Clay Aiken Is Going To Be A Father

Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken is going to be a father!

“The story is true,” a rep for David Foster, told People magazine Wednesday, of the report that Clay, 29, impregnated David’s sister, music producer Jaymes Foster, 50. “It is true Clay is the father. She was artificially inseminated by Clay. She’s due in August.”

The rep added of Clay and Jaymes, “They have been friends ever since American Idol, when they worked together.”

Jaymes also executive produced Clay’s album A Thousand Different Ways.

Clay’s reps have not yet commented.



  1. 2teens says

    I understand the ew factor, but I don’t agree with it. People don’t like the idea of a gay man and a 50 year old woman having a baby together… but there are a lot of uptight people in the world today.
    I am personally not a clay fan, but I applaud him for doing what he needs to do to make himself happy and fulfilled. Obviously becoming a dad is a step in that direction. Same with Jaymes.
    I do wish Clay would come out of the closet already though.

  2. Tizzy says

    I don’t understand the “ew” either and I’d love for someone to explain – I don’t want to get in a fight or be horrible I’d just like to try and understand. Thank you anyone who has the courage to explain.

  3. Liza says

    Could any of you explain what you find so distasteful about this? That he chose to have a child at all? That they chose to each have a child with someone they cared for and trusted? That they used artificial insemination (a very common path to pregnancy btw)?

    Because, truthfully, I don’t get what is “ewwww” about this at all? People just end up sounding childish and judgemental.

  4. Freya says

    Strange but congratulations! I’m in no position to judge and I’m sure the baby will be well cared for and well loved.

  5. boo says

    If he wants to help this woman father a child in this manor then who are we to judge, I say more power to them!!!!!
    congratz’ IF IT’S TRUE?!… you never really know til it comes directly from his mouth if it is true or not!!!
    and if it is true, I wonder if he plans on being a full time father figure to the baby or if this was a no strings attached deal just to help her become a mom?

  6. Tizzy says

    Shame she didn’t adopt but I can understand why that’s not for everyone. I wish her luck with all the abuse she’s going to get, poor thing.

  7. Amanda says

    Sounds like a Will and Grace type deal to me. I personally think Clay has problems (not being gay) but just in general.

    No doubt the baby will be well loved and taked care of. Congrads to them.

  8. Lurker says

    I love Clay but also surprised when I first read this yesterday. I even checked different places just to ‘verify’ that it was true, BECAUSE I was so surprised.

    But really, it may be the perfect combination if these two both want to be parents, and so maybe this could be the only (or at easiest) way.

    From what I’ve read he and Jaymes Foster have been very good friends for quite some time, and that he even stays with her when he is in town. I read that she’s divorced, but I’m not sure if she already has other kids or not.

    I’ve also read that Clay has every intention of being in the baby’s life–and if in fact he IS gay, well, who better to have a child with than a close female friend?

    In any case, as odd as it may seem to people, I only wish them the best, and have no doubt the baby will be well loved, as it was obviously very planned.

    So, congratulations! 😉

  9. BiggggBlomba says


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