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Brad & Angelina take Shiloh & Maddox out shopping in Cannes.

Pete Doherty & his son.


  1. Candy says

    Shiloh is definitly a very beautiful liitle girl & i love this wonder look on her face so innocent

  2. annie says

    Shiloh she is most beautiful little girl in the world, she is so pretty more than her mom, she will be a very famous a stars. she look like her dad more than mom. thanks Nicki.

  3. Generic name says

    Shiloh is so cute..yeah she’s more like Brad than AJ
    I’m excited to see the twins! who they look like!

  4. violetsky says

    What is Lisa moorish playing at letting Crackhead Doherty anywhere near Astille. I just bet Liam Gallagher is happy that Crackhead has been in the same room as his precious Molly.

  5. Tizzy says

    Shiloh is a beauty indeed.

    I cannot believe a man like Doherty has a a son. There is no justice in the universe

  6. neil says

    Yeah that’s right don’t give Just Jared the link. Much better that the wankers over at D-Listed get them instead. Sheesh.

  7. carol says

    Shiloh she is most beautiful a little girld in the world, she is a stars. she looks like Brad more than Angelina, Blonder hair blue eye just beautiful, stunning, so adorable. thanks Nicki great photo.

  8. ann says

    Shiloh is so beautiful a blonde little girl, she looks just like daddy with mom’s lips,she look like a star. I love this girl.she is my best celebrity girl. Thank you Nicki.

  9. Nicki says

    Of course you can go to which one you want, but Jareds has 30 pics, not just the 9. They are all very cute except the paps one sqeezing around Angie and Maddox, has to be very scary for all of them.

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