Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Finds My Pregnancy "Very Sexy"

Angelina Jolie

Contrary to “reports” that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had welcomed their twins, Angelina’s rep says, “Angelina has not given birth. She is fine, enjoying her home and her family in France.”

Brad Pitt’s rep said: “It’s not true.”

She opened up in July’s Vanity Fair about being pregnant, raising an international family, their 2-year-old daughter Shiloh and how they annoy their children.

On being pregnant:
“I love it. It makes me feel like a woman. It makes me feel that all the things about my body are suddenly there for a reason. It makes you feel round and supple, and to have a little life inside you is amazing. Also, I’m fortunate. I think some women have a different experience depending on their partner. I think that affects it. I happen to be with somebody who finds pregnancy very sexy. So that makes me feel very sexy.”

On her international family:
“When I was growing up I wanted to adopt, because I was aware there were kids that didn’t have parents. It’s not a humanitarian thing, because I don’t see it as a sacrifice. It’s a gift. We’re all lucky to have each other. I look at Shiloh — because, obviously, physically, she is the one that looks like Brad and I when we were little — and say, ‘If these were our brothers and sisters, how much would we have known by the time we were six that it took into our 30s and 40s to figure out?’ I suppose I’m giving them the childhood I always wished I had.”

On Shiloh’s birth:
“We were in this little hospital in Africa when Shi was born. I don’t think there was anybody else in the hospital. It was just a little cottage, the three of us. It ended up being the greatest thing…. I had a C-section and I found it fascinating. I didn’t find it a sacrifice and I didn’t find it a painful experience. I found it a fascinating miracle of what a body can do.”

On nannies:
“We don’t ever have anybody spend the night. We may have to adjust that when the next one comes. But we do have ladies that work with us, and they’re also from different cultures and back-grounds. One lady’s a Vietnamese teacher — wonderful. One is of Congolese descent from Belgium. Another is from the States and is really creative and does art programs.”

On raising her children:
“Artists raise their kids differently. We communicate to the point where we probably annoy our children. We have art around the house, we have books, we go to plays, we talk. Our focus is art and painting and dress-up and singing. It’s what we love. So I think you can see how artists in some way raise other artists.”



  1. dori says

    KKK mom
    in responseto
    Yes, Dori HAS turned into a troublemaker. On another thread she chewed me out for displaying my blog url..saying that I “make (her) sick” for doing that…? Dori, I know you’re having personal problems right now and I’m sorry about what’s going on (yes, I remember and I’ve been thinking of you, your daughter, and your grandson) but taking your feelings out on other people is not the answer. I know it’s easy to rant and rave on the computer, but you mustn’t forget that there are real, live people on the other end of your messages.
    You know that was a long time back already get over it .. and you know it’s not always about you… I have not directed any comments to you in a long time and would appreciate if you do not speak to me in the future.

  2. 2teens says

    Hi Jx2, yes… it’s getting pretty obvious the posers are back. At least they aren’t as nasty as the oriana poser was several months ago.

  3. Amanda says

    I had a c-section once and it was a horrible experience for me so I had all the rest of my kids v-back. I wouldnt wish a c-section on anyone childbirth is less painful JMO

  4. callie says

    angelina u and brad r a great couple and i love your movie mr. and mrs. smith email me sometimes.

  5. Christina says

    If you read the entire article, you will see that her response to “artist raising artist” is due to the writer suggesting that a lot of celebs are products of other celebs and it’s nepotism. Jolie states “I disagree.” She explains why artist are products of other artist at times. You could say more accurately, “actors can produce other actors” – beforehand, she talks about being a child of 2 actors and her experience and response to “The Champ” with her Dad. It makes perfect sense and it’s not arrogant as some of you suggested. Look, at the end of the day, you can surround your kids with books, arts, theater, etc and it is VERY different than surrounding them around the world of “actors” especially A-list actors. It is more common than not that celebrity actors’ children become “artist” aka actors. She is speaking in a “rebut” to the journalist.

    Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks, Sean Connery, Will Smith, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, etc etc etc… all of them have one or more children whom pursue a career or have… A LOT of celeb kids try and A LOT fail. But the sad truth is – look at some of the famous faces today – celeb or VERY rich kids with no talent.

  6. Jx2 says

    I was born by c-section and that is the route I plan to pursue.
    It does not matter to me if the recover time is longer because I like to be pampered and waited on, so I say: kudos to those who opt for c-sections!

  7. Zbella says

    Well – here’s my take on c-sections. It’s preferable to have a vaginal birth (since recovery is faster for the woman) if possible – but as others have stated, a c-section can often save lives (especially regarding the baby).

    I was deathly afraid of a c-section when I was pregnant with my first. 1) I’m small 2) was husband was a 10 pound baby 3) my baby was sunny side up (not sure if that’s transverse?) 4) my water broke at the beginning of labor. So – I was in labor for almost 20 hours (w/water broken – the chance of infection rises every hour….) and they were unable to turn the baby. I was told a c-section was coming fast, if I could not get the baby out in the next couple of hours.

    She was born vaginally – but purple (we are at high altitude so apparently that’s the norm,but I didn’t know that) 8 pounds and very healthy. Since I was able to give birth to her, I didn’t worry so much with the other pregnancies, and indeed they were faster and better – although my third was not breathing for several minutes after birth).

