Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Buy A $60 Million Chateau As Part Of Their Nesting Process!

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Brangelina’s ever expanding brood is going to have A LOT more room to play!

Expectant parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have reportedly plunked down a whopping $60 million on a sprawling 1,000-acre estate in the south of France. With 35 bedrooms, plus a vineyard, lake, forest and moat, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and the soon-to-be-born twins are going to be playing house in high style.

“It’s called Chateau Miraval in a village called Brignol, which is near from Aix-en-Provence,” a source told E! News. “And it’s absolutely unbelievable.”

There was no immediate comment from the couple’s camp, but, per the insider, “Brad and Angelina are thrilled, they love the place and have already been furniture shopping to fill the place as it’s massive…The whole family can’t wait to move in.”

But where to begin?

The pre-Roman estate also boasts a swimming pool, billiards room, indoor pool, his-and-hers gyms, sauna and jacuzzi and a huge banquet hall.

Magnificent cascading stone-walled terraces have been replanted with 13 different varieties of olives, and water is everywhere on the sprawling estate—20 fountains, aqueducts and a stream that runs through hidden tunnels, passes through the moat and fills the lake.

Except for the ponies and goats grazing in the nearby fields, “the house is surrounded by a forest so they’ll have total privacy, which is exactly what they’re after,” the source told E! “No one will ever be able to get pictures of them relaxing at home, it’s just impossible.”

The Jolie-Pitts hope to be completely moved in within the next three months, if not sooner. For the past year, Brad and Angelina had been house-hunting in the area, where residents include Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis and U2 frontman Bono.

Since arriving in France at the end of April, Brad Angelina and the kids have been staying at Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen’s villa in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Angelina befriended Paul while filming DreamWorks’ Shark Tale in 2004.

Wow! Their new home has it’s own website!


  1. Sandy says

    More stars should be like Angelina and Brad, they made mistakes, who doesn’t? They are happy with one another and they are a nice family, I am happy for them in their new home.

  2. says

    Just for those that hadn’t heard an update on this story: They didn’t actually buy this house, they are just leasing it for 3 years. So while it will still cost them a whole lot of money, at least not 60 million, even Angelina and Brad would think twice I assume of paying such a high amount. And with their frequent travelling, who knows where they will be living three years from now.

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  3. says

    Folks they’re freakin’ gazillionaires. It’s nice to see them allow us a glimpse into their life… If it were me, I’d try and keep it on the down_low… And who wants to stay in one spot for that long while they could literally take their kids all over the world on a major travelling history lesson? How awesome.

    They should go get some RETAIL THERAPY at my shop!

  4. dori says

    In Angelinas defense ( if you can believe this) she is a good mother and I believe she treats all her children equally. I may not like her as a person and with her history but no one can deny by all the pics we’ve seen that she is a very good mother to all of her children. No one is loved more or less than any other. Mixing biological children with adopted children make sfor a very happy home for everyone. This is a well known fact.

  5. dori says

    If you read hellorazzi you would also know that I was in Florida may 12-18 came back went to michigan Memorial weekend came back again and went to Wisconsin and just returned Sunday evening. I posted a return note to Lori in between my travels. Now you have all the facts if you choose not to believe it thats more your problem than mine. And if you really knew me you’d know I don’t behave the way this dori has been acting. Enough said I will not explain myself to you or anyone else on this website.

  6. Nicki says

    80. dori | June 2nd, 2008 at 1:20 pm
    by the way someone has been using my name again half the writing in here doesn’t belong to me I have been out of town from May 12 till today.
    Did they also steal your Hellorazzi name and post a message there on May 29th?

  7. bj's mom says

    oh well that could explain alot….sorry to hear that someone would stoop to that level. i really enjoy this site and dont want to argue with anyone.

  8. dori says

    by the way someone has been using my name again half the writing in here doesn’t belong to me I have been out of town from May 12 till today.

  9. dori says

    now if you please just mind your own business and not feel you need to make comments about me we’ll be just fine

  10. dori says

    yes BJ my kids are are adults and don’t need my help why aren’t you spending time raising yours instaed of comming in here and comments on other bloggers comments.. get a life loser

  11. Nicki says

    And I thought jjj actually went away for 2 weeks. Sounds like jj is alive and well with a different name, one that didn’t used to be nasty to people and call them childess names.

