An Expectant Angelina Jolie At The Premiere Of Changeling At Cannes

Angelina Jolie 

An expectant Angelina was snapped at the premiere of her new Clint Eastwood drama Changeling at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday.

The actress — who said her character in the film reminded her of her late mother Marcheline Bertrand — is already winning rave reviews for her performance as a woman whose son is kidnapped.

Says a Variety critic: “As she did in A Mighty Heart Jolie plays a woman abruptly and agonizingly deprived of the person closest to her. But impressive as she may have been as the wife of Danny Pearl, her performance here hits home more directly due to the lack of affectation — no accent, frizzed hair or darkened complexion, and no attempt to consciously rein in emotion.”

Below she was snapped greeting Clint Eastwood’s wife, Dina, at the premiere.

Angelina Jolie

And below she was snapped at a press event for Changeling on Tuesday.

Angelina Jolie


  1. Nicki says

    2teens~LOL. Yes, your right about that. The first 4 letters in her name gave it away. LOL.

    Wonderful news about Tia’s lil boy! So perfect her lil girl will be a big sis to her baby brother! One of each, you can relate to that, opposite birth order, but 1 of each is pretty perfect, I think anyway.

  2. Eir says

    “That a 17 year old has the cognitive ability to think up some of those things.”

    Er, what? Are you implying that a 17 year-old can’t pretend to be a parent? At 17 I was full-time caretaker for 4 children, I’m pretty sure I could’ve made it online as a parent. I had tons of pictures, was ALWAYS with the kids, and was basically a second parent to them- spending 5 days a week and 14+ hours with them basically qualifies you as a second family to kids these days.

    So yes. It is possible for a 17 year-old to lie about their life. Whether you choose to believe it or not. I don’t know anyone who at 17 wasn’t capable of doing that, unless they were mentally disabled.

    Not that I think that anyone is a 17 year old. I haven’t been here long enough for that, and don’t read to keep up with the drama. 😛

  3. 2teens says

    Awww, congrats on the baby news Tia!!!! Little boys are the best.
    Hi Nicki, how are you? Thanks for sticking up for Tia & I… Nerdita should go add some more duct to her glasses, obviously she is having trouble reading our posts if she thinks we are cackling.

  4. Nicki says

    2teens ~I know you think Sandy is oriana. I spoke to oriana today and she says she hasn’t been back since she said she was leaving, end of March. It seems the witch hunt you accuse others of against jj, you are doing the same to oriana. She isn’t here to defend herself. Sandy isn’t oriana.
    And I know who told her about what is being said here. If she wants to clear up why oriana knows what was said here then she will. (it wasn’t me.)

    One hint I got was Sandy is a fan of this family. Oriana is in no way a fan of this famiily,lol.

    Tia~ Yeah!!! Congratulations on your baby boy!! I wrote you on hellorazzi. Best wishes.

  5. Tia :) says

    Hello 2teens. Im doing wonderfully…we just found out we are having a baby boy today. I am over the moon. I dont know what to say dear. Just as you are convinced it is Oriana, im just convinced it isnt. This Sandy person is rude rude rude!!

    The whole myspace page this was just stupid! As if a 17 year old could come up with the things dear JJ says. I came over here to check it out and I was amazed that anyone would believe that she was a 17 yr old girl. That a 17 year old has the cognitive ability to think up some of those things.

    Ohhhh well…have a good day dear. Just popped into see the drama…haha!! See you at hellorazzi!

  6. 2teens says

    Hi Tia, how are you feeling? How far along are you now?
    I’m sorry but I am totally convinced that it’s Oriana. Oriana has been rude to me in the past under the “Oriana” name… but then decided to be friendly to me on hellorazzi. There are just too many similarities between her and Sandy and I know she is posting here. She immediately let everyone on hellorazzi know about the bogus myspace page that her “friend” e-mailed her about. I know that many people here are fond of Oriana, and I would never shun someone for being friends with a poster that I have a problem with (which has been done to me on this blog).
    I know that you are friendly with jx2 too, and I’m glad that you haven’t gotten the same backlash for it that I have.
    Take care

  7. Lauren says

    Angelina actually looks really beautiful and happy. She usually looks skinny and kinda haggard looking. I can’t wait to hear what she has.

  8. Tia :) says

    2teens- this person couldnt be Oriana…this Sandy person has been rude to me in the past and Oriana has never, ever been rude to me.

  9. Liza says

    Wow, people really have gotten their panties in a bunch because of a simple kiss.

    I fail to see what the big deal is.

    On the other hand, I am not a big fan of the big hair. I think she always looks a lot prettier when her hair is left down.

  10. ann says

    WOW she is most beautiful pregnant woman in the world, she is stunning, this year they went to Cannes they takes over Cannes, people love to see this famous couple in the world, Angelina she is best actress she deserve win a best actress, We love to her any movies.