    My mother is an RN and was very much against having c-sections. However, all 4 of us were born w/the cord wrapped tightly around our neck. My brothers were both born blue and almost died. I believe she should have had c-sections with us all – to err on the safe side – but she was so dead set against them as are some others on this site.

    When you look at your child does it really matter how they came into the world?

  8. Liza says

    Amber, I’m not talking about absolute induction at 40 weeks, I’m talking about the increased risk of stillbirth between 40 and 42 weeks being the medical justification for induction beyond 40 weeks. That’s not to say that every doctor is going to induce right at 40 weeks or that a stillbirth is an absolute, but that the increased risk is there. The studies I have found seem to look at the week between 40 and 41 as a gray area, meaning that there might be increased risk there, but not necessarily enough to warrant a necessary induction. I can get you the link to several of those studies later, but the computer I am using right now won’t allow me to cut and paste the links, and the web addresses are too long for me to bother with typing out.

    I absolutely agree that c-sections should be limited to when necessary, but that the decision should also rest with a woman and her doctor and what is most likely to result in the best outcome and that the judgement of necessity should lie with them. I know people think the medical community has medicalized the birthing process, and while I agree, I think in part it’s because doctors and researchers have a better hold on the risk factors leading to perinatal and maternal death than they did (some of which would surprise people), and also, unfortunately, the increased number of lawsuits related to vaginal births has made the medical community hypervigilant.

  9. Amber says

    Liza, to my knowledge from what I have read on medically related links. Past 42 weeks is what is truly considered over due and therefore, why I take issue at the induction at 40 weeks. They even offered to induce me at 39 for no medical reason and that was from a midwife (not a homebirth midwife, an HMO midwife)

    Tizzy, obviously, we just have to agree to disagree. I think that even if the medical interventions are coming from the right place ( to protect the baby and mom) I really see a corelation between them and birth becoming more of a medical event versus the physiological process that it would be for most women. Bottom line is that c-sections should be more the exception for the true cases where they are needed rather than accouting for almost 1/3 of the births.

  10. Jx2 says

    p.s. #76 is not me!!

    Hi 2teens, it’s good to see you back on here – thanks for cluing into #76 not being me earlier and I’m sure that it isn’t Dori either. There is apparently a troll on here taking on different identities in order to start a rumble.

  11. Jx2 says

    The whining and complaining never ends – does it!!? I’m gone 2 weeks and what do I come back to!!? Whining and complaining about the same ol’ crap!! Old habits die hard 😀

  12. Liza says

    D’Anna, I’m glad things worked out for you, whenever a baby arrives safely, there is reason to rejoice. But assuming that your making a different decision than others is because you were educated (and they were not) is wrong, and it’s judgemental.

    Tizzy, I love your posts!

  13. says

    Nice picture! She looks a bit different with her makeup, a bit artificial, but still nice. And it’s the first time, that I actually see a huge resemblance to Shiloh, usually, she just looks like Brad’s mini me.

    Wish her all the best for the arrival of the twins, and that they won’t be born prematurely, like it was reported in the bogus rumor going around earlier.

    Oh, and by the way, if you have a second to spare, please visit my new blog about stylish design for kids and feel free to give me some feedback. I’d really appreciate it :):)

  14. Tizzy says

    You can choose to do your research, have a breech baby that wont be turned because it is large and you are small (in many cases the ability to turn the baby is dependent on the size of the mother) or just because nature is stubborn. If the baby can’t be turned and it is your first birth and a big baby, or you are small, there is a significant risk to mother and baby.

    It’s nice that it worked out for D’Anna – it doesn’t for many no matter how much “education” they have. Most mother’s fight “tooth and nail” for the best for their children – vagnial birth does not, in anyway, constitute what’s best.

  15. Liza says

    Amber, My problem with the link you provided was the same as Tizzy’s. One of my problems with that link was it’s listing of the ONLY reasons why a c-section should be done, when it clearly can’t forsee every possible instance in which a c-section is warranted. By putting information out there that says otherwise, which that site does, it does a disservice to woman and could possible be dangerous.

    If someone presents a link to support their viewpoint, I would prefer unbiased (as much as something can be) studies based on medical research. It can sometimes be harder to wade through, but tends to be more accurate.

    Most women who I have heard of who had c-section trauma have been women who idealized their birthing experience to the point where they were unable to accept a deviation from that plan, even to the point of an epidural. If you have a very clear idea in your head of what you want, and that doesn’t happen, it can be very difficult to reconcile what did occur.

    As for the post-date question, yes, anything past 40 weeks. I’m not saying that doctors will automatically induce, but that a good part of the medical justification for doing inductions or c-sections at this point, is due to the jump in number of stillbirths after 40 weeks. Even women who are not induced, would be watched very closely during this time.

  16. says

    I get kind of annoyed when people say you can’t have a breech or transverse birth. Breech, yes. Transverse, no.

    I fought tooth and nail to get my transverse son to turn, and he did and I had a successful HOMEBIRTH. If you choose not to do research and have major surgery, that is your choice.

    Personally, I’m happy that I educated myself enough to have a choice in the matter. 🙂

  17. 2teens says

    Hi Kx3’s mommy, good to see you posting again. I always value your opinion, even though it’s different than mine sometimes.
    Re: Dori… I don’t think that is really her guys. Someone has probably hi-jacked her name. I remember Dori knowing how to spell and form a sentence, and this Dori has a lot of typos (and it’s obviously not JJ because she knows how to spell too).

