Britney & Jayden James

Britney Spears

Britney Spears was snapped with Jayden James during a playdate in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. So cute!



  1. N says

    I could have sworn I have read plenty of information about her custody trial…… we know she has to have supervised visits. We know what her visitation rights are and whenever they change. We know she was taking drug tests and the frequency of those tests in the beginning but no info on those things now….. We know their financial information…. Alot of the documents were on tmz and smoking gun. Some with important info blacked out….some not.

  2. Liza says

    You likely won’t get any details about her drug abuse or anything else associated with the custody trial. Because Family Court files are sealed and likely locked up, it’s doubtful that this information will be leaked. And yes, the medical information was leaked, Family Court files are a bit differently handled than a medical file.

  3. Zbella says

    Good mothering is taught. Brit didn’t have much of a role model and she certainly didn’t have the maturity or take the role seriously from the beginning. Best of luck to them.

  4. N says

    I truthfully think the girl suffered from severe post partum depression coupled with the stress of a failling marriage. Probably a slew of other stuff too!
    I think she has the ability to be a great mom…….at the moment she needs help. She should probably go to a couple of parenting classes like her sister. Her father being present now is great…but he should have been present from the begin.

  5. N says

    I think what #35 is saying …… Is that since Judges are also HUMAN they can make mistakes. Regardless if they have all the “facts” in front of them.
    I am still waiting to hear what drugs she was “regularly” abusing. I am still waiting to hear about the results of her drug tests. Everything about her custody case has been leaked, her medical records, etc; Why not this info if it exists…… The judge did say she was a “habitual” user. I wonder if he was Wrong about that so-called Fact!

  6. Analise says

    Aww. A pic of her not skanked out holding her sleeping kid makes her a good Mom??? Please. She shouldn’t be anywhere near them.

  7. Liza says

    Maybe someone could correct me if I am wrong, but when did I ever say that Judges were always right and high and mighty? Please read more carefully before attacking my words. But Judges make decisions based upon evidence that we don’t get to see and we know that recommendations were made to the court from professionals. We also saw her fall apart piece by piece over the last year.

    The truth is Jen, that good parents generally aren’t stripped of their custodial rights without good cause. You’ll notice I say, “generally”, which was also mentioned in my previous post. Judges can only make decisions whether regarding custody or sentencing based on evidence and guidelines, and in this case, based upon the recommendation of mental health and parenting professionals. They don’t exist in a vacuum and get to make decisions based upon their own opinions.

  8. Jordyn says

    Actually Jen, you’re wrong. Being a judge does make them both right and high and mighty! They get to see all the facts (we dont)…and they make the decisions, like it or not. Im not saying I agree 1 person should have that much power, but thats our judicial system. I dont think any of us sitting on Babyrazzi will ever know everything that happend to make a judgement call on Brit.

  9. Jen says

    #27- There have also been judges that have given child molesters 5 years in prison and 2 years to a murderer. Just because someone is a judge doesn’t make them right or high and mighty.

  10. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Jayden looks so comfortable in Britney’s arms. I hope this picture is a sign that things are getting better for Britney.

    I’m not sure whether the reports of her having bipolar disorder are true or not – but I think she does. Bipolar is usually a perfectly manageable illness but left untreated, it will only get worse.

    I hope Britney is getting the help she needs now and gets back on track for her children’s sake. Growing up with a bipolar parent can seriously screw up a kid’s life – especially if that parent doesn’t realise they are ill.

  11. ash says

    I think her dad is doing a good job, keeping her on track. I like Britney and wish her all the best.

  12. devie says

    Good to know that she is getting her life back in order. Not everyone is meant to have staying power like Modanna and maintain this type of lifestyle.
    Maybe she can find another outlet like continuing acting to keep in the limelight if she wants that for herself.
    Most of all, those boys need mommy now and it is really great they have her back.

  13. says

    mrs sugar walls haha you are awesome this picture prooves that shes triyn to be the best mom for her boys and tam shut up

  14. DMITZ says

    Ms. Sugar Walls I don’t think you know Britney and more thatn we do and microscope or not, she F*ed up moments in her life that she will NEVER get back. Youth is a gift, and she’s lost precious times with her baby. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

  15. Lauren says

    How sweet. Jayden looks so content being back in his mom’s arms. I’m rooting for her to get her life back together and hopefull sharing custody of her precious babies. Those little ones deserve a mother. 😉

  16. Liza says

    Well since a judge decided that she was too unstable to provide care for her own children, then, yes, the quality of her parent is in doubt, and I wouldn’t jump on someone’s back because they are confused about why people are calling her a good parent.