  12. Nicki says

    jackie-What lies does she tell? How is she living above her means? Reese Witherspoon gets $20 mil per movie. Angelian is the #2 paid, getting between $15-20 mil. Brad actually gets paid for his movie he does also. They do earn a nice paycheck for what they do.

    What kind of humantarian lives like that? How about Oprah, Bono, Bill Gates to name a few.

  13. jackie says

    She tells lies all the time. What kind of humantarian lives like that? Obviously she does no thave that kind of money. They are living above their means.

  14. bj's mom says

    dori ….all thats left here is a bunch of nasty ragging women who spend more time in here writing garbage than they do with their own kids….you said it, not me.

  15. dori says

    I can see why all the intelligent and interesting people have left this website all thats left here is a bunch of nasty ragging women who spend more time in here writing garbage than they do with their own kids
    Keep jumping on my case and I’ll keep getting nasty

  16. dori says

    and why don’t you go spend some time with your children instead of writing BS in here all the time? get a life loser

  17. Zbella says

    I happen to know several BJs and my husband’s initials are indeed BJ! Please grow up and stop insulting people’s names.

  18. bj's mom says

    joyfullymine…i stated that above in one of my posts that i do appreciate that they donate because they certainly dont have to and that was my other point that 8 mill is like pocket change so its no diff than me donating a hundered bucks, but our small donations are plastered on the news for everyone to know about.
    Dori….you came in here in the middle of a conversation that had nothing to do with you and called us all idiots but honey the more you write i think we all know who the idiot is. by the way, i think i told you in the past that bj are my childrens initials. why dont you quit your nasty comments and go take your grandchildren to the park or something!!!

  19. says

    Bj’s Mom:

    I see what your saying about if they make so much then 8 million is like pocket change to them, but even if they only gave $500,000 wouldn’t it still be well enough? 8 million probably didn’t make a dent in their pockets, but at least they gave. There are people who do not give at all, while being their choice, I think it is a little worst than a couple who has given 8 million regardless of the impact it has on their financial well being. They have made a small sacrific to make a difference in someone else’s life. If I only gave a dollar to a charity, does my dollar not count because of the percentage compared to how much I make is small? Every little bit counts.

  20. deeds says

    They do have some beautiful children. Just wondering how the get their money, I don’t believe it’s from all of the Oscar winning films they’ve made.

  21. dori says

    you act like your someone special around here blow job you’re just another mother like so many other mothers your opinion is just that..YOUR opinion. you think you know it all? your think you run this blog? who are you to point out the fact I reappeared here? I have been bloggin on this website for 4 years now and you are just another narcisitic biAtch who thinks she ‘s the queen bee on this website

  22. deeds says

    When was the last time either one of them made a #1 blockbuster movie? I’m not judging I really don’t remember.

  23. dori says

    this is all BS and you idiots are in here arguing about it
    you all crack me up.
    Who cares what they do. They are lame , their movies are even worse.
    They will be on the move again sooner than the kids can say mommy is this our home?

  24. bj's mom says

    ok, Liza, your going way too far into depth about this now, assets, credit scores, etc… only point from the beginning is that they donated 8 million last year and if buying a 60 million dollar house was true then giving 8 away is not a big deal to them…again, dont get me wrong…its a VERY big deal to the people it is being donated to and i do appreciate that they choose to donate at all. and my other point was pretty much like your saying about the athletes. they make all this money in the first place FROM the people supporting them. I didnt say it was wrong, Im still going to watch Brad and Angies films AND I, for one, just made Pavel Datsyuk richer today by buying a jersey! Lol….

  25. traveler says

    Angelina made the comment recently that she had no desire to give birth to children until she met Brad. She stated that everything changes when you love someone. So quite harping on something she said years ago before she met someone she wanted a family with.

    As far as I can see, Shiloh is treated the same as all the other children. In fact, in those pictures from NO when Angelina was taking all 4 kids to the store for some goodies, she paid the most attention to Shiloh. So your disgust has no place here.

  26. Liza says

    I really do fail to see how its “same story different numbers”. Taking out a mortgage doesn’t even presume that a person has anywhere near that much money, in cash, assets, or otherwise. And having a mortgage doesn’t naturally presume that you have available cash to donate or otherwise, since it’s more likely to depend on your credit rating.

    Renting or buying, they are probably putting out the same amount of cash regardless if its rent or mortgage payments.