  18. Tizzy says

    The essential problem is that it is impossible before the event to determine which are the low risk pregnancies – it’s something that can only be settled after the event. A birth can go from run of the mill to loss of life in literally minutes. It’s easy to call a c-section unnecessary after the event but you’ll find that very few people want to be the one that makes the call and that when a mistake is made (i.e. one in which “nature” was allowed to take its course and an infant dies) it is deemed much worse than a c-section where at the end Mother realizes that she could have done without.

    I don’t think any c-section should be described as “unnecessary” because that makes it sound frivolous or without need (which can only be determined for certain after the event). The majority of the procedures (including the medical interventions that can result in the need for a c-section) are undertaken to minimize risk – and that is a far, far more important consideration than any other.

    I’ve enjoyed speaking with you too Amber – it’s nice to see that not everyone on blogs (especially blogs on motherhood!) reacts badly to debate.

  19. sharrie says

    I think she looks great. They both seem very happy together, maybe they both found what they were looking for. I wish them both the Best of Luck with the new babies….
    PS…Brad and Angelina..- it would be nice if and when you next adopt, that you would look into adopting from the USA…unfortunately we also have needy children.

  20. Amber says

    good discussing this with you btw. It is nice to dialog with someone that has a different view but is respectful at the same time. Hopefully, the feeling is mutual.

  21. Amber says

    I definitely don’t have a medical background. I work in early childhood with children that have developmental disabilities or delays. I am exposed to the medical field via my job but I wouldn’t say I am medically trained. I just try to educate myself on matters like these that are important to me. My experience is mostly through what I see and read. I happen to be exposed to many pregnant women through my work and personal life. I see what you are saying, it is hard to research any info that doesn’t seem biased in some way. I remembered I had a hard time looking for unbiased information when deciding on circumcision.

    I see your point on c-section trauma. However, I still feel that as #66 said a number of women feel that as a whole there are far too many “unncessary c-sections” happening today. I also think that the number of c-sections will continue to rise as the number of medical interventions rise. I truly feel that for a very high number of low risk pregnant women a hospital birth can lead to a roller coaster of medical interventions sometimes leading to what might have been an unncessary c-section.

  22. Wanna Help says

    Maybe we should find a way for the WM to post better and more up to date things. Is they anyway to contact her? I think she could use some better tips.

  23. N says

    #79….. I also heard that they are swingers…dont know if this is true (rumor) but it has been said about them for years.

  24. N says

    in #77 delete the word “MORE” typo!

    Basically what Im trying to say… having a c-section is more trauma to the body before and after the child is born.

  25. deeds says

    I like the view of Will and Jada Smith. In thier marriage divorce is not an option. They’ve been together 10 years so it must be working for them.

  26. N says

    #45 if you read the bible there are verses that say a MAN can divorce his wife but a WIFE cannot for any reason divorce her husband. You need to read the bible more……

  27. N says

    Actually, It is easier to go through a vaginal birth than a c-section….. having a c-section is major surgery! SO….a vaginal birth has less more complications than a c-section. Which makes the rate of death higher for c-sections. Furthermore, Some people have no choice when it comes to c-sections.
    One would think you MOTHERS would understand that and be more sympathetic to that fact.

  28. dori says

    and all this religeous crap…. really….this website sucks and I’m JJ aren’t you going to welcome me back?

  29. Tizzy says

    Amber, may I ask what your background is? It’s hard to talk to someone about something medical, or post relevant links, without knowing how much information/ learning they have already. You talk like someone who clearly knows what they think so I assume you have a broad medical background and have read a lot of medical journals so I don’t want to refer you to any of the more famous or popular resources.

    For general knowledge – any site that starts a post with the comment “These facts are presented by the International Cesarean Awareness Network with the hope that parents, childbirth educators, doulas, nurses, midwives and doctors together can effectively reduce the rate of unnecessary cesarean sections and their effects” and states that their mission statement is to reduce, what they call, unecessary c-sections is a biased site that is not simply reflecting medical data (as, say, a medical journal aims to.

    Post c-section trauma is often attributed to the negative image of c-sections and the kinds of comments that people are making here (ie that vaginal births are “better”/ “more natural” etc) such that people loose sight of the fact that they have had a baby survive in circumstances where they would not. If you compare the stats on PPD for elective and emergency c-sections they are interesting as are the results of the new wave of awake c sections are very impressive.

  30. Amber says

    What do you consider a reputable link? How can something be 100% accurate. Most statistics are broad generalizations, are they not? As you said, your friend’s case was extremely rare. I don’t think a source of information should be discounted b/c it makes wide based generalizations and doesn’t cover every possible scenario.

    No, as I said earlier, c-sections aren’t terrible. My twin siblings were born via c-section b/c babies can’t be born butt first. What is terrible is that it appears that they are being overused and the addage that “once a c-section, always a c-section.” They make it extremely difficult for women who want a v-bac. I hate that people get so heated about it, like if someone like myself voices an opinion about vaginal birth than somehow I think that I am better b/c of that or vice versa.

