get a bit more hectic around there (if that’s even possible, with their busy schedules). And I guess now we know what the ferrari shirts were for, that Angie bought at a Cannes boutiques! Just wondering where Pax was, reportedly she bought some formula one shirts for both boys.

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