    She had her children removed from her custody, she is not allowed unsupervised/unmonitored visits. She locked herself in a bathroom with her son and refused to come out to the police. This generally doesn’t happen to good parents.

    We can all hope that she makes a full recovery (I believe her to be mentally ill), but a few months of stability created being parented full time by her own father, does not make her a good mother. There is a different between a loving mother (which she may be) and a good mother (which is in doubt).

  17. says

    If your life was under a microscope I am sure that you do some things that America wouldn’t approve of, but NO ONE knows you are free to lick plates with your dog! LOL

  18. says


    STFU and keep your comments to yourself! YOU don’t know her you can’t say whether she is a good mom, or not! I think that k=fraud is the one that is putting on shows that have your dried housewives thinking that he is the better parent! YOU, or DMITZ don’t know what has occured in her life! Just because she is POP star doesn’t make her a GOD! She is human just you and I

  19. Tam says

    How can people say she is a good mother, wtf is wrong with you if she is a good parent to you… she abandons her children, has spent most of their life partying and not spending any time with them.. if shes a parent.. heaven forbid you must think actual good parents like heidi klum and gwen stefani are immorital gods.

  20. kris says

    What a cute picture. These kids need something that caught be bought..even with all the money Brit has…they need love. They’ve been back and forth seeing things they shouldn’t have seen. They need to feel safe and loved. Good luck Brit. I wish you the best!!

  21. Generic name says

    I know she’s a good mom! she loves her children so much, she’s not perfect, she made mistakes…welcome back Brit!

  22. Amanda says

    Thank God Brit got her stuff together! I always knew she had it in her to be a really good mom. Too bad she didnt have more and better support in life. Its gotta be hard to trust for her. Those boys need her and she needs them.

  23. Jordyn says

    Isn’t it amazing that children have the gift of unconditional love? More adults need the same! She should treasure these moments.

  24. Tizzy says

    I’m so glad that she’s getting her life in order and getting the help she so clearly needed. Poor, poor woman. I cannot fathom having the problems that it seems she had and having to deal with the world making money off watching your breakdown – it must make it even harder to recover because you see the very worst in people.

  25. lucia says

    Nice picture!
    sean and jay need their mummy!!
    britney’s family have to help her. She needs her boys too

  26. emily says

    Aww, he loves his mommy, he probably misses his mommy’s hugs and kisses at nap and bedtime. So sad she’s not able to do that everyday and night. Too bad you need a license to EVERYTHING in this country except have babies. I wish her the best with her darling babies

  27. Jessie says

    I agree with DMITZ. Also, I think little Jayden will be able to come back from these traumatic moments because he’s little, which is good, same with Sean. It probably won’t effect them that much when they’re older.

  28. says

    finally a picture of one of the boys i would love to see sean too but i love this picture she seems to be getting hr life back on track and shes doing it for her babies

  29. Jacquie says

    Nothing like the love of your child! Keep heading in the right direction Britney, your kids need and obviously love their Mom.

  30. DMITZ says

    The thing is she knows she’s under the microscope. She’s the one that made a public spectacle of herself. There are other parents (famous) that aren’t perfect but Brit just flaunted her mistakes.

    IMO and b/c I know someone JUST like Britney was, I don’t get it. We’ve all had bad parents moments whether we want to admit it or not (some greater than others) but I can’t fathom not being there for your child. My husband and I will go out with friends occassionally but I miss my kids so much that I couldn’t do it all the time.

    I do give Britney props for allowing herself to get the help she needs and even though I’ve criticized her during her crazy decisions, I’m rooting for her to get her life back on track. Her children deserve it. Children need a mother.

  31. Sole1976 says

    Jayden looks like he’s in heaven being in her arms. I really hope Britney gets everything back together. Even being off the map for so long, she’s still the world’s biggest pop star. I hope her career takes off again and she gets her family life back where it should be.

  32. Rachel says

    Awww how cute! I think she is trying to get it together! People need to stop putting her under a microscope NOBODY is perfect!

  33. Jenn says

    Awww… Im so happy to see her with her babies again. She seems like she is really trying to get her life straight. good for her.

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