    What is postdate, after 40 weeks or 42 from the stats that you are referring to? My issue is induction at the 40th week, especially when the due date is based on a 28 day cycle which, like myself, not all women have. For example, my sister’s friend was pregnant and had no clue when she got pregnant, no early ultrasound was done. She told me that she has anywhere from 35-42 day cycles, therefore, the standard due date calculator doesn’t apply to her. They were pushing her to induce at 4 days past her due date. She failed the induction and had a c-section b/c of failure to progress. Those are the unecessary c-sections that I take issue with. Maybe if they just would have given her until the 42 weeks and still needed to be induced the induction would have been more sucessful. And she stated that all of the non-stress tests and other stuff was normal. If there was a medical reason to induce than obviously it would have been warranted. However, in her case, it didn’t not appear to be the case.

    Let me know if you have any links to reputable sites regarding this that are unbiased. I find this topic very interesting.

  31. samsmom says

    K,K&K’s Mommy, I could not agree with you more in your perspective on the bible.
    I certainly did not mean to imply that adultery or divorce are unforgivable sins. Jesus does have some very strong statements about both in the New Testament. However he did forgive the woman who was caught in adultery (the story from which Tizzy used the “casting the first stone” quote). The scribes and Pharisees brought her to Jesus demanding that he condemn her according to the law (which would have been death by stoning), but after reminding them that they were not without sin, he told the woman to go and sin no more.
    I did not mean to get on a religious rant, but it really bothers me when people think that Christians have no right to make judgements about what is right or wrong. If we could not, then we would have no moral compass by which we live. God is the only one who can judge whether a person deserves to be condemned or forgiven.

  32. traveler says

    The point being that whatever happend between BP and JA, the failure of their marriage was their fault, not AJ’s fault. No one can “steal” another person. You steal property, not people. I find AJ has no fault in the situation. Besides which, as someone pointed out, JA herself has said that BP didn’t cheat. I’d think that if JA has the grace to admit the truth, then everyone else should too. I do fault JA for saying that BP was missing a sensitivity gene because he jumped into a relationship so soon after the marriage broke up, when she did the same thing with VV. If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what it.

    I’m all for c-sections. Without them, I’d have lost 3 nieces, one nephew, and a sister. To me, the c-section will always be a medical miracle and I thank the doctor everyday for making the decisions he did.

  33. Liza says

    While I appreciate the link Amber, that whole site isn’t exactly objective when it comes to c-sections, and not at all 100% accurate. And remember, no one here is arguing that c-sections are the ideal, just that they aren’t as terrible and as much a cause for judgement as people make them out to be.

    In my friend’s case, her baby *appeared* healthy on ultrasound, just a bit on the small side with slightly low amniotic fluid. He had a stronge heartbeat, there was good blood flow, etc. There was absolutely no reason to believe that there would be any problems. When his head got stuck in her pelvis, they still thought there weren’t any problems, as his heartbeat was still strong. It wasn’t until AFTER his entire body has passed through her pelvis that his heart stopped beating, it was the stress of a vaginal birth that killed him. Yes, it was a rare exception, but when a website lists the absolute ONLY reasons why a c-section should be used, they provide inaccurate information, because you can’t prepare for every situation and that’s dangerous.

    And the link between a rise in stillbirths and post-term deliveries is well documented. Thus the medical justification for an induction.

  34. Nicki says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy~You are such a breath of fresh air, Thank-you.

    It is sad when people are having a conversation reguarding the thread posted and someone has to come in a crap all over it. It just seems so unnecessary.
    I enjoyed reading the conversation between all who contributed to this thread. It was enjoyable and informative, thanks.

  35. Could it be says

    I also meant to add that while western medicine has its place, there are lots of interventions that are done that impede a woman’s ability to birth vaginally. As someone who counsels women who are traumatized by their brith experience, it is shocking to see the number of women who feel that they ended up with an unneccessary c-section. I am very happy that none of the women posting comments on this site feel that way about the births of their children.

  36. Could it be says

    Of course every child is a miracle no matter how they come into the world. No question about that. And obviously there are occasions when vaginal births aren’t possible. My point is that when a woman is able to get a baby out vaginally despite all the evolutionary flaws that make birth for us the most painful in the animal world, it IS a miracle!

  37. Liza says

    Amber, the reason that inductions are done so often, is that the percentage of intrauterine fetal demise/stillbirth jumps considerably when a woman is overdue. The medical establishment has primarily decided to err on the side of caution rather than risk a stillborn baby.

  38. Liza says

    Tizzy, you are absolutely correct regarding the fear of lawsuits. The number of lawsuits related to accidents during the birthing process (either resulting in death/permanent injury) are much much higher in vaginal births than in c-sections. I have little respect for the Business of Being Born. I get the whole point of it, I had a vaginal birth, but I’m not about to judge the experience of others or to declare that one way is always better than another. It was entertaining, but I found it more propaganda and Michael Moore-like (whose views I tend to gree with) than informative and accurate.

    I also happen to know someone who got the short end of the stick. Only after the autopsy was completed on her son were the doctors able to say that had they done a c-section, her son would have survived. As it was, he never took a breath on his own. They didn’t sue, they understood it was something the doctors couldn’t have forseen, that as it presented, he was small for gestational age, but no one believed he would die.

    We can criticize c-sections all day long when they are done for convenience, either for the mother or the doctor, but we should never forget that millions of woman and their children have been saved by this surgery.

