Larry Birkhead Takes Dannielynn To Universal Studios

Anna Nicole Smith

Larry Birkhead was snapped taking his daughter, Dannielynn, to Universal Studios in L.A. over the weekend for the opening of The Simpsons Ride.



  1. cj says

    Dannielynn is cute! Does her hair seem to be lighter now. She looks much blonder?

    Not the mousy brown it was…

  2. Kit says

    Both Larry Birkhead and his daughter, Dannielynn, are very good looking people and very very photogenic. Perhaps someday, someone will offer Dannielynn a modeling contract to model little children’s clothes. She is very fashionable, gorgeous little girl, very photogenic, very outgoing personality, and always has a big smile for the camera. She’s so used to the media and camera people since she was a little baby such as ET, Access Hollywood, and the Insider.

  3. Kit says

    Dannielynn is a beauty since the word get go! She inherited the gorgeous genes from both parents..Anna Nichole was tall and pretty and Larry is very good looking and tall also.

    More kudos for Larry Birkhead for trying to the best father for his little girl and trying to give her a normal life outside the mansion. He takes her to the events for children because he knows she’ll have a good time. She looks like a very happy child with normal upbringing. Larry’s world centers around his beautiful little daughter Dannielynn and Dannielynn has her daddy wrapped around her baby fingers. Let’s face the’s just Daddt Larry and Dannielynn in this world..the little girl lost her mom and her brother. The only she has left in her very young life is her Daddy Larry who is going to protect and take care of her!!

  4. bj says

    What a beautiful picture of Dannielynn and daddy Larry ..out in a beautiful day visiting Universal Studios. More kudos to Larry for doing such a great job being a father/mother to his beautiful baby daughter. I get so disgusted that some are trying to accuse him of pimping his little girl..I have to disagree with those accusations! He has fought so hard by proving he’s Dannielynn’s real father and gain custody of her.

    Larry is a fine young man who is taking his responsibilities of being father seriously and trying to give his young daughter a normal life by taking her to children’s events where he knows that Dannielynn would enjoy herself and have a good time instead of leading a lonely life behind the walls of that mansion that she lives in! He’s opening her world out there and experiencing life as a little girl should be.

    Larry is a very devoted father and loves his little daughter so much. His entire world centers on this stunning looking little girl. She will be a great beauty when she grows up. Dannielyn is already showing her love for music and dancing..hopefully, Larry would sign her up in ballet and other dance classes with other little girls in a dance school some day.

  5. Julie says

    Dannielynn is sooooooooo pretty and lucky to have a doting father who kisses the ground she walks on. He is doing a great job being a father and am glad that he is taking her everywhere outside the mansion and allow her to experience life outside the confines of her home.

  6. Mary says

    My cousin works at a department store and Larry Birkhead is her regular customer when he buys his clothes there. She said he’s a very nice man with manners..very simple man.. He dresses just in regular t shirt, jeans, and rubber sandals and looks like an ordinary guy dressed for shopping.

    Dannielynn is a very lucky young lady who has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. He loves her very much and thinks the world of his little girl!

  7. Pauline J Stangeland says

    I think she is very cute and so is he. I don’t think hepicks out her cloths though, I think the nanny does.

  8. Mommy 2 a Mixed Boy + 1 says

    Eir, i agree!! lol she does remind me of pebbles too! And her hair does fit her. Someone had just previously posted on how Larry didnt know how to do her hair yet. I was just stating that at least he took the time to do it! It doesnt have to be perfect, but at least he has some style for his daughter! lol. For him, good job! She is too cute! Cant wait to see how she will look when she is older.

  9. says

    Hey DMITZ, CC, and Zbella…sorry it’s taken awhile for me to get back with you.

    I’m 5’9 as I mentioned and my husband is 6’3…so we’re both tall for each of our own sexes, but not out of the normal range. As far as weight, I won’t put that on here…I’m a little underweight, but we’re working on that and I should be back on track very soon if I continue to meet my weight gain goals. My husband’s weight is in the 190s because he’s very muscular and built…but growing up he was actually kind of a skinny child.

    Kimora has been fifty-fifty in percentile all the way through so far (she’s three). Kariah (21 months) is a little thing and is about thirty five for height and thirty for weight….but she’s at least relatively in proportion…sometimes I think she must carry all her weight in her face, because she has chubby cheeks! Kajanae (4 months) is our biggest baby so far. She was born smaller than Kimora at 6 lb 13 oz and 19 inches long, but now she’s in the sixtieth percentiles for height and weight.

    As babies and little ones my hubby and me were not very big, but as we entered later childhood we were some of the tallests in our class…so maybe that will be the same for our girls..only time will tell! 🙂

  10. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Talking of heights in families… its strange how sometimes there’ll be a person in the family who completely defies the average “family heights”! My mum and dad’s families are both pretty short. I’m 5’1″ (and a half-inch if I’m to be picky!), mum’s 5’3″, dad was about 5’8″ but my little brother, at just 16yrs, is at least 6’3″!

    Back to the original story – Dannielynn is gorgeous! Larry seems like a really good dad. Its such a shame that Dannielynn had such a horrible start to life but she is lucky that she has a dad like Larry now!

  11. Zbella says

    No one asked me, but I’m the shortest in my family (5’3″, while my sister is 5’10 and my brothers and 6′ and 6’2). My husband is 6′ and so far our girls are short and our son is average. He was tall, in the 90th percentile, during infancy. But my sister didn’t grow tall until high school, so we’ll have to wait and see. My baby takes after me in other ways so I’m assuming she’ll be on the shorter side.

