Happy 2nd Birthday Shiloh!


Since Shiloh’s birth in Namibia on May 27th, 2006, she’s jetted to India, New Orleans, Cambodia and most recently Cannes. And the lucky tot is never alone, with sister Zahara, 3, and brothers Maddox, 6, and Pax, 4, by her side. And in the coming months she’ll become a big sister!


  1. dori says

    and your a sad excuse of a human being constantly criticizing everything and everyone do you ever have anything good to say? NO YOU DON”T

  2. shirley says

    Shiloh is a beauty. Why does she have no decent clothes when all the other children are well groomed. I have seen so many pics and lately she looks as unhappy as suri never a smile
    Does angie still consider her a blob?
    Never seen her hair combed. What a poor excuse for a parent. All for publicity value

  3. joie says

    All the best to you and all your children. Raise them with the love you know and share and you can not go wrong. Many more years and much more love always…..

  4. bj's mom says

    Travel Outside of U.S., Immigration
    Wait 12 months after travel in an area where malaria is found. Wait 3 years after living in a country or countries where malaria is found. Persons who have spent long periods of time in countries where “mad cow disease” is found are not eligible to donate. This requirement is related to concerns about variant Creutzfeld Jacob Disease (vCJD). Learn more about vCJD and donation. Persons who were born in or who lived in certain countries in Western Africa, or who have had close contact with persons who were born in or who lived in certain West African countries are not eligible to donate. This requirement is related to concerns about HIV Group O. Learn more about HIV Group O, and the specific African countries where it is found.

  5. bj's mom says

    zbella….go read on red cross…when you’ve been to a different country you have to wait a certain time frame or something….

  6. says

    Shiloh was born on the same day my daughter was, May 27th and I was going to name her Shiloh but changed my mind because I thought Abigail was more fitting. I didn’t know they shared a birthday! Perfect picture…

  7. Zbella says

    I love this little cutie-pie.

    On a side note, # 11, I’m curious too. I can’t donate blood because my iron levels are always really low.

  8. sp says

    #11 – it’s okay her Parents do so much for the world already.
    Happy Birthday and many many more…

  9. says

    happy 2nd birthday shiloh and

    how come kingston is not here is birthday was yesterday i love kingston as well

    and happy 2nd birthday kings ton

  10. ann says

    Shiloh she is angel every time I saw her picture I fell very happy, she is most beautiful blonde a little girld in the world. happy birthday Shiloh.

  11. Butterfly says

    Compare the publicity around Shiloh’s birthday with that of Suri’s. I love how cute both girls are, but no doubt can remain regarding the differences in parenting styles when compared. Brad and Angelina are right not to use their children as photo ops. That stated, I would love to see more pictures–updated ones–of Shiloh.

  12. deeds says

    It’s amazing how much Brad has aged in that last 2 years. I never noticed how much until I saw this pic. Happy Birthday Shiloh!

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