  39. says

    Well, I came back to say hi to everyone and ended up having to wade through a lot of crap. Anyways, just wanted to give a shout-out to Nicki, Tia, and 2teens…and I don’t know if Carleigh is on this thread, but hello to Carleigh, too!

    Yes, Dori HAS turned into a troublemaker. On another thread she chewed me out for displaying my blog url..saying that I “make (her) sick” for doing that…? Dori, I know you’re having personal problems right now and I’m sorry about what’s going on (yes, I remember and I’ve been thinking of you, your daughter, and your grandson) but taking your feelings out on other people is not the answer. I know it’s easy to rant and rave on the computer, but you mustn’t forget that there are real, live people on the other end of your messages.

    My take on the whole Bible thing is that the Bible is complete truth and is the inspired Word of God. In the Old Testament there are indeed laws that are confusing to us and ought not to be applied today. When Jesus came, he brought a NEW way….where all sinners are called to Him, to believe in Him, and they are saved by His grace, through faith. We are not bound by the old law now that Grace (Jesus) has come. Through this grace we can be saved, no matter what sins we have committed. All have sinned, but does that mean that we continue to sin since we know that God has the grace to forgive us? By no means….and neither do certain sins carry more weight than others…this is about transformation of the heart, not nit-picky doctrine. Anyways, that’s my view…you’re not required to think the same.

  40. Tizzy says

    If the Business of Being Born is what’s classed as a “great” documentary then it’s no wonder that Michael Moore is doing so well! The documentary is weak on evidence, to say the least. Some of the so-called science was utter baloney – especially the stuff on maternal bonding and oxytocin. I’m sorry, I know it was convincing and sentimental and had lots of flash sound bites but it was also TV and Ricky Lake TV at that.

    I think it is a case that women are sometimes encouraged to have a c-section where it was not strictly necessary but where the doctor was not comfortable with even the slightest degree of risk. In my experience this is as much due to the desire to completely minimise the risk to an infant, as the fear (normally well grounded) that of anything happens to the baby then there will be a costly lawsuit. Just imagine the cases where a woman does not get a c section because the doctor wants her to have a “natural” birth and the infant dies. It’s easy to complain that there are too many c-sections if one is not the doctor who has to make a life or death decision.

  41. t says

    I have two children who were both born by CSections…I was induced with the first one (said he was getting too big) I had dcells thru the night (the baby’s heartrate going down) so they decided to do a Csection right away. Turned out his cord was so short that if we went another hour it would have broke and he would have died. I didn’t even think of Vbac with the second one. Turned out his cord was really short too. Thank God for Csections. I’m due with my third this Nov and again I’ve opted for Csection. If they weren’t invented I would have no children.

  42. Amber says

    One more thing….I don’t think it is a matter of feeling high and mighty b/c one is able to give birth vaginally. I just feel that it is an injustice to us, as women, that the medical professionals that we are supposed to trust, may not truly have the best interest of the baby and woman at heart by circumventing the natural physiological process of birth. Look at pitocin and all of the other sometimes unncessary medical interventions that women in labor are subjected to. If your body is not ready to have the baby and then you are subjected to all these interventions to speed up the process and they don’t work that is when you can end up having a c-section. They label it is failure to progress or the baby isn’t tolerating labor, etc. The majority of the time, it isn’t a true medical reason. It is the “interventions” that lead to the c-section.

  43. Amber says

    Just a comment or suggestion rather on the whole c-section thing….

    Watch the Business of Being Born and I think you get an idea of why the c-section rate is out of control. Obviously there are certain cases of necessary c-sections but the rate of almost one in three that we have now is crazy. But, anyways, the Business of Being Born is a great documentary of birth in America.

  44. bj's mom says

    thank you for defending me guys. Dori has issues with me and attacks me on every single post. someone asked on the shiloh post why she cant give blood and i gave the info from the red cross and she calls me a know it all and a biatch and takes my childrens initials and calls me blow job. if you disagree with her on one thing she cusses you out. she calls herself a mother and grandmother and talks this way all the time. i have never once cussed at her. she has issues but whatever i just kinda wanted to fill you in but shes been doing this for a while. and by the way dori….i take exceptional care of my children….they are on the honor roll always, they play every sport in the book and they are out fishing with their father right now….I have every right to jump on here when they are not home and see the updates in the celebrity world….this does not make me or any other mom on here a bad mom…..but a mouth like yours is a different story… kiss your kids and grandkids with that nasty mouth?

  45. 2teens says

    As for the comments about the bible, every christian religion follows bits & pieces of the bible. It is not possible to follow it 100%… many of the laws and ways of living during biblical times are against today’s laws and for good reason. Things like, 12 year old wives…. polygamy, chopping off the hands of a thief, an eye for an eye, stoning people to death, etc. etc. etc.
    I agree with Tizzy. There is nothing wrong with living your life according to your own moral compass as long as you obey the law. And for many people that means creating their own brand of religion.

  46. deeds says

    A man would have to be a complete idiot to tell the woman he got pregnant that she wasn’t sexy (while she is pregnant). I’m not saying he lied to her, but if he told her the truth he would have to run for cover. JMO

  47. Nicki says

    dori–WTF is wrong with you? Why are trying to start trouble with bj’s mom? She hasn’t written one thing on this post yet you feel the need to make 3 short stupid comments to provoke her to answer you. You have seemed to have turned into a trouble maker.