    My point about salary’s, whether for athletes or other celebrities, is that while what they actually do isn’t necessarily deserving of the money they make, the fact that they are responsible for such a disporportionate amount of the money being made, they really are entitled to a significant portion of that money. I wasn’t assuming anyone was being bashed but just saying that when one person’s role draws in a significantly larger portion of the revenue than another’s, that person DOES deserve recognition of that. And I say this all the while thinking that what they actually do (i.e. acting, playing sports) isn’t deserving of this amount of money.

  27. bj's mom says

    Liza, i see your point but again if i mortgage a 200,000 house and donate 1000 cash, same story different numbers. it dosent matter anyways because they are only renting and as far as the athletes go, our Red Wings had a time period a few years ago when they did not play because they couldnt reach a “deal”. they are paid a redicilous amount of money as well, but like i said before, im not bashing any of these people, i LOVE the Wings and watch every game (they just lost to the penguins in game 3, im depressed) im just glad it was a rumor because like i said before, it didnt sound like Brad and Angie to spend so much on one home.

  28. carleigh says

    So they are renting a house for three years, what the heck is everyone harping and whining about??? Are they not allowed to put down roots and enjoy the fruits of their labor?? They work for their money, they pay taxes, they are free to spend their money on WHATEVER they want, lest we forget they BOTH give an extremely large portion of their personal time & income to charity also.

    By leasing this property they are able to enjoy their family time without the hounding of the pap’s. If it comes with 1000 plus acres, it is highly unlikely that the paps are going to be able to invade or harass them.

    As for why Angelina decided to have more bio children, isn’t that her right??? People are allowed to change their mind if they so choose, this is called freedom and we ALL have that right. Why is she held to a higher standard than anyone else??? Why is she scrutinized and crucified for some remark made, oh about 4 years ago??? Because like I said before, people like to nit pick and b*tch and nothing will ever be good enough.

    They are blessed with wealth and a beautiful family, they seem to be very sincere in their efforts to better the world in which they live and they adore each other and their children….geez I guess everyone just believes the worst about them because it is inherent in some people to be bitter, judgmental and jealous, how truly sad this world has become……

  29. Zbella says

    Yea, this sounds like bull from the get-go… no one plunks down 100% of a house’s worth. You get a mortgage. That may or may not be the retail value, but 1) they didn’t buy it and 2) they obviously wouldn’t buy it outright and 3) a home can be a rented property. We rented for almost 3 years. It’s still home.

  30. Liza says

    BJ, Even if they were buying it, they likely weren’t paying 60 million in cash. Just like your average home buyer, when celebrities buy houses, they put some money down and take out a bank loan and pay a mortgage. The money they donate, however, IS cash, and that makes all the difference. Even if they were taking out a substantial mortgage, donating 8 million in cash is significant.

    I can also play devil’s advocate with how much celebrities and even professional athletes get paid (ugh). Maybe the actual job that they do isn’t deserving of millions of money, but without a doubt it is their names and their faces which draw in millions of dollars each year for production companies or team organizations. They are responsible for a disproportionate amount of the revenue earned, and therefore, they are entitled to a proportional amount of that revenue, even if the amount seems ridiculous.

  31. Liza says

    How does she favor her adopted children over her biological child?

    I don’t see any evidence that she does this. Whenever Shiloh is out with the other children, she seems to be just as included and doted on as the other children.

  32. Rijay says

    Why doesn’t Angelina adopt more instead of having biological children? I only say that because she seems to ignore Shiloh, since she is afterall “born into privilege” (out of Jolie’s own mouth when describing Shiloh).
    Seriously, if she’s going to favor her adopted children (and I support adoption completely), why not just adopt more instead of bringing more children in that she’ll resent for some very unfathomable reason.

    She’s so messed up. She should really see a priest and/or psychologist.

  33. tamiko_toka 12 says


  34. Nicki says

    I would guess because the pics shown here were taken with the owners permission. (They do have a website). And allowed a photographer access to the grounds. The paps won’t be given permission to be on the grounds. They only pics, if any, will be by sneaking onto the grounds and not getting caught by security. Which I doubt they wouldn’t be caught, so no pics from this house.

  35. deeds says

    I don’t understand how it wouldn’t be possible to take pics of the family (if they were outside). If pics of the property can be taken. That does make any sense to me.

