Geri Halliwell Throws Her Daughter A Bunny-Filled 2nd Birthday Party!

Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell threw an extravagant party for her daughter Bluebell’s second birthday party.

In an interview with Hello! Magazine the party – which took place in a 16th-century mansion and resembled Alice in Wonderland- featured a host of celebrities, amazing cake and white lop-eared bunnies, enormous stuffed toys, white-horse chess pieces! And the guest of honour came dressed as a fairy princess – which to her adoring mum was quite appropriate.

“She’s my little fairy,” enthused Geri, adding: “It’s like a magic wand was waved when she came into my life.”

Geri became pregnant after a brief relationship with Sacha Gervasi, 42, and relations between the two are said to be fraught.

The 35-year-old mother spoke of her struggle with motherhood and how it brought her and Victoria Beckham together.

After a rift with her fellow Spice girl Geri did not speak to Victoria Beckham, however she revealed that their children brought them closer, healing the rift that was sparked when she quit the Spice Girls a decade ago.

Posh even became Bluebell’s Godmother when she was christened in 2007 and their children regularly play together.

Geri said ‘It’s a challenge being a mother, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.’

Geri has recently been linked with her backing dancer Ivan ‘Flipz’ Velez.

The couple have been dating since the Spice Girls tour earlier this year.

Geri also recently published her first children’s book Ugenia Lavender – the first of six-book series – earlier this month.



  1. Ronnie says

    so these pictures are bad?
    but the ones normally on this site, you know; the ones taken by hounding papparazzo, are fine?
    give me a break already!
    the pictures are of her child she is entitled to share them the papparazzi however are definatley not! it’s not there child!

  2. kattygal says

    Geri looks so stunning. The best she’s looked since 2000, before she went anorexic and old looking. I really think she should go back to a more rich red hair colour though, like the spice girls days, it would make her look younger.

  3. ANTI says

    Seems like she’s compensating for not having a father around so she’s become super mom – whatever.

  4. Granny says

    Because we like to look at these pictures, the paps are going to get them no matter what it takes. Peeping over fences, flying overhead, extra lenses. So I don’t blame these parents for taking control of the situations. Have the pictures taken the way you like, in a controlled environment and since the paps are definitely going to make money selling them for people like us, I don’t blame the stars for collecting too. ONly way to stop it is for the general public to not want to look at these kids and shutting down the market.

  5. Sandra says

    Rachel Sassy Pants I never said you need to get permission from me to visit the site. You come here OBVIOUSLY to see the pictures of the very celebs you are complaining about for selling out their children, you can’t have it both ways sweetheart that is called being a hypocrite. So get over it at least the “sweet” pictures are done in a controlled environment bye a loving parent, for all you know Geri could take the money and put it in a college fund for her daughter or even donate it.

    Ashlee Simpson-Wentz confirmed they are having a baby, congrats to them!!! ;o)

  6. Rachel says

    “It is not like they are showing them off badly; they are very sweet photos not pornographic!”

    I don’t really care if the photos are “sweet.” I still think it’s wrong for a parent to make money off of their child. It’s digusting.

    “So if you don’t like it you should stop looking on this site!”

    I need your permission to be here.

  7. Zbella says

    Aww, sweet. These are just fine, she’ s not exploiting her. The little girl looks happy to sit and pose. My kids would hate it!

  8. carleigh says

    I think it’s OK for her to “show off” her child. Some celebs do it for the money or attention, others do it because they know that the paparazzi are going to hound them and stalk them to get the money shots. At least this way Geri controls the atmosphere, makes some money (which is way better than the sleezy tabloids making a quick buck off of it and going to extremes to get the pics), maybe Geri donates a portion to charity or maybe she is investing this money for her daughters future which is fine. I see nothing wrong with controlled photo shoots being done on a special occasion.

    She is NOTHING like Denise Richards who is totally exploiting her kids by putting cameras into their private lives before they are old enough to have a say in it, that to me is classic exploitation at it’s best.

    That being said Bluebell is an extremely beautiful baby and her and Geri look absolutely lovely in this photo spread.

  9. Could it be says

    I agree with Rachel. If the child had a say and was old enough to make an informed decision about her face being all over a magazine cover then that *might* be acceptable. Otherwise it is nothing more than exploitation.

  10. Sandra says

    Hey I would show off my kid for money. I already show him off so why not for some money!! It is not like they are showing them off badly; they are very sweet photos not pornographic! Besides if celebs didn’t show off their children a website like this would not exist. So if you don’t like it you should stop looking on this site!

  11. Rachel says

    “I think its human nature to show off your kids, Getting paid for it is a major perk.”

    I think it’s human nature to show of your kids as well. So show them off to family and friends. But showing them off to the world, and making money off of it as well, puts things in a whole different ballpark.

  12. sharrie says

    what a pretty baby. I think she is getting prettier as she gets older…and looks SO much like her mum.

  13. becks says

    well i think geri and bluebell look beautiful and if i had the money and fame i would do the same big over top party press and celebrate my children with the world!!

  14. Rachel says

    I really don’t understand why there are so many celebrities who are exploiting their kids by selling their photos like this. Oh, wait, on second thought I do know why: money. But I think it’s appalling. They need to find a way to make money that doesn’t involve invading their children’s privacy. I understand doing one photo shoot after the kid is born to get the press off their backs. But anything beyond that seems to exploitative.

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