  48. Tizzy says

    Tam – I imagine she gave the interview before she conirmed she is having twins. They tend to do these interviews significntly in advance of publication.

    Ah! Excellent – I’ve never understood how this works and now it seems that you’ll be able to explain samsmom. Whew! I don’t understand – I thought that either one follows the Bible and breaking one’s vows is a terrible thing to do AND SO IS saying unpleasant thinks about people and judging lest ye be judged OR one is not religious and people are free to behave in whatever they see as a moral way.

    Surely the first two bits (the religious bits) go hand in hand and if you believe one thing then you have to believe the other? Or have I misunderstood and you can pick the bits of religion that you like? Please let me know if that’s how it works – I might become a more active member of whatever church that is – seems fun and good for self esteem.

    Also – if they are not religious do you have any right to judge them from a religious standpoint? There are many who would say that’s it’s just as immoral to stay in a relationship where there is no love or that marriage is an institution in part dedicated to the procreation of children and so she was remiss in her marriage vows (according to popular report) and thus they were invalid.

    Just saying – you can look at thinks in whatever way you want, but some of them will make you look bad.

  49. dori says

    bj go take care of your kids and stop talking in here you have nothing of value to contribute here anyway

  50. to samsmom says

    It takes two to work on the marriage to make it a happy one. Perhaps Brad did stick it out for years waiting for JA to start a family. He did say in one interview that he realized life is too short to not go after what he wanted (or something to that effect). I heard JA saying on national TV that he was a love of her life, not a great one, and this was early in their marriage. If I were BP I would be mighty sore at her comment and if I stuck out for another two years that would be enough sticking it out.

    And regarding the vow, excuse me but there are millions couples in this world quitting their marriages. Why don’t you go tell all these men and women that they are rotten for not honoring their vows?

    JA said BP did not cheat. Why do you not believe her? Was she lying? 3 years have passed and he wasn’t your husband, let it go.

  51. samsmom says

    Tizzy, if Brad was “doing his best to make sure that the other party was happy” then he would not have been romancing another woman while he was still married. Marriage is a commitment between two people. A promise to stick it out through thick and thin. It is not nor was it meant to be temporary until someone better comes along.
    Please do not call me a “reprehensible and nasty person” because I have an opinion. I assume you are making a biblical reference by using the “throwing the first stone” quote. If you are, I encourage you to read the bible, because God does not take the matter of divorce or breaking one’s vows in marriage lightly.

  52. Tam says

    If she really is having twins why does she refer to the baby as “when this baby comes” … that means she would only be having one, wouldnt it?

  53. Granny says

    I have a c-section granddaughter and she is just as amazing as the other.

    I think the word artist was used in a general term as in artistic people not as actors only. I know lots of artistic people who are not actors or professional people. We raised our kids in the local music arena even though we weren’t professional musicians. My real high IQ friends (an engineer couple) raise their children analyticaly. And my entomologist brother in law raised his daughter is a naturalist nature. None are necesarily better than the other, just different. .

    You cannot steal a lover or a spouse. They choose to leave.

  54. 2teens says

    She looks gorgeous. I don’t understand why some people have a problem with the artist comment. She is describing daily life with the children, isn’t that what she is supposed to do in an interview? I think she is proud of the way she is raising her kids and it shows… good for her. As for unhappy, Jackie, AJ sounds completely ecstatic in the above interview. Are you reading something different?

  55. Matilda says

    Enough already this skank should just shut up and disappear. I can’t wait to see her movie wanted bomb at the end of next month. Karma.

  56. Freya says

    I had two c-sections. One was an emergency one after being in hard labour for 13 hours. My daughter was in distress and she was born via c-section, weighing 9 pounds 10 ounces and 10/10 on the Apgar three times in a row! After the section, I ended up having to be cut back open due to an internal infection and for three months straight I had to have a nurse come to our house and stick cotton and iodine inside of me.

    Thirteen months later, I went into labour six weeks early with our second child, our son. Because of my past experience with the infection, my doctor and I agreed that a c-section would be the best route, especially since he was early. My biggest thought was to get him out and into the NICU to help him. He was 5 pounds 6 ounces and is just beautiful. One doctor on call made me feel horrible about choosing a c-section over a VBAC, but she didn’t know my history and it’s my personal choice. No one has the right to judge a mother who is making the right choice for her child. All that matters is that a baby comes into the world healthy and that the mother remains healthy as well.

  57. sara says

    “Anyone who is high and mighty about having had a vaginal birth while someone else had to have a c section is a frighteningly unpleasant person who should probably have their children taken away from them before the children become and cruel and unpleasant as their mothers.”

    This was so well said I had to repeat it!

    I love that she said that about C sections. It is a miracle that women survive them, it used to be a last ditch surgery on a dying mother. It is a miracle to heal well and go on to have more children. Vaginal birth, we all know that its a miracle, but not all of us can have them & luckily we live now, where we can have the best chance of surviving.

  58. not an artist mom says

    I’m a mom, like to read sometimes, like a painting if it soothes my eyes. I don’t encourage my children to like art and really don’t push them to read books much so I can see where AJ is coming from with her statement regarding artist.

    She is an artist by profession and she likes her children to like what she likes. This is typical of mother. I see nothing wrong with her statement.

