1. Jx2 says

    For somebody that was so anorexic looking Angie fattened up quite a bit. The boobage situation in that strapless dress is excessive and not very attractive. Her face looks good though.

  2. Amanda says

    Wow! The is the best I have ever seen her look! She is truly happy and it shows! I am so happy for her and Brad. I hope they get married, I would love to see the whole family all dressed up!

  3. ann says

    I’m so happy for them. They look amazing so happy, they are the perfect couple. She is most beautiful pregnant woman in the world.

  4. Generic name says

    gggrrrrr….she’s so beautiful! i like the dress, hair, and make-up..she’s like a goddess of beauty!

  5. Nicki says

    Jessie ~Your welcome. I’m not 100% for sure, but come on, who especially the tabs, rag mags, live thier lives? Not the fake stories, if anyone believed them (and they were true, LOL) they wouldn’t have been together since before Shiloh was born.

  6. Nicki says

    . Jessie – It is only a tabliod saying that, and they only came up with that because of the Gemini, which Angie is. Who actually thinks any rag mag has any inside info on this……They don’t even actually know the twins sex. They are guessing. When Brad, Angie, Maddox and Shiloh went shopping at that baby store, the paps asked what color they bought for the twins (wanting to know ..all girl, all boy of one of each) the store keepers said, “white, white, white” So nobody knows except them and Brads family and Jamie. Oh yeah and they said, white, white white, all 1-3 months size. Ha Ha. I love it. They probably bought Shiloh her birthday dress, as they said they were looking at dresses for Zahara and Shiloh. Please just send these over to…………..
    The obsessed paps don’t pick up on that, thier main goal is to find out what color they are buying for the babies.

  7. Jessie says

    Oh, I hope that’s not what they name the twin girls. I like all of her other kids’ names, but Castor and Pollux are just…too much.

  8. Nicki says

    She is stunning. They look so happy. She is one of the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen. Brad looks simply handsome. Hollywood hasn’t seen a couple this great since…………all the greats, in the 30’s, 40’s. They look amazing.

  9. Julie says

    They look stunning, and she is carrying that pregnancy beautifully. I wonder, though, what kind of undergarments does she have everything slung into under that dress! I remember I couldn’t go anywhere without my huge, industrial strength “belly binder” holding my tummy in while I was pregnant with twins. Plus, she must have an amazing bra on under there! Whatever she had to do, she looks fantastic!

  10. violetsky says

    Yeah right, she has lived in the UK on and off for years.
    She would never make that sort of faux-par as to name any child that!!!

  11. Karrah says

    Wow, she looks beautiful. Love this look for her. The dress is awesome too. I am so envious of her thin arms!

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