An Expectant Angelina Jolie Out Shopping At Toys 'R' Us In France

Angelina Jolie

An expectant Angelina was snapped out on a shopping trip to a Toys ‘R’ Us in Nice, France on Wednesday. Brad Pitt was also with her. (not pictured)



  1. sarah giacoppo says

    All I can say, I love angelina and brad being in love and happy together with their children…I just hope and wish Brad and Angelina will be together each other forever…they are really perfect to each other and wish them the best of everything. May God bless them always.

  2. cindy kieren says

    i know that one gift of life that is special is the gift of children so cherish and memorial each and every moment with them.

  3. Jx2 says

    I spent over 300 Euros on clothes and shoes for myself while on vacation in Europe. I feel I deserve it!!
    Italian shoes are incredibly designed and the leather is so luxurious. I’m such a Carrie Bradshaw – LOL !!

  4. Analise says

    Oh no! Angelina dares to buy things for her kids. And *gasp* toys?? The horror. Funny those of you complaining perhaps should be told how the hell to spend YOUR money.

  5. Carol says

    Well if you want to complain about spending money, it was reported that Tom Cruise is upset because a store in California release the information that Katie spent $400,000 on baby clothes last year and it also was reported that they spent 200,000 on Suri’s second birthday party, now this is excess. Maybe Katie was buying clothes for all the kids of Scientologist, LOL. Think of all the kids that don’t even have shoes, right here in this country and all the shoes 600,000 could have bought for them. What the heck is she buying, shoes make out of gold or black gold (oil)

  6. Fly On The Wall says

    Sandy | May 25th, 2008 at 6:21 pm
    Where do the Rich people go to buy toys?

    FAO Schwarz. Google it. They have a web site.

  7. Sandy says

    Where do the Rich people go to buy toys? I didn’t know there was a special store like that, would be fun to look around.

  8. Fly On The Wall says

    29. D’Anna | May 23rd, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    Buy the kids’s clothes at Old Navy and put the thousands of dollars you save on expensive clothes into their college funds.

  9. Fly On The Wall says

    19. kris | May 22nd, 2008 at 10:59 pm
    I splurge on having my nails and hair done..that’s what makes me happy. I feel guilty sometimes

    Guilty about what? Enjoy it — you earned it!

  10. says

    Actually, to me, it looks like she got a lunchbox, a folding play tent or chairs and something else in the front.

    It’s totally different, like someone said about JLo who is spending tons of money on herself and jewelry and infants who don’t care if they’re dressed in $500 outfits that they’ll probably puke or poop on anyway.

    I got a big argument one time about splurging on kids clothes because someone thought my kids HAVE to look ghetto because I don’t spend thousands of dollars a year on a wardrobe they’ll outgrow, tear up, or stain because they’re KIDS and they do these things.

  11. Iluvmy2girlz says

    please, i don’t think she got a lot of toys! she does have four kids, and two on the way, so they need more toys than the usual one or two kids average ppl may have. so get over it!

  12. Zbella says

    I never spoiled my kids with toys… just for special occasions, but I did spoil them with clothes for a couple of years. I realized it was silly and no longer do that. They don’t really care anyway!

  13. Ileana says

    I think the people have gotten into this idea of the more the better, I believe that we have gotten into this idea of competing with each other, the latest toys, clothes and electronics come out, and everyone has to have them or else they feel poor or left behind, I know many people who work two jobs to make a living and buy everything their children desire, I see people who have many credit cards and all to their limit, so they can live extremely well and not look like their missing out on things, this is wrong, extremely wrong, I think we loose what’s important, being with your family, being happy and focusing on other things besides materialistic stuff, don’t get me wrong, I just feel that we should take an example of this great woman, Angelina and be more humanitarian, yes she has money to spend, but she contributes alot of her earnings for good causes, we might not have the money she has, but we can also make a better world , by simply teaching our children, and not spoiling them so much.

  14. Ileana says

    I think there is nothing wrong with spoiling your kids, I don’t spoil mine, she gets spoiled by her grandparents, Honestly, I only buy her toys in her birhtday and in Christmas, and I think that this is more than enough, but I’m very proud that when we go to a toy store she doesn’t cry cause she wants a toy, I always remind my daughter that their are more important things out there, like loving your parents and being nice to people, sometimes she tells me why can you buy me that toy, I remind her she has many toys at home and that she is very fortunate little girl, don’t get me wrong, I do buy her books to read and coloring books, but I believe is more important for me to play with my daughter that shower her with toys, my child is very fortunate, she gets new clothes and toys almost every week, she gets spoiled by both sets of grandparents, but I want to create a balance, I remind them that I rather them take her out to the park or take her to a movie, there is nothing wrong with spoiling your kids, but please remember everyone it’s very, very important for us as parents to teach our children not to take anything for granted, once in awhile take them to a volunteer center or donate their toys, there is less fortunate people out there, we need great human beings, the world is full of selfish people.

  15. Freya says

    How is anyone’s business what AJ spends on herself or her children? She earns and income and is entitled to spend it as she wishes. I wouldn’t want someone peering in my shopping cart whenever I went out. I always buy my kids things. I don’t need a special occsasion to shower them with gifts or love. I obviously don’t have the money that Angelina Jolie has, but I do have the same level of dedication and love for my family and as a mother, I think I have the right to express that to my children in any way I want, as do Angelina and Brad.