    If you like art and encourage your children to like it yourself even though you are not an artist, that’s fine. Why feel that some other women’s statement about art belittle you so much that you have to spit back some spiteful comment at her to be even?

    Her choice of delivery is hers. So what if she wanted to keep her tummy flat, she’s in the business where look is important. I exercise my a** off to keep my tummy flat so I can wear clothes well and please my husband. That’s my prerogative. I’d love having nannies to relieve me of the stress my little rascals give me too. Guess I’m a bad woman, mother.

    And she didn’t steal any one. JA was sitting on VV’s lap before divorce was finalized. Why no one assume that she and VV developed feeling during shooting their movie too is beyond me. You just don’t move on that fast if you were still mourning your marriage and a proper woman.

  59. Liza says

    I get why people are a little annoyed by her artist statement, because it makes very little sense to me.

    But we all tend to analyze and describe things from our own experience and perspective. I think what she said is that many parents say, that what they are doing as parents is somehow out of the ordinary and unusual. But I also wouldn’t take the quote for granted until you actually read the entire interview, as these are really just snippets.

    As for the c-section discussion. That decision should be between a woman and her doctor, it’s not a decision up for mass judgement and criticicism.

  60. Tizzy says

    You can have a vaginal birth after the majority of c sections – it can depend on the nature of the cut and the way that you heal.

    If a woman has a breech presentation and very narrow hips/ is having her first baby/ the baby is large then, of course, she can still demand a vaginal birth but it would be putting both herself and the child at stupid levels of risk. the kind of levels of risk that could be seen to count as reckless endangerment.

    A c section is a miracle of science that saves hundreds of thousands of women and children every year. Those who dismiss it or say that vaginal births are better are entirely entitled to their opinions but are, nonetheless wrong.

  61. Tia :) says

    Beautiful woman! All of you bit*ching about her better take a long look in the mirror. I’v said it a million times, i dont understand why people comment on posts to complain about the actor or singer…ect. Just skip over it for the love of god!

    As for her saying her children are being raised by artisits…i believe she ment it in the context that she and Brad are actors therefore artists…? Thats how im reading it.

  62. dori says

    “Artists raise their kids differently. We communicate to the point where we probably annoy our children. We have art around the house, we have books, we go to plays, we talk. Our focus is art and painting and dress-up and singing. It’s what we love. So I think you can see how artists in some way raise other artists.”

    Angie is full of herself … we all raised our kids like this… she is not unique …. she’s a legend in her own mind.
    Now I dislike her even more.

  63. Foxy says

    Sandy no you can vbac with is a vaginal birth after c-section which i know from a very good friend is so special and so much better then a c-section.
    Oh and you can have a natural birth with a breech baby no one can force you ahve have your baby anyway you dont want to its just safer to have c-section with a breech baby

    AJ looks fab in that photo, and you can see she loves being a mother, Weather her twins are natural or from treatment doesnt really matter

  64. t says

    Sick and tired of seeing Angelina on this website. Let’s have some new topics on here. When she has her baby or babies then put her back on.

  65. Sandy says

    Did she have a C Section with Shiloh because she wanted one or was that the safest way to go? Also, once you have a C Section, can you have more children normal childbirth or are they all going to be C Sections after that?

  66. Tizzy says

    And another thing (!) you know what’s worse than (epseically in this day and age) sleeping with another person’s husband/ wife? Being someone who says unpleasant things about people they don’t even know. Surely that’s an example of “throwing the first stone” and makes one an utterly reprehensible and nasty person? No? You don’t see it that way?

  67. Tizzy says

    Congratulations – if you take any statement by anyone and pick it apart you can make them look bad. How clever. The mums who are saying that they do “artistic” things with their children too are great mums who respect the value of the arts and so are in many ways artistic themselves. I think you prove Angie’s point rather than anything else.

    I think c-sections ARE miracles! it is amazing that we have that technology and that our bodies are capable of going through the surgery with minimal risk to mother and baby. Anyone who thinks they are an easy way out clearly hasn’t been through one. Anyone who is high and mighty about having had a vaginal birth while someone else had to have a c section is a frighteningly unpleasant person who should probably have their children taken away from them before the children become and cruel and unpleasant as their mothers.

    For heaven’s sake – marriages don’t break up if both parties in them are happy and doing their best to make sure that the other party is happy. You don’t cheat in the way that Brad did (ie not just for sex) if your wife is making you happy. Do you guys who try to “stick up” for Aniston not realise how stupid and weak you make her look?

  68. Debbie says

    I had a C section (after 17 hours of labour!) and think that the birth of my baby is miraculous! Who cares where the came out from…….all that matters is that the baby is a happy, healthy one!
    Why does everyone keep judging these people. We do not know who they really are….just what we see in the media, so what gives us the right to judge them?
    Marriages break apart all the time, can’t we just focus on the positive and see what a great thing they are doing by raising adopted kids!
    Also, if I could afford a nanny, I would love to have one, but I’m not going to be jealous because a millionaire has 3 nannies to take care of her 4 kids…’s still hard work and I think they are doing a marvellous job at that!

  69. Sandra says

    1. I agree with Samsmom

    2. Aniston didn’t have it all, she had a cheater if you classify that is having it all then it sounds like your moral compass is a little off wack.