  12. MAG says

    She absolutely looks just like Anna. At least Larry dresses her up nice when he shows her off in public. He’s not parading her in front of the cameras as much as he used to which is good because it really was overkill.

  13. DMITZ says

    Hi Kx3 Mommy… my husband and I are both tall too (I’m 5’7″ and my husband is 6’1″). My daugther’s pediatrician says she’s always in the 85 percentile or more. Is that the same with your girls?

  14. Dee says

    What a beautiful child! She looks like the perfect mix of Anna Nicole and her daddy…he seems to love her very much and takes good care of her!

    I agree with the Suri comments-let the kid be a kid and not a mannequin/showpiece!

  15. KayG says

    Larry really knows how to dress her! She always looks so adorable! I wonder what she thinks about all the photogs constantly taking pictures of her?

  16. Eir says

    She is SO gorgeous. I do agree that she looks like a little girl, not a baby. The girls I take care of are about to be 3 and 4 this year (currently 2 and 3), and they are nowhere near as big as her. Not that that’s a bad thing at all, she appears to be rightly proportionate, and Anna was not tiny to begin with. It also appears Larry is on the taller side?

    In any event. I adore that outfit, it’s so precious and regardless of whether her hair is lopsided or not it fits her. She reminds me of Pebbles, lol.

  17. Mommy 2 a Mixed Boy + 1 says

    She is too cute!!! I love her outfit!!!! And although her hair always looks a little lopsided, i still think its adorable! Big kudos to her daddy for even taking the time to dress her cute and do her hair! I HATE seeing kids(girls) out and about with their parents and their hair is a frumpled mess! So i think hes doing a great job with that! And he does seem like he only has eyes for her, which is wonderful! Good job. Very cute little girl!

  18. says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy ~how are you and your family….

    my friend has a son named caden and he is only 2years old and wears a 4T clothes..he is so tall and cadens gonna be tall like is father lol

    but i do think that dannielyn is so cute

  19. Amanda says

    I hope he gets married one day! He deserves to find love and be happy! Right now he is in love with his daughter which I think is wonderful!

  20. annie says

    I can’t believe it was more than a year ago that the whole Anna Nicole / Howard Stern thing was happening. I mean, how could anyone look at Dannielynn and not see Larry Birkhead? Stern tried everything to keep her. If Anna Nicole hadn’t died I wonder how all of this would have turned out?

  21. Zbella says

    I also have an Aug 2006 baby and she is also much smaller. Dannie looks like a little girl, mine is still a baby!

    BTW, we’ve had this discussion before but I must mention… Dannielynn is NOT 2 yet – she is 20 months old and will not be 2 until September.

  22. Carol says

    Larry dresses her much better than most of the celeb’s dress their kids. Suri is over dressed and her clothes are to long. Shillo looks like a ragamuffin. This is one of the best looking kids I have ever seen. Anna did a good job and the kids healthly which should prove Anna did not take anything to harm her baby.

  23. 2teens says

    She is such a cutie! She does seem older than her age, I agree. Love the little outfit, fashionable.

  24. says

    She looks so cute here! I love her outfit, too…she looks like a very hip toddler! DMITZ I see what you mean. My daughter Kariah was born in August of 2006 and is much smaller than Dannielynn…both my husband and I are tall (I’m 5’9), so I imagine our children will be tall, too, unless we both happen to be carrying a recessive short gene and they come together in one (or more) of our children! Anyways, no one work yourselves into a tizzy…Dannielynn appears to be a very normal size, but just happens to be larger than DMITZ and my daughters…so no one bite my head off, please! 🙂

  25. sp says

    I think Celebrities hold their children so much in public because they are afraid of all the Physco out there, I would too.

  26. Sara says

    What I love is that she is NEVER seen with a nanny…just daddy. Also, he seems to ALWAYS be wearing the same clothes. He doesn’t seem very materialistic which is so refreshing in Hollywood!

  27. Kelli says

    Dannilyn is and has always been absolutely gorgeus. But it makes me angry every time I see her. Larry is such an attention whore. If he were worth even a small damn, he would leave the media guessing until Dannilyn graduated from college. After what this child has lost (without yet being old enough to know that she has lost it), she needs normal, stable, and mundane.

    And yes her beautiful mother and loving big brother are smiling down at her.

  28. Candy says

    Awww…Dannyielynn is so beautiful & precious …i love her outfit so much & her hair looks so adorable , she looks so much like Shiloh …There’s not enough words to describe this pic ever ……Just Perfect

  29. says






  30. Amanda says

    She is very beautiful! Just like her mother! I wish we would see more of her. Larry is doing a great job with her. We need more men like him in the world.

  31. Susie Q says

    Sorry, I forgot to mention her adorable outfit, perfect for a day a the park unlike Suri in her party dresses ALL the time.
    Get with it Katie.

  32. Cutie says

    I agree that Dannielynn is a doll. I see that Larry still hasn’t gotten the hang of doing her hair…. hahahahaha

  33. Susie Q says

    What a precious picture. It’s so nice to see a two year old
    WALKING instead of being carried around all the time,ie.Katie and Suri. Anna Nicole would be very proud.

  34. cyberkitten38 says

    What a beautiful little girl! It’s sad that Anna isn’t here to watch her baby grow up 🙁

  35. Sandy says

    She is the most beautiful child of all the celeb children. I wonder if her eye is improving since the surgery?

  36. DMITZ says

    My daugther was born in May 2006 (Dannielynn was born Sept 2006) but Dannielynn looks so much taller. My daughter is tall for her age so I’m surprised to see Dannielynn so much taller and being months younger than my daugther. I know you can’t quite tell from a picture, but her legs look long and she looks big boned like her mommy. Not a bad thing… JMO.

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