  36. bj's mom says

    ok we get the frickin’ point…they are only leasing it. then why are we on here posting about something that isnt even true in the first place.

  37. Ronnie says

    it’s there money they can spend it how they want it is not not your choice whther they are alloweed to spend it or not!!!! not that your opinion would matter to them anyway. you lot are insignificant!!!

  38. Andy says

    Congrads to them! I strongly suggest you view her photos at B l a c k W h i t e K i s s .C O M where you can find me and many handsome black and white men .. like me )

  39. Amanda says

    Sad, I was hoping they found a Real Home and were going to stop bouncing the kids around so much. Its OK to travel with your kids but they need at least one stable HOME.

    But our Military Families do it and turn out fine so I guess the Pitts can too!

  40. Sunny says

    #32, 33, 34
    Back off!! You act like leasing a $60 MILLION chateau for 3 years is nothing–so they didn’t buy it, big deal. They’ll still spend millions on this home that in the end they won’t even own…..and good for them!!!

  41. LOL says

    After reading some of these posts, I now see why tabs are still making money.

    It is not true about them purchasing this house for 60 or 70 million.

    The JPs are not the type to put so much money into a house! The truth is they will be leasing it for a while,,

    But why let a little thing like the truth get in the way of
    criticizing this family, right?

  42. ashlee says




  43. Fly On The Wall says

    LOL ROFLMAO! Some Brit tabloid puts out a phony story and the American tabs pick it up and run with it, and this web site repeats it and some people on here are dumb enough to believe it. They are LEASING this house, folks. Remember last year when the London Dail Mail reported they were buying a $280 million yacht? Sheesh, some people are gullible enough to believe anything. It’s nitwits like you who keep the tabloids in business.

  44. Sandy says

    I say Let Them BE!!!! Who are they messing with? Who are they hurting, leave them alone and they mind ther own business, they are happy!

  45. bj's mom says

    it has nothing to do with being jealous, nicki. i was just saying that the amount of money they make is rediculous and no, not just brad and angie. i remember jennifer aniston getting 1 million per episode of “friends” and what about sports figures? yes, they are talented but its just crazy how much they make. i am not bashing these two. i actually like this couple, but im glad that its not true about the purchase of this home. it did seem a little out of character for them.

  46. Nicki says

    26. Anon ~It obviously fell on deaf ears. The only thing for them to bit(h about is how much someone spent of thier own earned cash on something they didn’t. It is easier to complain about something that isn’t true, than to face the facts!
    Because why else would they complain about someone elses money being spent by the owners of “said” money, than to look at the facts. (Oh right it doesn’t make a “good gossip story to talk about.”)
    Who cares how much Millionaires, Billionaires, etc. (I don’t see anyone complaining about Bill Gates buying his 100,000,000 home. He does tons of great work, but he is entitled to live how he wants.
    Or Oprah, who helps many people but spends millions of $$$ on herself. They are allowed to do what they want with thier money, BUT Brad and Angie are held to a higher standard than them, and Oprah and Bill G. who make WAY more money.
    I can only guess it comes down to being jealous of two movie stars, who make WAY LESS than Bill Gates and Oprah W., but held to a TOTALLY different standard than the rest. Just jealously, I can only think of.

  47. Jessie says

    I agree 100% with #10) malmrcat. Brad and Angelina do good, yes, but don’t go acting like they are saints. They do charity work and adopt kids and then spend $60 million on a house?! I don’t think that’s right.

  48. violetsky says

    Actually, Bono’s home is his and The Edge’s. They brought it between them and house share.

  49. bj's mom says

    Tizzy…exactly my point…its all a cycle. we support them, they make money. dont get me wrong…they dont HAVE to donate any of it, like everyone is saying, yes, it is THEIR money so i do appreciate the fact that they do what they do, but its just a drop in the bucket really. and yes i know they have a right to spend it how they want, its just that i think celebrities make way too much to begin with. they work hard for a few months or a year on a film, then they are traveling the world the rest of the time. what about the hard working people who do it every single day? long hard hours and will never see a million in their lifetime. i dont know, but anyways maybe it is just a rumor or maye not. we’ll see.