    3. And YES it is a miracle to give birth via c-sec and to lose your tummy, which is known for the hardest place to lose baby weight after having a c-sec because of the surgery and breaking the muscle tissue. Besides that no stretching or tearing of the girlie parts sounds like an awesome miracle to me, aside from having a beautiful little baby.

  70. Kara says

    I really would like her boobs. I don’t like her but she’s obviously pulled the wool over Brad Pitt’s eyes.

  71. Fly On The Wall says

    4. bambamswife | May 30th, 2008 at 6:30 pm.
    Far too many celebs are having twins which really makes me wonder.

    “Far too many”? Who are you to say how many twins are too many? Your post reeks of jealousy. I feel sorry for bambam, stuck with a harpy like you.

  72. Zbella says

    Aw, I love how she gives them the childhood she would have wanted. Isn’t that they best thing any parent can do? Good for her. I’ll have to get a copy of VF this month!

  73. Fly On The Wall says

    17. samsmom | May 31st, 2008 at 1:14 am
    About Angelina being to blame for Brad’s divorce; I think it is crazy to say she did not play a major role in the breakup.

    Oh, please. That marriage was dead in the water at least a year before he ever met Angelina. If he was happy with Jennifer, Angelina couldn’t have pried them apart with a crowbar. Aniston had it all and she blew it. She has nobody to blame for that but herself.

  74. samsmom says

    Starlooks, Amen to that!

    About Angelina being to blame for Brad’s divorce; I think it is crazy to say she did not play a major role in the breakup. When you take something that belongs to another it is called stealing. When you have a relationship with a married man it is called cheating. Yes he cheated and she did too. She cheated another woman out of her man!
    I have no respect for a woman who pursues a relationship with a married man, even if he starts it. It is low and classless.

  75. Lisa says

    I can never understand why people blame the “other woman” when a married man cheats on his wife. That is ridiculous. Angie was free to see who she wanted, he wasn’t. That being said, who cares? I love them both – and I respect that they are trying to be the best parents they can be… just like me. I just wish I had some more money to be able to travel with my kids a bit more…. But I am not mad at them that they have done so well. Good for them!

  76. traveler says

    Oh, good grief. No matter what this woman says, people are going to pick her apart. She sounded very down to earth and happy in this interview. She seems to enjoy life and her family. I think every parent tries to give their children the childhood they wish they had. I know I’ve already started planning the way I’m going to raise my daughter and things I want her to learn and I’m not even a mom yet. It’s a natural human instinct to want to be a better parent than your parents were (and I had some really good parents).

    And the arguement about her birthing method is ridiculous. It’s not like she had a c-section in order to take the easy way out. The baby was in breach. She had no choice in the matter. So, what’s the point in berating her for it. You act like she did something wrong, when she only did what was in the best interest of her child.

    And I don’t blame her for the nannies. Anybody would take the help if they could afford it. I know my sister would love to have a nanny, even part time. It would allow her to do things like grocery shop without having to drag four kids to the store.

    Amanda: Thank you! Everyone blames Angelina for Brad’s divorce. Last time I checked, it’s not possible to “steal” someone unless they want to be stolen. Brad and Jen were responsible for their divorce, not Angelina.

    bambamswife: For someone who hates Angelina as much as you say you do, you spend an awful lot of time on her blogs. Perhaps the hatred stems from jealously.

  77. Lauren says

    Wow! Angelina usually looks really skinny and emaciated but this picture looks like the old Angelina before she hooked up with Brad. Beautiful!!

  78. Adoptive mom of US kiddos says

    I felt the same way as fly. I talk to my kids, communicate, dance, blah, blah, blah, and I’m no artist. I red that and it sounded so arrogant. Also, three nannies would totally help me raise my kids, but alas, I am just a middle-class adoptive mom raising special needs kids from within the US.

  79. Could it be says

    If Angelina really wants to experience the miracle of what a body can do during birth, she should try it vaginally! That IS a miracle!

  80. Fly On The Wall says

    “Artists raise their kids differently. We communicate to the point where we probably annoy our children. We have art around the house, we have books, we go to plays, we talk. Our focus is art and painting and dress-up and singing. It’s what we love.”

    Nothing special about that. We have art, books and music in our house, and God knows I’m no artist.

  81. Amanda says

    She looks totally fake on that cover. Too much photo shop, she looks mush better natural. She may be a little ecentric but she is beautiful you cant deny that! Brad was sexy in legends of the fall and since then has gone downhill. I wish ppl would stop blaming Angie for his divorce if anyone is at fault its Brad. I hope they have happy healthy babies!

  82. Alicia says

    If I read correctly, don’t both Angie and Brad have twins in their families….therefore it wouldn’t be inconceivable for Angie to become pregnant with twins. I don’t know about other couples but I am almost sure of this.

  83. Liza says

    What are artificial twins? Are they made of plastic or some other synthetic material? I’ve never heard of such a thing, must be the wave of the future.

  84. bambamswife says

    Don’t we have enough of this bisexual nutso already. Shame on Pitt for hooking up with this. I used to like him. YUCk, yuck,yuck,yuck,yuck. I still hope they have healthy artificially twin babies. Far too many celebs are having twins which really makes me wonder.

  85. says




  86. says

    AJ loves motherhood and it shows . Everyone has a diffrent point of view as to the quality “family time”, don’t we ? The point is to provide a safe enviroment for our kids to grow in….

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