Zac Hanson & Wife Welcome A Son

Zac Hanson

Zac Hanson and his wife Kate welcomed a son, John Ira Shepherd Hanson, on Tuesday in Tulsa, the musician told People magazine.

The baby boy, who will go by the name Shepherd, weighed in at 8 lbs, 4 oz. “I am so overjoyed,” Zac, 22, told People magazine. “There is not an audience or concert that could ever stand up to the feeling of meeting your baby for the first time.”

New mom Kate, 24, is equally happy, saying, “Shepherd is the most wonderful gift we could ever receive. We’re already enjoying every second of this great adventure.”

Though Shepherd is only a day old, he’s already got a built-in playgroup: Cousins Ezra, 5, Penelope, 3, and River, 20 months (middle Hanson brother Taylor and his wife Natalie’s children) and Everett, 1 (eldest Hanson brother Isaac, and his wife Nikki’s son).

But Shepherd won’t be the baby of the family for long: Isaac and Nikki will welcome their second child next month.

“It will be really fun to see [the] little ones grow up together,” Zac told People magazine in November. “I know watching them is going to inspire a lot of music.”




  1. Veronica says

    Well you know how those Avengelical’s are..their almost as bad as catholics when it comes to popin’ out kids. Haha!Thats cool though, they have the money so they can all live in nice houses and raise big families…sounds happier than waisting money on drugs or something. I still love their music, always a fan. I like their style.

  2. nikki's mom says

    most of the children in the hanson family have been called by thier middle name. Isaac’s first name is clarke and Taylor’s first name is Jordan so i figure they did it because it is somewhat a family tradition.

  3. L.Lodhi says

    Agree with the other poster that if they wanted to call him ‘Shephard’ have that as his first name not John. Why confuse the kid.
    Think they must have done it to be different. Strange…

  4. 2teens says

    I had an “Uncle Shep” who died in the 60’s. I can only assume his given name was Shepherd. It is quite unusual and I don’t think I care for it very much… but “Shep” is ok.

  5. Tia :) says

    Why do these guys do that? If you’re going to call the baby Shephard, then make his first name Shepherd! Odd name…

    anyways, congrats!

  6. Butterfly85 says

    awwww congrats !

    was a fan of hanson since they released mmmbop and was completely in love with zac for ages, although havnt been for quite a while now 😛 still love their music though and am genuinly happy for them.

    enjoy every moment 🙂

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