  16. Rachel says

    I personally find it much less harmful when people spoil their kids with toys then when they spoil them by letting them do whatever they want to. So I say, who cares if she buys them toys. It’s possible to give a kid a lot of toys and still make them behave and be nice people. I think Rosie O’Donnell said when asked if her children were spoiled, she said “yes, they’re spoiled. They have a ton of toys, but they aren’t allowed to do whatever they want to. They aren’t allowed to eat 10 cookies or stay up as late as they want to.”

  17. Zbella says

    Sounds like I’m preaching to the choir here – but I have only 3 children and I fill my cart much higher when I go shopping. I only get out once every couple of months – so it’s usually for a birthday, Christmas or vacation. Like others said, you buy for one (Shi’s birthday) and you want to have a few special things for the others.

    They are also expecting babies soon and may want to have some big brother, big sister toys ready just in case they come early. I really have never felt they spoil their kids at all. I find them very reasonable. Same with Heidi Klum. When you have lots of little kids it’s inevitable that you’ll have lots of toys, art supplies, books and clothes too!

  18. kris says

    I splurge on having my nails and hair done..that’s what makes me happy. I feel guilty sometimes…but what mother doesn’t when she does something for herself. So why not give the same to my kids. If he wants a new dvd..why not? I do not reward bad behavior…and he doesn’t get a toy just because. He understands that he has to do good in school etc..

  19. says

    people its her money let her spend it how she wants i love angleina jolie she is such a good mother to her kids and will be for her twins shes probally shopping for shiloh she turns 2 next week…shiloh is getting so big

  20. kim says

    I agree with Kris. the bills are paid, food on the table, and a little something to make the kids happy now and then because like your kids, mine work very hard as well. My oldest was playing hockey, playing basketball, and on the honor roll with perfect behavior since the day he started school. We work hard and splurge on an outfit or a pedicure, they get something as well for their hard work. If buying her kids some toys makes them more at home and comfortable, then so be it. like everyone said, she gives enough time and money and help when needed, let her spoil her babies a bit. and, yes, atleast shes out doing the shopping for them herself.

  21. kris says

    My husband and I work very hard to have a decent living. We don’t have millions, but we live comfortable. I might hear crap for this but…I love to spoil my children. That’s what I work for…as long as the bills are paid and we don’t owe anyone…why not spoil your kids!! If I buy for one I always buy for the other. Maybe that’s what Angie is doing..if she buys for one son she’s gonna have to buy for the other…etc. So maybe that’s why it looks like a lot of toys. Maybe it’s 2 toys for each. Either way…I think it’s our right to spoil our children every once in a while. My son is 5 and has a lot going for him. Perfect attendence and no tardies going on 2 years…plus he’s going on his 2nd year of tball as well. we are very proud of him, so if he wants a toy or a dvd…I don’t see anything wrong in buying it.

  22. KayG says

    Considering they are such busy people I doubt she going shopping very often. It’s just hard not to be a little jealous because she doesn’t live on a budget like most of us do!

  23. violetsky says

    Angelina donates a third of her earnings to charity
    Angelina dresses Z in Maddox out grown T-shirts, and Shiloh in Z’s outgrown dresses.
    So I am sure when they move around the globe they are followed by an articulated Lorry full of toys! NOT.
    I bet they either give the toys to a hospice/hospital/woman refuge or some over place where slightly used toys would be greatfully received at the end of each trip.

    I originally was going to post, how refreshing it was to see a hollywood ‘star’ doing her own shopping and pushing a shopping trolley (cart) when was the last time you saw Madonna, J-Lo or Beyonce do that.

  24. Jessie says

    Geez people, calm down, all I was saying was that every month she is at a toy store buying more toys. Yeah, they toys might go to a charity, but seriously, it’s just a lot, even for more than one house. They’re never in one place long anyways, why buy a billion toys for it?

  25. sp says

    I constantly buying my only Son lots of toys…there is nothing wrong with that…People Pleazzzzz…..

  26. Ronnie says

    how come angelina jolie[who donates thousands of $$$ to charity]
    gets picked at for buying toys for her children and selfish cow jennifer lopez gets nothing for that million $ diamond??

    Sur j.lo can spend her own money how she likes, i don’t doubt that!
    but then why can’t angelina?

    She is not even spending it on her self. It’s for her children people!
    Get a grip!!!

  27. Liza says

    I believe that Angelina has said that a lot of the kids toys get donated after they have grown out of them or after they have permanently left an area where they were temporarily living.

  28. Amanda says

    Wow I wonder what it much feel like to be able to walk in a store and buy anything you want and then some. Lucky Lucky kids! I am happy for them!

  29. fee says

    I am fairly certian that they don’t travel with all the toys they buy. They most likely leave them at the house so that they are there whenever they are. Angelina has said that Maddox has an Xbox but it is only at one house.

  30. Lauren says

    #1-Who cares! They’re kids! They’re damn lucky to have parents who can afford to give them a lot of toys.

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