  11. Sandy says

    It appears that 2teens has been completly fooled by her buddy JJ. I would laugh but it is really not funny.

  12. says

    I just saw Judge Judy and the Brady Bunch mom kiss eachother on the lips twice last night on TMZ…..anyone posting THAT??! No, because they’re not Angelina and they can’t put a “provocative” twist on it. She was greeting another person, just like many people do. It’s just sickening how the world needs to make a bigger deal out of it than it really is.

  13. annie says

    This year Oscar without Angelina & Brad is so boring, because they went to Cannes this place be come very famous, They are the most famous couple in the world, people like to see this couple, Angelina she is best actress she definitely derserve to win best actress, We love to see any movies she acts in.

  14. onatear says

    Maybe they aren’t kissing each other on the lips, maybe it is the camera angle. BUT, since it is more provocative to imply 2 women are kissing on the lips, then, they show it that way. It’s very common in Europe, where this was taken, for everyone to kiss upon greeting.

  15. 2teens says

    “Sandy”, the reason I asked is because in post #2 you say that you don’t have any children. But I distinctly remember you talking about your little boy a few months ago. And no, I am not talking about your nephew. You were gushing about your little son, and it was that particular post which had me second guessing myself about you being Oriana. You had me convinced that you really were mom to this child and therefore couldn’t be Oriana. Of course, now I realize what a liar you are and that my first instincts about you were correct.

  16. Amanda says

    Who cares how they kissed?? Its just a kiss. Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill. Angie looks stunning but tired. The brown dress isnt my fav I have seen her in. I also look forward to seeing what they name the babies.
    Anyone else think its strange how tiny and boney her arms are? Her veins sticking out is blood pressure don’t ya think?

  17. Zbella says

    I will guess that AJ and Brad will name their girls (if they are indeed twin girls) something exotic, of course, but with a French twist. I’m thinking something like Adelia or Ailie or Ayla. I’m excited to see what they choose. I like the names of all their children, although Pax and Shiloh are my favorites (of the names).

  18. Iluvmy2girlz says

    she looks nice, but the pic of them two kissing, (in my honest opinon) is just disgusting! Sorry, it’s not cute! kiss on the cheek is fine! but the lips, ewww, that’s for your hubby or your children, that’s just my opinion!

  19. Zbella says

    I never had twins… but I remember being so low and big at the end. I feel for her, having to work and look good and smile – all I wanted to do at that point was sit in my pjs.

  20. Generic name says

    I don’t feel that way she greeted Eastwood’s wife..why kiss on the lips? why not on the checks or just hug? she looks haggard on the third pic! anyways, she always looks lovely and simple!

  21. Sandy says

    I am sure that at some time or other Clint’s wife has kissed someone on the lips either Hello or Goodbye, don’t they do that a lot in Hollywood? I don’t see the magazines trying to make something out of her doing that!

  22. Sandy says

    Fly on the Wall, Thank you for the darling picture! His baby has a head full of black hair, and is just adorable! I love him and the baby favors the mother quite a bit to me, but very glad to have seen this picture!

  23. Sandy says

    #12, 2teens, are you the same 2teens that kisses her ass all the time? Since she is gone, “On her trip” to Europe, which is funny to me, now are you taking her place stirring up trouble? NO, I am not the one that attacks Jx2 all the time, I am the one that speaks up against the crap she spews out all the time!

  24. says

    I said she looked “low” in the Jack Black picture as well. That looks like a “second drop” to me, but I could be wrong.

  25. violetsky says

    I wonder if that is how she greats every one … James any one?
    The black outfit makes her look smaller, more compact and LOW. its nice, but I prefered the yellowy black dress of yesterday.
    She looks tired don’t you think.
    hmm. twins are nearly always early, it wouldn’t suprise me if they came in the nrxt month.

  26. Tizzy says

    She looks lovely and like she’s carrying the twins really well. She’s fine to be low in the tummy as she is!

  27. says

    I think this sounds like a good movie. I think it’s annoying how websites are showing this picture of her kissing (or rather, greeting) Eastwood’s wife, like there’s something weird about it. On he says Eastwood’s wife is one “very, very lucky lady”.

  28. says

    WOW, she is getting really big! YOU know what they say..when someone passes…..NEW babies are born!
    She seem really down to earth, she makes Manniston look like shallow trash

  29. Sandy says

    Lovely, Lovely, Lovely! That is all anyone can say! Just glamorous! I don’t have any children, so have never been pregnant, but it looks to me she is carrying the twins pretty low in the Black outfit? Maybe I am wrong, but is she supposed to be that low in the tummy at 7 months?

    I do plan on adopting one day if I am not married within a couple of more years. My main focus has been on my education and buying my condo but I do love children. I think Clint’s wife and Angelina both look beautiful.

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