  50. Nicki says

    They have just rented it for a couple of years. If all the rag stories about them buying in France were true they would have 6 houses/castles/vinyards.
    They are just renting it. Relax people. It is thier money anyway. They earn it they have every right to spend it as they wish. No one tells anyone of us what we should and shouldn’t buy with our own money. Why do some feel it is thier right to decide how anybody should spend thier money?
    I wouldn’t believe much of what E! has to say. They take stories from tabloids.
    You will see just renting it for a few years. What a nice private place to have some peace and quiet away from the paps, at least while in thier own home.

  51. samsmom says

    It makes no difference how much they give or don’t give, the money is their’s to do with as they see fit. I don’t like this couple, I think they are too showy with their charity. But the fact remains that this is money they earned period.
    I hope they find peace and happiness there for their beautiful family.

  52. Tizzy says

    I get your point, bj’s mom, but yet you come to a website about celebrities! It’s terrible. I feel the same way about the idea that they are overpaid but then we come here and look at the pictures and become part of the machine that leaves them overpaid.
    That said, 6 million aint actually that much given what they are getting…

  53. bj's mom says

    i usually defend angie and brad, but im annoyed. everyone made a huge big deal about how they donated 8 million last year, BUT when you have enough cash to buy just one home for 60 million, do you realize that their 8 million donation is no different than me donating a few hundred bucks? and not to mention the fact that celebrities are sooo overpaid and by who? US! WE got watch all their movies and without fans they would be nothing. A doctor or surgeon who saves people lives everyday deserves it more. So when they are donating their 8 mill, their just giving back a small amount of what we gave to them. sorry, i just find it annoying when so many people are struggling and losing their homes left and right and then i read this.

  54. essie says

    There are not many houses as old as this one that has 35 bedrooms!!! Only castles built back then had that many bedrooms and this isn’t a castle from the looks of it.

    At any rate, you all should remember that there were rumors before about them buying a chateau in France to go along with the rumors about an apartment they supposedly bought in Berlin, to go along with the man-made island they bought in Dubai, to go along with the yacht they purchased from an Italian maker, to go along with mansion on the beach in the Bahamas . . . and on and on!!!

    Don’t believe anything written about these people until you hear it directly from their mouths. And, in my opinion, it’s unfair to criticize them from excess when you don’t know the truth of this story.

  55. Sandy says

    They should be able to spend whatever they want too and buy a house wherever they want, it is their money and their family.

  56. cyberkitten38 says

    that’s one thing i could never understand…
    why do celebrities buy such HUGE houses..with so many bedrooms? what do they need all those rooms for? lol
    I pity the maids havin to clean em! It’s all i can do to maintain my pitiful THREE bedroom! lol

  57. traveler says

    I’ll believe it when they move in. The tabloids have been wrong before about their real estate purchases.

  58. ann says

    good for them and kid, they are lovely couple doing so much for charitable, they are deserve have this place for sweet home.

  59. Tizzy says

    Good for them! It’s looks lovely and I imagine that when you get hounded by the press continually and discover that there are websites like this one that exist to post photos of your children taken by zoom lense that paying a stupid amount of money for privacy for your children becomes a natural if depressing step to take. It’s not like they can just buy a house anywhere and know that if their children want to play then they can do so without pictures of that being posted here.

  60. malmrcat says

    60 million on a house? You know I usually love them because of all the good stuff they do for others… but come on! Don’t act like good stewards and then go spend 60 million on a house… I am just tried of people calling them “St. Brad and Ange,” they are normal people that like to do a “little” good and then have lots of fun!

  61. Sunny says

    Good for them!! They can stay out of the limelight as long as they want here. You rarely see photos of Depp and family or Bono out in public.
    I’m not a big Jolie-Pitt fan, but good for them and their kiddos!

  62. boo says

    Well if it is true it’s crazy to think that they purchased a 60 million dollar home and it probably didn’t even put a ding or dent in their savings….. just goes to show how loaded they are…. normally I would say that this is a waste of money, and better things could be done with that kind of money BUT Angie and Brad work on countless charities and helping those in need and I think they deserve to splurge on something for themselves…. even if it is a home the size of a small town!!!lol….. .congratz to them 🙂

  63. essie says

    I’ll believe it when Angelina or Brad say so in an interview!!! According to the tabloids, they have been “buying” an estate in France, along with purchasing a $125 million yacht, for the past 3 years!!! This is just another rumor until THEY confirm it!!!

  64. Andrea says

    I have read that they rented the place for three years. Anyway hopefully they will find the privacy they deserve.

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