Gwyneth Works Out Three Hours A Day?

Gwyneth Paltrow 

Chef Mario Batali shared how much he thinks Gwyneth works out to maintain her fabulous figure.

“I think she works out three hours a day – which is one of the keys to success,” chef Mario Batali told Us magazine at the opening of the Uncle Ben’s Kids Café in Carson, California, on Wednesday

“If we all did that, we’d all look like Gwyneth Paltrow,” he said. “Or at least closer.”

He added that the Iron Man actress, 35, “loves to eat … and, you know, she never puts on a pound!”

Gwyneth and Mario Batali are teaming up for their upcoming PBS documentary Spain …On the Road Again, airing this fall.

“We had an amazing time — we saw everything!” he said.

“Predominately,” he added, the show’s “about understanding Spain from the perspective of a casual traveler. It’s very much like a road trip, we just drove into a place, figured out what was going on and tried to get a hold of it.”

Oh…Gwyneth is probably cursing Mario right now! No one is supposed to ADMIT to working out three hours a day….even if that is the truth! Just kidding! He only said that he “thought” she must work out that much.



  1. susanna says

    I think it is more down to a strict diet, as she complained that doing excessive workouts with Maddona was too much.She doesnt seem to have the muscle that would come with that sort of excercising. Why dont we ever see her and Chris together? strange.

  2. Zbella says

    N – I am. I just wouldn’t call it “spare time”. Like now when I steal a minute after the kids are asleep, I still am here and on the ready. Although now that it’s officially summer vacation (hubby is a teacher) I will be able to go to the gym again! My baby is also down to nursing just twice a day so I’m just swimming in spare time!

  3. Zbella says

    “You know your kids are NOT around 24/7 a mom has spare time when she can hire people to do the household , groceries and such.” Really? Well, mine are, and I don’t have someone to clean and grocery shop for me, so they get to be there for that too.

  4. Tia :) says

    45 mins a day is good enough for me thank you. If i can do more, i do…if not then Im happy with my 45 mins. I dont have the time!

  5. TDot says

    I hit the gym three days a week for two hours, and when Im not at the gym I hit the treadmill and weights at home…there is time when the kids do sleep..I have four and I still have adult time..I just spend it working out!!

    Its nice to hear she has to work at it..I hate it when celeb moms say crap like ” i dont go have to work out, running after a toddler is enough of a work out…blah blah blah”

    If that were true, we’d all be a size two…with four kids I would possibley be a negative number!!!

    Good on ya, work it baby!!!

  6. Cheetah says

    I do think she works out allot! But who cares. She probable does it when apple is at preschool and when moses is a sleep. You know your kids are NOT around 24/7 a mom has spare time when she can hire people to do the household , groceries and such.

    I admire her commitment to her fan/work/family. Its not easy to work out so much it takes an incredible person to do so.

  7. Liza says

    They do have a nanny, but she recently said they didn’t have one for the first year of Apple’s life.

    I highly doubt that she works out 3 hours a day, and I also think Batali was kidding when he said this.

  8. Evie says

    I don’t think she really works out for three hours – I think he was exaggerating. But if she does and it is true… how the heck can you spend time with the children when you are on a treadmill, etc for three hours?? The reason I ask, is because I think she stated before that she has no nanny – she is raising the kids by herself. Like I said – I don’t think it’s true.

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