An Expectant Tori Spelling Serves Up Baskin-Robbins

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling

An expectant Tori Spelling was snapped serving up some Baskin-Robbins Soft Serve ice cream during a promotional event Wednesday in Burbank, CA.  



  1. MissMom says

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I don’t understand why everyone feels a need to say she is ugly. Just because she is a star doesnt mean that she can help the way she looks. But looks are not everything. It seems to me she is doing very well for herself. She has a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful babies.I also agree that they do seem very down to earth. A very nice couple. Very cute family.

    Congrats to them!!

  2. Kimberely says

    Tori is beautiful, I love her style. Can’t wait to see her little girl. All the best to the family.

  3. Tammy says

    I agree she is so un-attractive even after all the “work” she’s had done! I live in Toronto Canada, Dean has a ex-wife hear and 2 children I saw him with his son having brkfast and he is a hottie!!!

  4. says

    8. I agree, they say so many things are bad for us. I’m on my third kid now, I ate soft serve and lunchmeat with all of them and they’re all fine–go figure!

  5. pat says

    Tori looks great. I have loved seeing her fashion style during this pregancy she has worn some beautiful dresses. You know she has to be ready to have this baby she does a lot of moving around here lately. Can’t wait to see baby pics and hear the baby name.

  6. Jessie says

    People, she might just be trying to pose for the camera and it just happened to go out of the cone; what’s the big deal? Haven’t you ever spilled something because you weren’t looking at it?

  7. kris says

    Dustie…Yummy…I loved Chik-fil-a ice cream too while I was pregnant with my daughter. I craved it. I had to a few times a week.

  8. kris says

    I liked her on 90210…but other than that..that’s it. I can’t get into her show. Maybe it’s just me, and I could be wrong. But she seems kinda fake. Especially with her facial expressions. I have to admit..her son is a little cutie though!! She looks great though for almost being due!

  9. says

    Zbella-wow i didnt know that she was that close of giving birth lol

    peppers-i thnk she was making a joke out of it

    i want to see some pics of liam

  10. Zbella says

    I heard she’s due in 2 weeks. so I guess that’s early June.

    I do not find her pretty in any way. Wow. I noticed to totally fake serve as well.

  11. says

    i like her and her hubby they seem like two normal people with a baby and another on the way..

    she is due in july right

  12. Dustie says

    Did anyone see TMZ last night? They were going on & on about how soft serve ice cream is bad for expecting Moms. If that’s true I wish someone had warned me about it when I was pregnant and buying Chick Fil A soft serve ice cream at least once a week! Obviously my son and I are fine. 🙂

  13. Dobe says

    hahaha that is hilarious #1! I had to go take a double-look once I read your comment about the ice cream going all over the floor… I didnt even notice!!

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